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Articles related to "suggests"

Can this airplane seat keep you safe from Covid-19?

  • The latest off the drawing board is Interspace Lite, presented by Luke Miles, founder of transportation technology company Universal Movement.
  • In fact, if Miles and his team get their way, you could be on a plane with some variation of Interspace Lite before the summer is over: Universal Movement has officially partnered with airplane seat manufacturer Safran and aims to bring Interspace to market ASAP.
  • Other new airline interior concepts that have premiered over the past few months include Aviointeriors' idea of a row of three economy seats with the middle seat facing the opposite way and French engineer Florian Barjot's concept, PlanBay, which also includes a removable piece of kit that could be placed on the middle seat.
  • He won't give names, but he says airlines were in touch with Universal Movement following the launch of the original Interspace seat back in December and discussions remain ongoing.

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Don't Be Surprised if Sony Reveals PS5 Design Before June 3 Event

  • With a June 3 PS5 showcase all but confirmed, new signs point to Sony unveiling the final hardware design ahead of next week's event.
  • New information suggests Sony may reveal the final console design beforehand, presumably to let PlayStation 5 games take center stage on June 3.
  • Grubb suggests Sony may adopt a similar approach to the previous out-of-the-blue Wired exclusives published in April and October 2019.
  • The reporter has become somewhat of an authority on Sony’s reveal plans in recent weeks and was among the first to publicize the early to mid-June window for a PS5 event.
  • The rejig suggests Sony may be trying to funnel visitors to one central portal in anticipation of a big announcement.
  • We can’t discount this as a move to unify all the disparate blogs to ease the publication of run-of-the-mill articles and align information across all regions, but the timing suggests otherwise.

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