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Articles related to "support"

Delta just banned 'emotional support animals' on long flights — and science is on the airline's side

  • So the company announced Monday that emotional support pets will no longer be allowed on any Delta flights longer than eight hours.
  • When it comes to the science behind the concept of a support pet, "the research is quite inconsistent on whether the animals really do anything at all," Forensic psychologist Jeffrey Younggren from the University of New Mexico told Business Insider.
  • Younggren has spent years studying the trend of patients asking their therapists to sign letters certifying that they need an emotional support animal.
  • The Fair Housing Act, however, is a bit more lenient: It says that US tenants have a right to keep "assistance animals," including emotional support pets, in their homes even if a leaser has a strict no-pets policy.
  • People who train and certify dogs to work with patients are worried about the growing number of untrained pets flying on planes.

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Blame Saudi Arabia and the US for regional instability, Iran's foreign minister says

  • Iran called out its regional rival Saudi Arabia in response to accusations that Tehran is a leading state sponsor of terror, accusing Riyadh and the United States of fomenting 'dangerous escalations' in the Middle East.
  • His comments referred to the four-year long civil war in Yemen, where a Saudi-led bombing campaign has contributed to thousands of deaths, economic collapse and what the U.N. has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
  • On Thursday, parties representing the Saudi-supported Yemeni government and the Houthis agreed to a cease-fire in the critical port city of Hodeida, the most significant step toward peace made since the war's start.
  • The Trump administration withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May of this year, citing the country's "malign activity" in the region, as well as its continued testing of ballistic missiles.

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Niantic games generate significant social impact in 2018

  • Niantic said that its games Pokémon Go, Ingress, and Ingress Prime generated a lot of social impact in 2018.
  • Since Pokémon Go alone has more than 800 million users, it has become a big platform for charitable and social events, as documented by Niantic.
  • The San Francisco company said that 142 Niantic community events were held around the world by city governments, nonprofits, and community members.
  • Its games led to 331 national parks, rivers and trails visited and 17,000 kilometers walked at social impact events.
  • More than 6.8 tons of food collected and given to shelters and food pantries, seven tons of garbage picked up around the world, and 40,000 people came out to support charities and their local communities.
  • Niantic said you can expect to see more events, activities and partnerships with local and global organizations that continue to support players and local communities in 2019.

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Red Hat Contributes Etcd, the Cornerstone of Kubernetes, to the Cloud Native

  • Today Red Hat is thrilled to announce our contribution of etcd, an open source project that is a key component of Kubernetes, and its acceptance into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a vendor-neutral foundation housed under The Linux Foundation to drive the adoption of cloud native systems.
  • The community around etcd has grown globally from cloud native users and beyond, including maintainers from Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Red Hat. We thank the community for its continued support of the project, and look forward to more concerted development efforts for etcd alongside the cloud-native community moving forward.
  • Today, the etcd project is widely adopted and we look forward to working with the project maintainers from Alibaba, AWS, Google, and Red Hat, alongside the wider community to cultivate and sustain the incubating project,” said Chris Aniszczyk, COO, CNCF.

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CNN Poll: Looking to 2020, Beto O'Rourke on the horizon

  • WASHINGTON (CNN) - As candidates for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 begin to declare their intentions, a handful of potential candidates hold on to most of the early support, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, and Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke is a new addition to the top tier.
  • O'Rourke, the only candidate to make significant gains since CNN last polled on the race in October, said late last month that he hasn't ruled out a run for president, a shift from his flat denials of a run for the White House during his unsuccessful campaign for Senate earlier this year.
  • Whoever may emerge from the Democratic nomination fight, just over half of all adults (51%) say they think Trump will lose his re-election bid, that's up from 47% who said so in October before the midterm elections saw sharp Republican losses in House races across the country.

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Theresa May avoided defeat. But she can't claim a victory.

  • This means that when the prime minister makes another attempt to bring her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament (she abandoned the previous attempt on Monday) she can do it without worrying that defeat will trigger a challenge to her leadership of the Conservative Party.
  • This would be bad enough if the Conservative Party had a majority, but it relies on the support of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which also opposes the deal because of the "backstop"—a legal device to prevent the need to erect a land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • But it also risks either a general election, in which a divided Conservative Party could do very badly—and they would be hard pressed to support a prime minister they disagree with on the main political question of the generation—or an anti-Brexit coalition that could enact a second referendum.

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SIMalliance: A new 5G SIM card is necessary to beef up network security

  • But an association representing 90 percent of the global SIM industry is now urging cellular carriers to adopt a new 5G SIM card before they launch 5G services, a move that promises to enhance network security, user privacy, and battery life for the next generation of mobile devices.
  • Transitional cards can be thought of as basic keys to let early 5G devices join 5G networks, including new 5G security protocols and secure temporary keys, plus support for over-the-air SIM updates and app management, but little else to improve the quality of a user’s experience.
  • By comparison, companies and governments alike have agreed that the 5G standard must enable stronger security than 4G, explaining why security is included in the basic, transitional card, and privacy features aren’t.
  • It would have most of the recommended card’s features, but omit the subscriber privacy options while adding multiple protocols to support extended battery life.

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Bootstrap 3.4.0

  • That’s not a typo—today we’re shipping Bootstrap 3.4.0, a long overdue update to address some quality of life issues, XSS fixes, and build tooling updates to make it easier for us, and you, to develop.
  • I regret the time it took to pull this release together, especially given the security fixes, but with the improvements under the hood, v3 has never been easier to develop and maintain.
  • That work has sparked a keen interest in a moderately scoped v5 release, so we’ve been taking our sweet time with v4.2 to sneak in as many new features as we can.
  • After we ship v4.2, we’ll plan for point releases to address any bugs and improvements as y’all start to use the new version.
  • From there, we’ll start to share more plans on v5 to remove jQuery, drop support for older browsers, and clear up some cruft.

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Bitcoin Price Reverses as [Another] Breakout Attempt Fizzles Out

  • It expects to extend its downside momentum even further, with the near-term momentum readings clearly entering inside the oversold area.
  • As of now, we are looking at the same falling wedge pattern as bitcoin hints an extended selling action.
  • Ideally, the BTC/USD pair could break below its 2018’s low at 3210-fiat to test 3000-fiat as the long-term support — or bottom.
  • The lower area should provide bulls enough opportunities to attempt a strong bounce back, again towards the upper trendline of the falling wedge formation, depicted in orange.
  • A weak bounce back has allowed us to enter a long position towards 3370-fiat.
  • Considering the low volume the bounce is exhibiting, we have also opened a stop loss order at 3290-fiat to minimize our losses in the event of an extended selling action.

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Senate rebukes Trump, condemns Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi murder

  • Washington (CNN) - The Senate on Thursday passed a resolution condemning Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, ratcheting up pressure on President Donald Trump who has aligned himself with the Saudi kingdom in the aftermath of the brutal killing.
  • The vote on the Yemen resolution reflected the frustration senators from parties have with the vast human suffering from the war and President Donald Trump's embrace of the crown prince despite widely-accepted evidence from US intelligence agencies that he ordered the killing Khashoggi.
  • While the resolution condemning the crown prince, introduced by Republican Sen. Bob Corker, serves as an implicit rebuke of the President's own response to the death of Khashoggi and is one of several legislative efforts to target the crown prince and the Trump administration's policy towards Saudi Arabia.

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