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Articles related to "support"

Show HN: Publisheet – Publish Excel sheets as interactive web pages

  • Right from within Excel and in just a few seconds.
  • No coding required.
  • Provide a title and hit Publish, right from within Excel*.
  • You can either publish your whole spreadsheet or create custom reports by choosing which parts of your spreadsheet you want to publish.
  • Either way, the result is a beautiful, interactive web page, with formula support, accessible through a public URL that you can share with anyone.
  • You can optionally protect your web pages with a password.
  • Only the people you share the password with will be able to view them.
  • Just click the button below to create your account or sign up directly from within the Excel Add-in.
  • In Excel go to Insert > Get Add-ins.Search for Publisheet and click the Add button.
  • Directly from within Excel, publish your worksheet and instantly get your web page's public URL.

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Amazon's Alexa now understands Hindi

  • At a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday, the e-commerce giant said Alexa now supports Hindi, a language spoken by roughly half a billion people in India.
  • Support for local languages has proven immensely beneficial to customers in the past, Manish Tiwari, head of devices category business for Amazon India, said at the event.
  • Today’s announcement comes months after Amazon added a Hindi voice model to its Alexa Skills Kit, enabling developers to update their skills in India to support the more popular local language.
  • Amazon says it offers it offers Alexa customers in India over 30,000 skills across various categories including cricket, education, and Bollywood.
  • The company’s voice assistant is available to users through its smart speakers — Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more — and over three-dozen devices from other manufacturers including Sony, iBall, and LG, the company said.

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HP’s new Elite Dragonfly laptop is built for businesses, but don’t count it out

  • HP’s latest EliteBook, the Elite Dragonfly, doesn’t look like a business laptop.
  • You can opt for 4G LTE if you want; HP has added 4x4 antennas to that model (two on the top bezel of the display and two surrounding the palm rest), which should vastly improve transfer speeds compared to the 2x2 antenna arrangement on the HP EliteBook x360 1030, its previous model.
  • You’ll get the best battery life with that one, but if you need a sharper, brighter screen, HP also offers a UHD display with HDR support and 550 nits.
  • If privacy is important, you can elect to get HP’s Sure View display that digitally limits the viewing angle to prevent snoopers from seeing what’s on your screen; it supports 1,000 nits and comes in FHD resolution.

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Pocket Casts Is Now Free

  • After many months of hard work, we're excited to share version 7.5 of our Android and iOS apps.
  • Even more importantly, we will continue to update the free tier with new features and functionality.
  • We fully expect the free version will be the way the vast majority of our users access our app.
  • Yes, some users may upgrade to Pocket Casts Plus if they want to support us or access some of our more niche features.
  • As for our new business model, it will be a combination of our most passionate supporters paying for Pocket Casts Plus and direct funding from our partners.
  • We hope you'll join us on this next stage of our journey, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future as we continue to build Pocket Casts into the product we dreamt up on a whiteboard way back in 2010.

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Luxury hotels are banding together to help rebuild the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, organizing donations and collectively pledging millions for disaster relief

  • Several others have also created donation pages, including Baha Mar (which has also given $2 million to support immediate disaster relief and long-term recovery, and is encouraging guests to bring items for those affected); Sandals Resorts International, which will match donations dollar for dollar; the soon-to-open Caerula Mar, whose owners' charity will match campaign goal proceeds; and the Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort, which has also been sending staff over to the Atlantis to work with World Central Kitchen.
  • (CHTA has also taken into consideration the destruction of schools on Abaco and Grand Bahama, and has arranged an education fund to help support children and the training of hospitality professionals in the affected areas.) Deals can also be found on, which will be donating 100 percent of their profits from Bahamas reservations made on September 17.

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Hundreds of Amazon employees plan to walk out of work in protest of Amazon’s environmental policies

  • Organizers want to see the company reduce its carbon footprint, cancel contracts with fossil fuel companies, and stop lobbying for politicians who deny climate change.
  • The organizing by Amazon’s corporate employees marks the first time tech workers at the e-commerce giant have planned a mass protest, in a significant escalation of worker activism at the company.
  • Now, it seems to be Amazon’s turn to face public criticism from its employees, who are demanding the company reduce its carbon footprint and stop supporting politicians who deny the existence of climate change.
  • Employees organizing with the group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice began circulating an email last week to colleagues, encouraging them to join the walkout, which is planned for September 20, and asking them to sign a form pledging their support.
  • As of September, over 8,000 employees signed a public petition supporting the proposal and asking the company for bold climate change leadership.

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Growing the product-minded software engineering muscle

  • At companies building world-class products, product-minded engineers take teams to a new level of impact.
  • Teams who are working on user-facing features, collaborating with product managers are environments where product-minded engineers can have a huge impact.
  • This article summarizes 9 traits I've observed these kinds of people share, and my suggestions for any engineer to grow their product-minded muscle.
  • They often go back to the product manager, suggesting a completely different feature to be built, given the product impact would be similar, but the engineering effort vastly smaller.
  • Product-minded engineers quickly map out edge cases and think of ways to reduce work on them: often bringing solutions that require no engineering work.
  • After rollout, they still actively engage with product managers, data scientists, and customer support channels, to learn how the feature is being used in the real world.

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7 Instances Where Paternity Test Is HIGHLY Recommended

  • Some of them just want to know the family history while others want to reassure a few doubts.
  • In such instances, if you try to pull your child down, the seed of doubt might result in the whole tree, so instead, get the test done and talk with evidence and proofs.
  • Cystic fibrosis, familial hyperlipidemia and muscular dystrophy are some of the very common hereditary diseases that can be identified using a paternity test.
  • Since we already talked about inheritance, there is something similar that also becomes a reality after the death of a family member, Death benefits.
  • Another case is child support, where after a couple splits, the mother and court might want the father to continue and provide the desired support to the child.
  • During these times, an initial confirmation is required regarding the assured biological relationship of the father with the child before any child support clause is established.

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Moving Firefox to a faster 4-week release cycle – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

  • To optimize the process, and make it more reliable for all users, over the years we’ve developed a phased release strategy that includes ‘pre-release’ channels: Firefox Nightly, Beta, and Developer Edition.
  • With this approach, we can test and stabilize new features before delivering them to the majority of Firefox users via general release.
  • Starting Q1 2020, we plan to ship a major Firefox release every 4 weeks.
  • Given a shorter Beta cycle, support for our pre-release channel users is essential, including developers using Firefox Beta or Developer Edition.
  • This approach helps minimize unexpected (quality, stability or performance) disruptions to our release end-users.
  • Despite the shorter release cycles, we will do our best to localize all new strings in all locales supported by Firefox.
  • These 4-week releases will be the most stable, fastest, and best quality Firefox builds.

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The Internet Relies on People Working for Free

  • While that’s true for those who directly author a product’s software, virtually every tech company also relies on thousands of bits of free code, made available through “open-source” projects on sites like GitHub and GitLab. But when software used by millions of people is maintained by a community of people, or a single person, all on a volunteer basis, sometimes things can go horribly wrong.
  • To compensate open-source programmers for this kind of service, Stenberg believes that large companies should pay for support contracts from the developers of a library, which would compensate them for their time and help ensure a project is actually maintained for the long haul.

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