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Articles related to "swift"

G-20 Sees Global Tension, End to Cheap Money as Risk to Growth

  • Geopolitical tensions, inward-looking policies, and the unexpectedly swift end to easy credit are the key risks to the broadest upturn in global growth since 2010, according to a draft statement by the G-20 group of leading economies.
  • The communique omitted any direct references to the fight against protectionism, an issue likely to loom over discussions following the U.S government’s move to slap import tariffs on steel and aluminum.
  • The group promised it would avoid competitive devaluations and stressed the importance of international trade as an engine of growth.
  • The draft statement did, however, ring some alarm bells over crypto-assets, warning that they raised some concerns over tax evasion, money-laundering and terrorist financing.
  • The EU and other foreign trading partners are seeking exemptions to the 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum that President Donald Trump announced this month.

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Repl.It 1.0: IDE that Grows from Playgrounds to Fullstack Apps

  • If you want to use files, write to files, split your code into modules, etc., you just do that and behinds the scenes the environment will switch to one where you're interacting with the filesystem.
  • You use it to listen on a port, any port you'd like; we'll detect that, host your server/repl on your subdomain (forever!) and that's it you're developing/deploying an application.
  • We also know that not all applications will grow incrementally so in typical one-click-start fashion we've pre-setup a Django, Rails, Express, and Sinatra apps.
  • serverless apps are unique in that they're stateful and that the same repl, same protocol, same everything, that you use in development is deployed and running in production.
  • After getting user-interest @pyelias is starting to explore building a full stack application using Django.

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