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Articles related to "swift"

My first week of learning Swift.

  • Swift will throw compile time error when trying to update the value.
  • Like python, swift has class functions.
  • In my very short experience with Swift, I have seen the use of _ inside function calls.
  • Swift uses a name for each parameter so when we call a function we need to provide the name of the parameter.
  • Another use case of _ would be something like below.
  • This is certainly not the best use case of using type aliases.
  • The better use case is by aliasing closures inside the function.
  • Functions and closures in swift have a parameter type and a return type which can be aliased.
  • Use of optionals can make variable to have a value or nil.
  • Stay tuned for articles like this.
  • Please post article on handling keyboards with textfields, validating textfields for something and throw error.

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