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Articles related to "switch"

U.S. Switch owners power Arena of Valor past 1 million downloads

  • Free-to-play games are finding a curious and willing audience on Nintendo’s latest platform.
  • Switch owners have downloaded Tencent’s Arena of Valor more than 1 million times since it launched in September.
  • Arena of Valor is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle game similar to League of Legends and Dota 2.
  • What’s especially important for Arena of Valor and publisher Tencent is that the United States is the biggest territory for the Switch version.
  • And the timing of a successful launch of a new game on a popular platform in the United States is a big help on that front.
  • Beyond Arena of Valor, however, is more evidence that the Nintendo Switch audience is embracing free-to-play.
  • It is free-to-play, and it surpassed 1 million downloads in under a month.
  • That free-to-play battle royale shooter was already popular, but launching on the Switch helped it reach even more people.

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Razer’s Raiju mobile controller is now available to order

  • Razer’s Raiju mobile controller for Android phones, which was announced back in October along with the Razer Phone 2, is now available to order online for $150.
  • The controller lets you dock most Android phones on a stand that can rotate up to 60 degrees and play mobile games with console-level controls.
  • The mobile controller design is adapted from Razer’s Raiju controller for the PS4.
  • There are four re-mappable buttons, a hair trigger mode for rapid fire, and a dedicated mode switch button that lets you switch connectivity modes and paired devices.
  • You can connect your Android phone via Bluetooth or the USB-C cable included in the box to play games like Vainglory, Lineage 2, and other supported games.
  • You can order the Razer Raiju mobile controller here or get it in stores at select retailers starting early next year.

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Nintendo Switch NES controller review

  • The best part of Nintendo’s Switch Online subscription service is the included classic games.
  • Most of this comes down to the fact that pretty much all modern games require more than the two face buttons available on an NES controller.
  • Playdead’s unsettling Inside really only requires two buttons — one for jumping, one for grabbing objects — but it still didn’t work because, for whatever reason, the game didn’t recognize the NES d-pad.
  • It’s not as seamless as playing an NES game through Switch Online — I had to do some button remapping to get the controller to work — but it’s better than playing Mega Man 2 with a Joy-Con. Really, whether or not you should pick up an NES Switch controller depends entirely on how much you plan to play classics through Switch Online.

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Increase Flexibility with Cisco’s Programmable Cloud Infrastructure

  • Today, Data Center Networking customers look for the latest innovations in both hardware and software, wanting flexibility to consume them at their own pace.
  • Cisco is working closely with web scale and service provider customers to help them rapidly deploy open source technology and third party silicon to best meet their needs.
  • In collaboration with ecosystem partners, Cisco extended support of the SONiC operating system to the Nexus 3000 series switches, giving customers an open source software option for this platform.
  • Tencent, one of the leading Internet service providers in the world, has worked closely with Cisco and will adopt the Nexus 34180YC with the SONiC operating system in their data centers.
  • “This close collaboration with Cisco has given us the flexibility to adopt new innovation quickly and choose the hardware and software we need,” said Wade Shao, Director, Network Architecture Center, Tencent.

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Goldman Uses Gear From This Startup to Run Some Data Centers

  • Ian King (Bloomberg) -- Barefoot Networks Inc., a rare semiconductor startup, said a new version of its networking chip will help its effort to shake up how computer networks are built and operated.
  • Barefoot makes switch semiconductors that direct the flow of data between computers.
  • That flexibility makes Barefoot products different from rival networking chips, such as the Tomahawk range from Broadcom Inc. The startup argues the technology will bring the networking sector up to speed with the innovation sweeping through other areas of computing.
  • Backers include Google and Tencent Holdings Ltd. Goldman has used some Barefoot-based networking equipment in some of its data centers.
  • The ability to customize the chips, and the P4 language, mean new functions can be added quicker, usually within a couple of months, Matheus said.
  • A key goal for computer network owners is real-time monitoring of information as it flows through their data center equipment.

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Google Assistant can now do British and Australian accents in the US

  • Even the old smart assistant needs a fresh coat of paint, from time to time.
  • For those looking to switch things up a touch, Google announced today that Assistant is now capable of speaking in a couple of additional accents for U.S.-based users.
  • Google’s blog post that spells out the new feature, along with few obligatory references to fish and chip shops and the like.
  • No reason’s given why the feature has arrived on American shores, beyond the the fact that it would be night to hear the exchange rate for a pound delivered in a more appropriate accent.
  • Look, I get it.
  • These folks were certainly annoyed when their devices inexplicably switched over to American.
  • Interestingly, the feature arrives just as Bixby has learned to understand a British accent, so the two smart assistants can have a nice char.

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Hands-on: Switch’s NES controllers offer unmatched old-school authenticity

  • The NES controllers also offer the same stubby, recessed L and R buttons you'd find on a traditional Joy-Con. You can slide a standard Joy-Con strap on top of this groove to help raise and enlarge those shoulder buttons, and you'll probably want to access some Switch-specific features in the NES app.
  • That said, the system also treats the inputs from the controller just like those from a set of Joy-Cons that just so happen to be missing analog sticks and a few face buttons.
  • The d-pad and face buttons are perfectly suitable for navigating system menus and performing basic Switch functions, provided you don't need the Home or Screenshot buttons (though syncing up nearby Joy-Cons can give you access to these functions in a pinch).

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