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Articles related to "tag"

Advanced styling with CSS attribute selectors

  • There are many ways to target HTML elements using CSS selectors, we mostly use the three common ones; tag, class and id selectors, but there are a lot more advanced ways to target elements.
  • We'll be looking at how to target elements by their attributes and values.
  • This selector targets elements whose attribute value match the ones specified.
  • So CSS is targeting elements whose target attributes are equal to _blank.
  • This selector targets elements whose attribute value starts with the specified word.
  • This selector targets elements whose attribute values contain the specified substring regardless of the position.
  • This selector targets elements whose attribute values end with the word specified in the selector.
  • This selector targets elements whose attribute contains a specific value separated by space, meaning that it matches the entire word and not a substring.

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Understanding and Use Cases

  • Examples of events include click (pressing mouse button), change(e.g an input field changing), load (when an object has been loaded, often used with the body element) and so many more.
  • For example, a change event is listened to on an input field.
  • Hence, I listened to only change events in the input tag.
  • I listened for every change event on the input and applied a function that sets the value of the input to the contents of the h1 tag.
  • From the above examples which showed how to get properties and set properties of elements which events were fired on, I believe you'd be able to create more interactive applications.
  • The target property of events allows us to access the element of which the event was fired and its respective attributes.

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The Coding Bootcamp Primer - A free web dev course that prepares you to enroll at any bootcamp

  • It's called The Coding Bootcamp primer (<– link), and it'll teach you the most fundamental building blocks of building websites: HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • In this screencast, Nate Jensen, V School's instructor, is going to introduce us to the basic HTML concepts: boilerplate, tags and HTML syntax.
  • Continuing on the previous chapter's intro, next up are the most common HTML elements, like <h1> to <h6> tags, <span>, <div>, <p>, etc.
  • In this cast, Grant Wilhelm, V School's instructor shows us how we can add styling to HTML elements by writing them inline using style attribute.
  • In this screencast, Nate will help us learn how to add logic to our Javascript programs.
  • More on calling, how to store results of a function and how to combine them with loops, in this chapter's screencast with Nate.

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The best wrapping paper and gift-wrapping supplies

  • To many people, one of the best parts of buying gifts is wrapping them up in gorgeous wrapping paper with ribbons, bows, and fancy tags.
  • In addition to wrapping paper, you'll find tons of gift bags, gift boxes, tags, bows, ribbons, and other wrapping supplies.
  • Hallmark has very affordable gift wrap bundles that come with everything you need to wrap presents, including the wrapping paper, gift bags, and tags.
  • The Container Store also makes it easy to have your wrapping paper match your gift bags, boxes, tags, ribbons, and bows.
  • Yes, it's brown and plain, but this Kraft paper is sturdy, affordable, eco-friendly, and definitely not see-through like cheap gift wrap often is, so it's perfect for wrapping presents.

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