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Articles related to "talent"

Heartland Tech Weekly: VC firm wants to find the Midwest’s hidden startup talent

  • The narrative goes that in order to really build a successful rocketship company, Heartland tech companies have to recruit some upper-level talent from other places — namely Silicon Valley — that have worked for fast-growing startups before.
  • When Hatta joined Drive Capital 5 years ago, he said that he spent a good portion of his time trying to recruit talent to ditch Silicon Valley for the Midwest.
  • Hatta said he realized this was belief was misplaced after the CEOs of Columbus’ Root Insurance and Pittsburgh’s Duolingo — the two most valuable companies in Drive Capital’s portfolio — both said that many of their highest performing employees have never worked at a startup or tech company before.
  • The risk comes in taking the results of a test like this as canon — will some people who score poorly be discouraged from applying for startup jobs altogether?

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