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Articles related to "tax"

Police deploy water cannons on yellow vest protesters as French riots extend into 5th weekend

  • Tear gas billowed Saturday across the French capital's protest-scarred Champs-Elysees after a day of largely peaceful demonstrations and water cannons shot into the crowds on the fifth straight weekend of protests by the country's "yellow vest" movement.
  • The demonstrations against France's high cost of living -- sapped by cold weather, rain and recent concessions by French President Emmanuel Macron -- were significantly smaller Saturday than at previous rallies, some of which scarred parts of Paris with vandalism and looting.
  • Pierre Lamy, a 27-year-old industrial worker wearing both a yellow vest and a French flag over his shoulders, said the movement had long stopped being about the fuel tax hike that sparked the protests in November but was now focused on economic justice.

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Bitcoin Tax Confusion Has Accountants Turning to Specialized Software

  • Node40 is a company that originally started out hosting Dash Masternodes for a fee – and they still do this – but then realized that their background as coders could potentially help people in the US blockchain industry accurately assess their cryptocurrency tax liabilities.
  • CCN spoke to Perry Woodin and Sean Ryan, the co-founders of the company, recently about the significant increase in demand for their product since Bitcoin blew up last year and many thousands of Americans, potentially millions, entered the cryptocurrency market for the first time.
  • Ryan and Woodin believe that people will be more willing to pay their taxes if they have an easier means to do so, and that by solving the education gap that intersects taxation and crypto, they will help create a more equitable and sane environment for blockchain entrepreneurs to operate in.

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Ask HN: How did you decide where to live?

  • Ultimately our decision to live here was based on the high population yet low population density, the growing tech scene, the cleanliness of the city, and the low crime rate.Those are all great qualities, but I've learned a lot along the way about more things that are important.
  • The super high prices out there are less than ideal of course, but living in San Francisco already taught me that it's not a deal breaker (plus I'll finally save some energy with the heater turned off)So, hopefully I'll make cool friends and find that Oahu is a great fit.

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Thousands of 'yellow vests' hit French streets in fifth Saturday of protests

  • Thousands of protesters took to the streets of French cities on Saturday in the fifth weekend of nationwide demonstrations against Emmanuel Macron's government, despite calls to hold off after a shooting in Strasbourg earlier this week.
  • On Friday, President Macron called for a return to calm in France after nearly a month of protests by the so-called 'yellow vest' movement against his government's policies.
  • The 'yellow vest' movement started in mid-November with protests at junctions and roundabouts against fuel tax increases, but quickly became a wider mobilisation against Macron's economic policies.
  • Successive weekends of protests in Paris have lead to vandalism and violent clashes with security forces.
  • The government, as well as several unions and opposition politicians also called on protesters to stay off the streets on Saturday, after four people were killed in a gun attack at a Christmas market in the historic city of Strasbourg.

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Apple's big campus announcement had a very specific audience — Trump

  • A month later, Cook — along with top leaders from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other big tech companies — went to Trump Tower to meet with the then-president-elect in person.
  • Trump had said before the election that he wanted Apple to do manufacturing in the United States, which most experts say is impossible for a product like the iPhone.
  • Trump had also gone on the record multiple times saying that Apple planned to build "three big plants" in the United States — a claim that Apple has never confirmed nor denied, although it does not make sense.
  • So while Apple couldn't say it was building manufacturing plants, like Trump wanted it to say, it could do the next best thing: tout new high-quality jobs and offices it was creating.

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France braces for fifth weekend of 'gilets jaunes' protests

  • Paris (CNN) - France is braced for a fifth consecutive weekend of "gilets jaunes" or "yellow vest" protests this Saturday, despite concessions this week by French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • Some 69,000 police officers have been deployed across the country in anticipation of the protests, including 8,000 in the capital, Paris, according to France's Interior Ministry.
  • Fewer police and fewer "gilets jaunes" protesters could be seen on the streets of Paris on Saturday morning by comparison with the same time the previous week.
  • Half a dozen people had been taken in for questioning in connection with the "yellow vest" protests as of about 9 a.m. Saturday, according to a Paris police spokesman.
  • Last Saturday, many tourist hotspots and stores were shuttered in anticipation of violent protests, after the previous weekend's demonstrations resulted in the worst riots to hit the French capital in decades.

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Macron can make all the concessions he wants. People will still be furious with him.

  • A protester wearing a yellow vest holds a French flag as he walks among tear gas on the Champs-Elysees Avenue near the Arc de Triomphe during a national day of protest by the "yellow vests" movement in Paris, France, December 8, 2018.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron takes part in a conference at the UCL university in Louvain-La-Neuve, on the last day of an official state visit in Belgium, November 20, 2018.Yves Herman/ReutersIt is newer not because the yellow vests are leaderless — this, after all, was largely the case with the revolutionaries of 1848 — but because the source for every revolution in France has been Paris and Parisians.
  • If he fails, and the curtain opens next Saturday on what gilets jaunes organizers are calling Act 5, those who have been rooting for Macron as liberal Europe's last great hope will simply echo the last word of Racine's tragedy Bérénice: Alas!

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Mueller Investigation Cost $25 Million So Far, Report Says. It’s Pulled in $48 Million From Tax Cheats

  • The Special Counsel’s Office released new an expenditure report Friday which revealed that the six months between the beginning of April through September cost about $4.5 million.
  • As part of his plea deal, Manafort agreed to forfeit assets that amount to between $42 million and $46 million, including about $22 million in property, CNBC reports.
  • The case revealed how Manafort avoided paying more than $15 million in taxes by laundering $60 million from pro-Russian Ukrainians, CNN reports.
  • Manafort reportedly violated the conditions of his plea deal, and last month prosecutors said that he could face more charges.
  • As part of his deal, Cohen agreed to pay $1.4 million in unpaid taxes and hand over $500,000 in assets as well as pay $100,000 in fines.
  • A.P. has just reported that the Russian Hoax Investigation has now cost our government over $17 million, and going up fast.

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New York state could soon launch wide-ranging investigations of Trump's finances and business deals, which experts say verges into legally uncharted territory

  • In an interview with NBC News published Wednesday, James said she plans to ramp up state-level probes of matters involving the Trump Organization, Trump's real estate company, and his charity, the Trump Foundation, both of which are headquartered in New York.
  • The New York Attorney General's office is currently collaborating with Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Department of Taxation and Finance to probe whether there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against the foundation, serving Cohen with a subpoena in August.
  • James said she also plans to probe areas with criminal implications, including Trump's reported tax dodging and pursuit of significant tax breaks as a real estate developer, the June 2016 meeting between members of the Trump campaign and Russian officials in hosted in Trump Tower, and whether Trump has violated the emoluments clause of the constitution, currently the subject of a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Maryland and DC.

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8 things you can do today to be richer in 2019

  • Based on average market returns and interest rates from the past 40 years, NerdWallet calculated that investing in stocks (including in retirement accounts) would lead to $4.57 million by age 65.
  • Keeping the money in a traditional savings account — which 63% of millennials are doing today, according to a NerdWallet survey— would result in $1.27 million by retirement, before adjusting for inflation.
  • But if you can find a place that allows you to spend 25% or less of your after-tax income on housing, your savings account will thank you.
  • When you buy a home to live in long term, you're not guaranteed to earn a return on your investment, especially in the near future.
  • The Roth IRA is a popular retirement account recommended often by financial experts, but it presents a challenge for high earners thanks to IRS-imposed income restrictions for who can contribute, and how much.

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