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Articles related to "teach"

Kodable is hiring a Game Developer to teach kids to code

  • Help us teach the skills kids need in the 21st Century.
  • Kodable teaches programming to kids 4-10.
  • Used by over 50% of US Elementary Schools and 200 countries around the world, Kodable provides parents and teachers with everything they need to teach their kids about Computer Science, from zero to JavaScript!
  • Kodable is a programming curriculum used by over 50% of elementary schools in the United States.
  • We make computer science easy to teach through an all-in-one curriculum designed for a typical elementary school teacher.
  • Everything they need is presented in one complete package, requiring no previous computer science experience to use it.
  • Teachers no longer need to use cobbled together solutions that fall short of teaching students to code.
  • Furthermore, by enabling teachers to start teaching outcomes oriented computer science in Kindergarten, it gives administrators and purchasers proof that Kodable can be used with the entire student population.

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