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Articles related to "team"

My Journey: From Intern to Tech Lead of a startup

  • I didn’t want to become another statistic like others so I consumed as much knowledge as I could from the internet and youtube tutorials which did help a lot when I entered the job market.
  • Even though the job title was that of an intern, I was working 8–9 hours a day and my responsibilities were that of a Mid-level Developer.
  • As a Tech Lead, I had to build a solid team, plan out the product roadmap, hire developers, delegate tasks and work, etc.
  • All the knowledge and development processes I learned at my previous job came in handy and soon enough I was leading my own team of developers.
  • Apart from having expertise on the development side, to pick the correct tech stack and the appropriate languages, I also needed to have a fair amount of knowledge on cybersecurity as well.

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3 ways leaders should pursue breakthrough innovation during a crisis

  • His team partners with forward-looking companies to design and develop the… (show all) Tim Scott is head of experience design at FrogSlayer, a custom software development and business innovation consulting firm.
  • His team partners with forward-looking companies to design and develop the custom software tools they need to accelerate growth, increase profits, and innovate faster than the competition (in weeks or months, not years).
  • It’s a new way of attacking an old problem that leads to products or services that can fundamentally change the outlook of a business, industry, or market.
  • Some examples of companies that drive breakthrough innovation include SpaceX, the leader in commercial space; Airbnb, which expanded the hospitality industry’s capabilities; and Salesforce, an organization that changed management and client relation software through emerging trends in technology.

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5 (Un)Conventional Interview Tips For Data Scientists And ML Engineers

  • Across the internet, you can easily find articles on interview tips for data science or machine learning roles.
  • There’s nothing wrong with having direct answers when asked questions such as “What is a neural network” or “How do you prevent a network from overfitting”.
  • Typically interviewers ask candidates the question ‘Why do you want to work with our company?’.
  • Machine Learning Engineering and Data Science roles are typically cross-functional, meaning that they involve collaborating and working with other team members that do not necessarily have machine learning associated roles or knowledge.
  • One tip I would suggest cultivating this skills is to practise mock interviews with individuals with minimal to no knowledge on the machine learning domain and try to explain terms and terminologies to a level where they come out with a decent understanding.

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Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller tells young girls 'the path to success is a lot of ups and downs'

  • After making college football history Saturday, when she became the first woman to play in the Power Five Conference and the first woman to officially take the field during a football game in a Southeastern Conference (SEC), Fuller told CNN she was inundated with calls of support from friends, family and even professional athletes like US Women's National Team player Carli Lloyd and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.
  • Fuller is a goalkeeper for the Vanderbilt women's soccer team.
  • Her opportunity came because many of Vanderbilt's specialists are in quarantine due to Covid-19, according to the school and ESPN.
  • Fuller was selected as the SEC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week, according to Vanderbilt.
  • Vanderbilt heads south Saturday to play the University of Georgia.

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Front: The $1.3B Startup Slackifying Email

  • Instead of forwarding an email to a colleague or going into Slack to ask them a question that relates to a customer question or request, you can tag them into the thread and have a quick chat right in the context that's most useful.
  • Instead, Front gives users a traditional inbox with various collaborative features on top: the ability to chat about an email thread within the thread, tag other team members to notify them, manually or automatically have emails assigned to certain parties, as well as the ability to use various third-party integrations and access native Front applications for contact organization or calendar management.
  • But there are other tasks that interrupt the flow of work in the inbox, like retrieving information from a CRM, or checking a knowledge base or project management tool—for these use cases, Front offers third-party integrations that pull info from these tools into the inbox or allow users to manipulate data in their third-party tools via Front.

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An iOS zero-click radio proximity exploit odyssey

  • In addition to design-level reviews, security teams tackle the complexity of their products by attempting to constrain what an attacker might be able to do with a vulnerability.
  • The guarantees which can be made by mitigations are generally weaker than those made by design-level features but the goal is similar: to "lengthen the exploit chain", hopefully forcing an attacker to find a new vulnerability and incur some cost.
  • The art of exploitation then becomes the art of determining how one can use vulnerabilities to introduce sufficiently powerful new state transitions such that, as an end goal, the attacker-supplied input becomes code for a new, weird machine capable of arbitrary system interactions.
  • As things stand now in November 2020, I believe it's still quite possible for a motivated attacker with just one vulnerability to build a sufficiently powerful weird machine to completely, remotely compromise top-of-the-range iPhones.

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The CEO of tech startup SlashNext shares his daily routine - Business Insider

  • As an example, this list will typically include things like four to five customer calls, time to dedicate to reviewing the website, creating time to look at how we can advance the product, and time to ensure we're securing financing for the business.
  • That's why I focus on meaningful outcomes or defined next steps, like securing sales, increasing partner value, advancing our service, driving operations, and providing mentorship and guidance to the leadership team.
  • On the positive side, we've seen sales pick up over this time, in part because the current business climate set in motion by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a 3,000% increase in phishing attacks since March 15 as people are working from home, and we're directly positioned to help companies and individuals stop these attacks.

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AWS Proton | Fully Managed Application Deployment Service | Amazon Web Services

  • Platform engineering teams can use Proton to connect and coordinate all the different tools needed for infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, monitoring, and updates.
  • AWS Proton solves this by giving platform teams the tools they need to manage this complexity and enforce consistent standards, while making it easy for developers to deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies.
  • Platform teams use Proton to create a “stack” that defines everything needed to provision, deploy, and monitor a service, including compute, networking, code pipeline, security, and monitoring.
  • Platform teams use AWS Proton to manage and enforce a consistent set of standards for compute, networking, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and security and monitoring in modern container and serverless environments.
  • Using approved stacks, authorized developers in your organization are able to use Proton to create and deploy a new production infrastructure service for their container and serverless applications.

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Sports Keep Playing Through the Covid Surge. It’s Getting Ugly.

  • The top men’s college basketball team in the country played through a spate of Covid-19 cases among players and staff on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The No. 1 college football team took the field for its most anticipated game without the sport’s most famous coach.
  • And now the NFL has shut down most of its facilities for two days as one team had to play without a quarterback, another was kicked out of its home and a third had a game delayed three different times.

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Companies are getting creative with their office holiday parties

  • But let's be honest: Scheduling a video meeting and calling it a "Holiday Party" isn't going to cut it, so some companies are getting creative.
  • Paypal is hosting a global 29-hour virtual party where employees can drop in whenever they want.
  • The virtual party will include a trivia contest that includes team members' personal stories, like any hidden talents, quirky stories or fun facts they want to share.
  • The fertility and pregnancy products startup will do "12 days of Chrismahanukwanzakah" during their daily virtual meeting that will involve a brief game -- like a puzzle or riddle -- and the winner gets a small gadget.
  • On the last day, employees will be able to expense their lunches to eat together virtually while playing games and doing a "mocktail" show-and-tell that involves colleagues making their favorite holiday beverage and sharing the recipe.

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