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Articles related to "team"

Slovenia's Tadej Pogacar stuns compatriot Primoz Roglic to lead Tour de France

  • Few gave the 21-year-old Pogacar hope of clawing back the 57-second lead Jumbo-Visma's Roglic held going into Saturday's 22.5 miles test, but he produced one the finest performances in the history of the Tour to win the stage and take the yellow jersey.
  • Pogacar, who is racing the Tour de France for the first time, was stunned by his "unbelievable" performance and paid tribute to his team for its preparations for the decisive stage.
  • Roglic had led the race since taking yellow on the seventh stage, but must now settle for second place, while for 35-year-old Porte it will be his first time on the Tour podium after overhauling Miguel Angel Lopez for the final spot.

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All the jobs I failed to get

  • This is the sort of role that I think I want in the future.
  • I chatted with some of the team members and recruiting manager, found out more about what the job was likely to entail by speaking to people who did similar roles, and some friends sent me their own CVs to review.
  • Part of the application is letting recruiting teams know that’s the track I’m on so – hopefully – they consider me when I’m closer to the goal.
  • Some of the best people I’ve hired have applied for one job, but have then been asked to apply for another.
  • I’ve recruited enough people to know that there’s nothing a candidate can do if there are hundreds of CVs to review and theirs just doesn’t hit the right keywords.
  • And I’ve interviewed enough people to know that sometimes one candidate just shines.

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Survivor of CIA Torture and Rendition Supports Assange at Extradition Trial

  • Khaled El Masri, a survivor of CIA kidnapping, torture, rendition, and detention, submitted testimony in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during his extradition trial.
  • El Masri’s testimony directly relates to the defense argument that Assange published classified information from the United States in order to reveal abuses and misconduct, such as torture and war crimes.
  • While reading parts of El Masri’s statement for the court, defense attorney Mark Summers said that, as a result of cables, it is known that the German government bowed to pressure from the U.S. to not seek the extradition of the CIA rendition team.
  • Goetz, who traveled to North Carolina to confront members of the CIA team behind El Masri’s rendition, further declared, “Without publication of information that the U.S. government intended to be kept secret for national security reasons, the entire truth would still be buried.

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Rust: The Error Handling Project Group

  • Today we are announcing the formation of a new project group under the libs team, focused on error handling!
  • This new project group is being shepherded by Jane Lusby (@yaahc) and Sean Chen (@seanchen1991), with Andrew Gallant (@BurntSushi) acting in an advisory capacity and Ashley Mannix (@KodrAus) acting as the library team liaison.
  • Anyone interested in helping out with the above goals is invited to come say hi in the group’s Zulip stream.
  • Feel free to also check out the group’s GitHub repository.

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Conan O’Brien on how to embrace an ever-changing media landscape

  • After all, hosting a series of late-night network talk shows for decades isn’t exactly starting from scratch when it comes to launching a new entertainment venture.
  • The 2018 launch of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” found the comedian embracing the new-found freedom of podcasting.
  • Team Coco has produced 10 shows in all, including shows from longtime sidekick Andy Richter and actor Rob Lowe, writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskel’s intimately titled Inside Conan and a six-part mini-series interview with SNL alum, Dana Carvey.
  • O’Brien dropped the desk and the suit, adopting a looser format perhaps inspired in part by the new freedoms afforded by his podcasting ventures.
  • Throughout it all, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” continued posting weekly interviews.
  • Asked whether he planned to continue his late-night show after the contract runs out in a couple of years, O’Brien seemed unsure.

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How the US Hacked Isis

  • The mission — led by a special unit working with U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA — was to get inside the ISIS network and disrupt the terrorist organization's media operation.
  • Once ARES operators were inside the ISIS network, they began opening back doors and dropping malware on servers while looking for folders that contained things that might be helpful later, like encryption keys or folders with passwords.
  • Cardon said young operators on Joint Task Force ARES understood hacking in a visceral way and, in many respects, understood what was possible in cyberspace better than commanding officers did, so having a direct line to the people making the decisions was key.
  • Joint Task Force ARES operators worked to make the attack look like frustrating, daily-life IT problems: dead batteries, slow downloads, forgotten passwords.

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5 Free Books To Take Your Data Science Skills to The Next Level

  • If we want to become top Data Scientist, we have to be willing to do things that most people aren’t willing to do such as diving deep into the underpinnings of what holds our field together.
  • In my personal opinion, after reading a book like ____ which provides us with a practical way of using machine learning, this book is the best book for a super-set.
  • As agreed, I’ve given you 4 free books that will take your Data Science skills to the next level.
  • However, as a bonus I will provide __ more books that will take your Data Science skills to the next level — the only difference with th(ese)is book(s) is that they aren’t free.
  • I have not read all the books surrounding the Data Science field so it’s possible I’ve missed a very important book.

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EPL Fantasy GW1 Recap and GW2 Algo Picks

  • Pretty good looking team, and lots of wiggle room to try some different picks on key positions, while still keeping a solid core of players.
  • Looks like Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Leicester, West Ham and Villa have some tough games coming up, so our Algorithm might not be picking players from those teams.
  • We will try to stack up on players from teams that have a higher than 50 % chance of winning such as MUN, MCI, ARS, EVE, LEI and LEE.
  • Teams with higher probability to draw, especially when the game is combined with high odds for Under 2.5, might be good for selecting defensive players because if the game ends 0:0, that will result in lots of bonus points.
  • It was great to see that our predictions from last week all worked out perfectly as WOL, NEW, and CRY got clean sheets, even though none of the games ended in a draw!

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Once a homeless street vendor, this 18-year-old cricketer has now been signed in a $327,000 deal

  • Having left home aged eight to fulfill his dreams of becoming a professional cricket player in Mumbai, Jaiswal slept in a tent on cricket a ground while sustaining himself as a street vendor before his talent was finally spotted.
  • Aged eight, he left the family home with his father for Mumbai, commonly referred to as the city of dreams, and initially the pair stayed in a relative's house.
  • As his father, an owner of a small paint shop in the village, didn't have the means to support his son financially in the city, Jaiswal soon realized he would have to work, and play cricket, to survive.
  • The boy who came to Mumbai with nothing but a big dream was selected in India's squad for the 2020 Under-19 World Cup. Before he left for the much-anticipated series, the IPL auctions took place on December 19, 2019.

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The Top Network Skills in Demand in the Post-Pandemic Era

  • Network engineers must possess strong technical skills—that's a given—but team members who also have strong people skills will be better equipped to maintain the level of partnership that's necessary for cross-team initiatives, such as network security and ongoing maintenance, which are essential for digital transformation, Bar-Dayan observed.
  • The most sought-after network engineers are those skilled in in-demand program languages, such as Python, and who know how to configure, operate, and manage networking infrastructure through the APIs provided by cloud service providers, explained Sounil Yu, CISO-in-residence at venture capital firm YL Ventures.
  • "The pandemic has taught organizations that pro-active cybersecurity matters." COVID-19 has also increased the need for network teams that are deeply familiar with network security concepts and know how to effectively defend vulnerable digital assets.
  • In the years ahead, network and cybersecurity professionals will need to work closely together to form a holistic view of network operations and security practices.

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