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Articles related to "teams"

Kobe Bryant presents an interesting argument for how his Lakers teams with Shaq could beat today's Warriors

  • Nearly every great player in NBA history has argued that their teams could beat the Warriors.
  • The argument is often fruitless, as changes in rules and schemes have changed the game over decades, and there's no real way to know how the teams would stack up anyway.
  • However, Bryant presents an interesting argument for how the Lakers would beat the Warriors, though he doesn't name them directly, just referring to today's "small-ball." Many of today's NBA analysts believe the Warriors, with their speed and shooting, could run bigger, slower teams off the court.
  • The Lakers, with O'Neal in the paint could have done that, perhaps forcing the Warriors to go big, and making the game ugly by drawing fouls.

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Who is hiring? (February 2018)

  • The Algolia engineering team is growing as we’re working on several new projects in 2018.
  • About the role — This position offers the opportunity to use and experiment with a wide-range of new technologies in the big data and distributed computing space.
  • About the role(s) — We're looking for software engineers with Scala, Java, Clojure, Haskell, or JavaScript experience.
  • About the role(s) — We have two positions you can apply for -- one if you’d prefer to specialize in a Ruby on Rails platform for book publishers and one if you’re interested in working on several different projects written in languages including Haskell, Python, and Java.
  • Backend Software Engineer | Lincoln-Omaha, NE | Onsite | Based on exp.
  • Frontend Software Engineer | Lincoln-Omaha, NE | Onsite | Based on exp.
  • DevOps Engineer | Lincoln-Omaha, NE | Onsite | Based on exp.
  • UX Engineer | Lincoln-Omaha, NE | Onsite | Based on exp.

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Finding work/life balance in the tech industry

  • People are constantly asking me if work/life balance exists for developers.
  • While it's certainly not the norm, there are companies who have built their culture around having it.
  • I put together a page listing all the companies that selected "Work/Life Balance" as one of their top 8 key values, and thought I'd share it.
  • People's definitions of work/life balance vary wildly, so you can see how different teams talk about what it means to them, and make your own judgment.
  • Hope it's helpful!
  • Lynne is the creator of Key Values, a website that helps engineers find teams that share their values.
  • She lives in San Francisco and is also recently very into Ironman races!
  • We’re a place for programmers to stay up-to-date, learn new skills, and share ideas.
  • We’ll never post without your permission.

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Building and Running a Geographically Distributed Engineering Team

  • It starts with a ten-to-20 minute company round-up and then Stevens-Smith answers general AMA questions — kind of like a Google TGIF meeting done solely online.
  • More recently as the company has scaled beyond 100 people, they’ve added more work-focused elements like internal talks from different teams and show-and-tells where team members whiteboard things they’ve built.
  • Managing product development: Rainforest has many of the typical standing meetings you would see in a non-remote, non-distributed engineering structure.
  • Promotions and the career ladder: Since Rainforest brought on Derek Choy as vice president of engineering and now chief information officer, the company has built a system of cross-team projects that are not only managed by existing managers but involve participation from team members who are curious about or aspire to be on the management track.

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