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Articles related to "tech"

The Global Dollar Short Squeeze

  • Nations, especially emerging markets, try to offset this dollar short risk by holding foreign-exchange reserves, primarily in the form of dollars.
  • Under the current global monetary system that came into effect in 1971, the dollar has had three major cycles of weakness and strength, and each one of these cycles of strength has caused a global short squeeze, leading to financial crises, and impeding growth until resolved.
  • In general, they had high dollar-denominated debts and little foreign-exchange reserves to support those debts, so when the dollar strengthened, their effective short positions on the dollar (by borrowing in dollars but receiving income in local currencies) received a metaphorical margin call.
  • The U.S. housing and banking system was the epicenter of the global financial crisis in 2008, and the Fed used a few rounds of quantitative easing (i.e. expanding the monetary base to buy U.S. government debt and other securities) in the aftermath, which kept its currency relatively weak due to plentiful supply.

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The software industry's greatest sin: Hiring

  • By contrast, when a developer is hired, it is incredible the extent to which the process will ignore the human being and focus exclusively on algorithmic/technical aspects.
  • One of the most common ways I see technically excellent developers fail is they're so obsessed with writing code they fail to understand they're building things nobody cares about or will use.
  • We need to fully internalize that being a great software developer is wholistic and draws on abilities ranging from, yes, technical skill, but also empathy, experience, taste, grit, perseverance, and independence.
  • Being a great software developer is multi-disciplinary and we need to actively and vigorously reject the notion that just being good at "cutting code" and inverting a binary tree is the end of the story and is therefore the only axis on which to assess people who work in teams and build products for other human beings.

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Microsoft is giving workers 12 weeks of paid parental leave because of school disruptions

  • San Francisco (CNN Business) - Microsoft is giving its workers an additional three months of paid parental leave to deal with extended school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • The policy is meant to "give our employees greater flexibility and time off as they face extended school closures," the spokesperson added.
  • Several US states have extended school closures, with some governors already announcing schools will remain shut for the rest of the academic year.
  • Microsoft's move is one of several measures tech companies are taking to adapt to lockdowns, as most of their employees transition to working remotely due to the global pandemic.
  • Facebook announced last month that it would give $1,000 to each of its 45,000 employees, and will continue to pay its hourly and contract workers in full despite reduced workloads.

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Apple could let you roadtest apps before installing in iOS 14

  • Apple is apparently working on a way for iPhone users to use the features of apps without having to install them in its next iteration of iOS.
  • Doing so would open a card that would allow you to use some of the interactive features of the app in question.
  • 9to5 used the example of a YouTube video — scanning a Clips QR code would open the video within the card if you don’t have the app installed.
  • Android has a similar feature called “Slices,” so if this pans out, then add it to the list of “things iOS is finally catching up to Android on.” Still, if they do eventually roll it out, it could be a way for developers to offer a “preview” of their app without requiring the user to install it.

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Covid-19 Symptoms (Coronavirus): What to Do If You Might Have It

  • For more help, try using Apple's Covid-19 diagnosis tool, which it developed in coordination with the CDC, White House, and FEMA.
  • Read our How to Make a CDC-Approved Cloth Face Mask (and Rules to Follow) guide to learn the benefit of a mask and how you should wear it.
  • Stay calm, rest, hydrate: For the vast majority of those who get Covid-19, you can treat it like a normal cold for flu.
  • Again, read our How to Make a CDC-Approved Cloth Face Mask (and Rules to Follow) guide to learn more.
  • If you aren't experiencing severe symptoms that warrant an emergency, the CDC recommends you stay in touch with your doctor, and call before leaving home to get medical care.
  • To learn more read WIRED's Everything You Need to Know about Covid-19 Testing guide.

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Review: The Q Acoustics 3030i takes one of my favorite budget speakers and adds bass

  • Naturally, as it digs significantly deeper into the bass — Q Acoustics claims 46 Hz — it will likely strike a better balance between size and low-end for many users not wanting to opt for larger towers.
  • Q Acoustics says it’s based the all-new woofer from the design used on the tower model, but used an ‘optimized’ motor to reach surprisingly low for a budget standmount without sacrificing too much efficiency.
  • As a consequence of the vertical response, we see a bit of a scoop in the crossover region of the spinorama, where the woofer transfers its sound over to the tweeter, but it is not as exaggerated as I’ve seen on other models with similar designs; in fact, it appears to be less substantial than the one on the smaller 3020i.

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This website replicates the sounds of being in the office again

  • My apartment is usually very quiet and almost all of my conversations with my colleagues happen silently over Slack, save for the clatter of my mechanical keyboard.
  • I worked in an office for the first part of my career, and at times, I get nostalgic for the white noise of an office — the idle chatter, the whirring of a too-cold air conditioning system, and other people clattering away at their keyboards.
  • When you load up the site, hit the play button in the bottom-left corner and it will play a lot of sounds that are common at most offices: indecipherable snippets of conversation, a fan blowing somewhere, phones ringing, and more.
  • The site isn’t just a white noise generator, though — it also has an office layout that you can click around to activate certain sounds.
  • Clicking the printer activates the familiar sounds of a printer.

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Ask HN: Has any progress been made on large format E-ink displays?

  • I'd really like to have a decent (let's say >13") display to hang on a wall in my room and display weather, my todo list, etc.
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be E-ink proper, but I like the idea of having something that doesn't emit its own light.
  • More like an electronic whiteboard.Alternatives include something like the Vestaboard, which is not cheap, and probably fairly noisy.Are there products I'm missing here?
  • Alternatives include something like the Vestaboard, which is not cheap, and probably fairly noisy.Are there products I'm missing here?
  • Are there products I'm missing here?
  • Such as an older LCD panel without a backlight?
  • It doesn't sound like you're looking for anything special here.
  • The only commercial product I know of that uses it is from Visionect but it's a meant for digital signage rather than as a computer display:

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Stock Market Just Closed its Best Week Since 1974 - But Don't Celebrate Yet

  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC on Thursday that the U.S. economy could open for business in May. The Labor Department reported Thursday that weekly jobless claims have soared for the third consecutive week, reaching 6.6 million for the period ended April 4.
  • Nearly 17 million unemployment insurance claims in three weeks are unprecedented, as the coronavirus epidemic hit the U.S. economy badly.
  • The S&P 500 is only down 14% year-to-date, which means stocks might just be in a bear-market rally.
  • The stock market might not have hit bottom, as there is still uncertainty regarding how the coronavirus will impact the economy in the coming weeks and months.
  • He has warned that the United States is heading for a Great Depression if the economy is not revived next month due to the damage caused by coronavirus.

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It's "bullshit" that VCs are open for business right now (but that could change in a month)

  • This afternoon, the law firm Fenwick & West hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with New York-based venture capitalists: Hadley Harris, a founding general partner with Eniac Ventures; Brad Svrluga, a cofounder and general partner of Primary Ventures; and Ellie Wheeler, a partner with Greylock.
  • Wheeler noted that while “some accelerators and seed funds that are prolific have been doing this in some way, shape or form for a bit,” for “a lot of firms,” it’s just awkward to contemplate funding someone they have never met in person.
  • Wheeler observed that many of people have discovered in recent weeks that “distributed teams and remote work are actually more viable and sustainable than people thought they were,” suggesting that related software is of continued interest to Greylock.
  • Svrluga said Primary Ventures is paying attention to software that enables more seamless remote work, too.

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