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Articles related to "tech"

Microsoft accidentally reveals Windows 10 on ARM limitations

  • Microsoft launched ARM-powered Windows 10 PCs with “all-day” battery life back in December.
  • While HP, Asus, and Lenovo’s devices aren’t on sale just yet, we’re still waiting to hear more about the limitations of Windows 10 running on these new PCs. Microsoft published a full list of limitations last week, spotted first by Thurrott, that details what to expect from Windows 10 on ARM.
  • It seems that for most Windows users, Windows 10 on ARM will support common apps and scenarios.
  • Microsoft’s emulation work allows you to download most 32-bit exe files from the web and install them on ARM-powered laptops.
  • We’re still waiting to test an ARM-powered Windows 10 laptop to see if the battery life is what has been promised, and whether performance for desktop apps is reasonable enough.

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Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Commission Sales Spike 85x in 2017

  • According to data released on Sunday by a politician from South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party, the accumulated sales from commissions among 30 cryptocurrency exchange operators is said to have reached 700 billion won ($648 million) in 2017, Yonhap reports.
  • The government reportedly aided in compiling the data which was based on the sales of commissions and bitcoin trading prices released by various exchange operators.
  • The report also reveals Upbit as country’s leading cryptocurrency exchange operator occupying over half of South Korea’s cryptocurrency trading market at 52.9%.
  • While Upbit is said to have amassed 194.3 billion won ($182 million) in commission sales, the estimated sales by Bithumb, in particular, is believed to have reached 317.7 billion won ($297 million).
  • Rumors of following China’s lead in shuttering cryptocurrency exchanges after the turn of the year were put to bed after the South Korean government – after a significant public backlash – confirmed there was no intention to issue a sweeping ban on cryptocurrency trading.

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Google’s Tez payments app now lets users handle their utility bills and more

  • Google’s Tez payment service in India has got a major update that allows users to pay their utilities and other bills via the app.
  • Now the app has gotten support to pay for bills from more than 80 organizations — including national/state electric, gas and water, and TV/internet services — with more to come soon.
  • Tez clocked 12 million users in December, just three months after launch, but Google has yet to provide an updated figure.
  • WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app used by over 200 million people in India, began rolling out peer-to-peer payments in the country with the potential to massively disrupt the status quo.
  • India is WhatsApp’s largest single country based on users, and the payment feature has been a year in the making prior to its release.

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NBA all-star Baron Davis wants to prep athletes and entertainers for the startup game

  • The Business Inside the Game (BIG) Power Summit, which took place during the NBA All Star Game weekend extravaganza in Los Angeles, saw Ice Cube and Lyft co-founder John Zimmer talk about disruption with Upfront Ventures board partner and Moviepass co-founder Hamet Watt; basketball stars Chris Paul and Chris Robinson and mega-producer Chris Budnick (the producer of “The Hangover” and “Old School”) shared insights on making an impact beyond sports and entertainment; and a panel of rising startup stars discussed how new technology trends are changing things for sports, entertainment, and culture at large.
  • Two Bit Circus founder Brent Bushnell talked about his company’s vision for a new kind of live event space that could leverage the latest technology to be a proving ground and test bed for the latest and greatest in experiential entertainment.

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Full transcript: Writer Taylor Lorenz answers YouTube questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

  • On this episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Daily Beast reporter Taylor Lorenz talks with Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode about the state of YouTube in early 2018.
  • I mean, it’s kind of crazy, just the amount and content that is uploaded there daily, and also all the different sort of like types of communities that have evolved.
  • I actually would recommend PewDiePie just because he is so massive and he’s sort of a commentator now, and he sort of talks about a lot of things that are happening on YouTube, so he can give you kind of a good overview.
  • But there are a lot of other ways that people make money on YouTube when they’re not living a sort of creator lifestyle.

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Ask HN: Is it 'normal' to struggle so hard with work?

  • Basically, since as long as I can remember, I've had issues motivating myself to work and focusing on a single task.I've used everything from rewards ("If I work for X hours, I'll play a video game") and punishment ("If I don't work for X hours, I'm a complete failure") to get myself to work.I have to come up with elaborate new schemes to get myself to focus.
  • I've used everything from rewards ("If I work for X hours, I'll play a video game") and punishment ("If I don't work for X hours, I'm a complete failure") to get myself to work.I have to come up with elaborate new schemes to get myself to focus.
  • But I struggle to meet deadlines and never have enough dedication to meet any of my long-term tasks (such as building an app or starting a business).For years, I thought this was "normal".

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Working remotely, 4 years in

  • While working remote, I’ve been promoted more than once, mentored an intern, led large projects, made major organizational changes (I redid our engineering ladders last year), taught onboarding classes for new developers, and learned a lot from a lot of fantastic people.
  • One important thing to me in this kind of relationship is that the person be continuously invested/engaged in my work – it’s way more useful to get advice from someone who’s familiar with everything I’ve been doing for the last year than from someone just swooping in with their thoughts.
  • A ton of people asked me questions about what I think of as sort of basic job health – how do you make sure your coworkers don’t ignore you / leave you out of discussions, how do you communicate, etc.

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Cryptocurrency Insurance: More Companies Join The Bandwagon

  • The rise of theft, fraud, and hacking associated with bitcoin trading has pushed insurance firms to offer insurance packages to investors in the digital currency space.
  • Apart from the above, another firm offering insurance covers to merchants and retailers who accept bitcoin as payment is bitFlyer, which offers packages for any payment transaction associated with bitcoin in Japan.
  • Insurance companies are doing their best to cover all the cryptocurrency trading companies, but the firms have first to invest in good security features to reduce cases of fraud.
  • Similarly,  insurance firms should come up with good mechanisms for doing due diligence to companies before offering their insurance covers to prevent covering shady companies which are after stealing from investors.
  • More insurance companies are also planning to offer their services to the cryptocurrency trading companies which will enable competitive offers to be readily available for the traders and investors.

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Facebook plans to thwart election ad fraud with postcards

  • In an effort to prevent foreign actors from surreptitiously manipulating audiences with ads concerning US elections, Facebook will send postcards in the mail to verify advertisers’ presence in the country, reports Reuters.
  • That’s an interesting choice for a security practice to prevent election funding by foreign nationals, which is illegal in the US.
  • The decision to send out postcards like people did back in the 1800s comes after US Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians and three Russian entities for using social media to meddle with the last presidential election in the country and boosting President Trump’s chances of winning.
  • However, for what it’s worth, it’s a sign that Facebook recognizes how its social network can be exploited to sway public opinion by foreign entities – which is more than it cared to admit when it faced Congress last month.

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Wikipedia's no-cost version for people without mobile data plans is dead

  • The Wikimedia Foundation has killed off Wikipedia Zero, an initiative to deliver the online encyclopedia at no charge to mobile users around with the world.
  • The zero-rated service was launched back in 2012 and saw the nonprofit partner with mobile carriers to waive the cost for accessing Wikipedia; it was available through 97 mobile operators in 72 countries, with a cumulative 800 million subscribers.
  • The other reason is actually a sign of change for the better: mobile data costs have been dropping in the past few years.
  • While India’s Aircel carrier signed on to offer Wikipedia Zero to its 60 million subscribers back in 2013 without much of a fuss, Facebook found its Free Basics zero-rated service banned in the country following backlash from critics who were concerned about it becoming a gatekeeper that could control what information and services internet first-timers would be able to access.

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