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Articles related to "tech"

Quibi says it will shut down in early December

  • Quibi is shutting down — we know that much for sure.
  • If you’re looking to blast through all 25 episodes of the Reno 911 revival series before Quibi calls its quits, how long do you actually have?
  • While it seems even Quibi isn’t 100% certain yet, they’ve at least now given users a rough idea of when they expect the plug to be pulled: early December.
  • As spotted by Variety, a newly published support page on the Quibi site says streaming will end “on or about December 1, 2020.” The “about” suggests that the shutdown date isn’t fully locked quite yet, but it should be sometime around then.
  • Will any Quibi shows find their way over to Netflix, Hulu, etc.?
  • “At this time we do not know if the Quibi content will be available anywhere after our last day of service,” the company writes in a note on the same page.

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Google will sell you a $349 Pixel 4A for $216 over two years

  • That monthly cost means you’d pay just just $216 for the phone, a substantial savings over its $349 upfront price.
  • (Loss and theft replacement isn’t available to New York state residents, however.) At $15 per month over 24 months, you’d pay $360 for the Pixel 4A over the course of the subscription, which is only $11 more than the phone’s typical $349 upfront cost.
  • But if you were hoping you could sign up for this subscription, not get a protection plan, and then pay off the device in full to save more than $100 on a Pixel 4A, that’s not an option — you lose the discount on the phone if you pre-pay your remaining balance ahead of time, according to Google’s terms for the subscription.
  • If you’re already a Google Fi subscriber, though, the phone subscription cost will be added to your monthly Fi bill, according to Google’s terms.

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Representatives propose bill limiting Presidential internet 'kill switch'

  • While this was likely intended more for making sure official phone calls could get through in a national emergency, it’s possible that today it could be used as a measure to tamp down on protests and civil unrest, as we’ve seen in authoritarian regimes around the world.
  • The Preventing Unwarranted Communications Shutdowns Act, from Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA), doesn’t remove this ability, but adds several layers of accountability to it.
  • In the first place, the bill would limit Section 706 use to when there is an “imminent and specific threat to human life or national security.” This prevents it from being put into play when there is a more general “threat” such as a major protest that might be too much for local police to handle.
  • The bill would also require the president to inform the top layer of government officials, including opposition leaders, of any shutdown.

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TikTok will now tell you why it removed your video

  • You know what you did.
  • Until recently, TikTok wouldn’t necessarily explain why it removed one of your videos from the platform.
  • You’d simply be told that it violated the company’s “community guidelines” somehow.
  • But today, TikTok is announcing that it will give you at least a vague idea of why your video is gone, by naming the specific policy it fell afoul of.
  • That’s pretty similar to how other companies do it.
  • We had some idea this was coming: in July, when the company released its second transparency report, it revealed that it had started keeping track of the specific reasons why it removes each video.

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Senate subpoenas could force Zuckerberg and Dorsey to testify on New York Post controversy

  • Republicans in the committee declared their interest in a hearing on “the platforms’ censorship of New York Post articles” after social networks limited the reach of a dubious story purporting to contain hacked materials implicating Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in impropriety involving a Ukrainian energy firm.
  • Tech’s decision to take action against the New York Post story was bound to ignite Republicans in Congress, who have long claimed, with scant evidence, that social platforms deliberately censor conservative voices due to political bias.
  • Earlier in October, the Senate Commerce Committee successfully leveraged subpoena power to secure Dorsey, Zuckerberg and Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai for testimony for their own hearing focused on Section 230, the critical law that shields online platforms from liability for user created content.

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Moog built a super-fancy theremin to celebrate the instrument’s 100th birthday

  • This year the instrument is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so synthesizer giant Moog is honoring it by making, well, a very fancy theremin.
  • For those not familiar, the theremin is essentially a musical proximity sensor in which one antenna controls pitch and the other controls volume.
  • This allows for an expressive range of sounds, despite the instrument’s fundamental tone resembling a simple sine wave.
  • As one of the first electronic instruments, it’s the precursor to so many sounds present in modern music.
  • The new theremin allows players to switch between traditional circuit and DSP modes that allow for sine, triangle, saw, and wavetable oscillators, as well as a variety of scales, quantization, and assignable octave ranges.
  • Other features include DIN MIDI, USB, and CV inputs and outputs, buttons to assign and storage presets, and pitch quantization to help get new players acquainted.

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Why is it so rare to have a woman leading a game?

  • In the late 2000s, for example, developers Treyarch conceived a game called Black Lotus, an action game set in Hong Kong with a female lead based on actress Lucy Liu. In a report on Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander writes that Black Lotus was presented to publisher Activision, who told Treyarch to “lose the chick.” One of Alexander’s sources said the company had no successful game with a female lead with which to compare such a concept: “What they do have room for is, ‘we are making an open-world game with a gangster main character who can steal cars and shoot people, but it will be in Hong Kong instead of Liberty City.

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Quibi will shut down ‘on or around’ December 1st

  • Quibi will shut down for good “on or around December 1st,” according to a new blog posted on the company’s support site.
  • The announcement comes one day after company executives declared Quibi was shutting down for good.
  • Earlier today, co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg told CNBC the company is currently trying to find buyers for its shows.
  • It’s unclear how many of those shows Quibi owns the rights to, or for how long, but Katzenberg said he believes there are interested parties.
  • Quibi’s executives are currently in the process of trying to wind down the company and figure out how to get investors back part of their money.
  • The company is also still currently embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit with Eko, whose founder claims that Katzenberg’s team ripped off Eko’s streaming technology for Quibi’s “Turnstyle” feature.
  • Some people predicted Quibi would ultimately fail before the company even launched.

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Moog’s limited-edition theremin marks 100 years of weird sounds

  • In commemoration, Moog is introducing its new limited-edition Claravox Centennial, named for theremin virtuosa Clara Rockmore.
  • Moog says the Claravox offers “the highest quality control and sound available in a theremin.” With two modes, Traditional and Modern, it enables thereminists to switch between heterodyne analog and digital oscillators.
  • Electronic instruments, and their inventors and players, are some of the most fascinating elements of music history.
  • Clicking around the Moog site today is a joy: there’s a scrapbook timeline of the history of the theremin, old photos and videos of theremin pioneers, and an audio compilation with recordings of Rockmore, Bob Moog, and Leon Theremin.
  • To demonstrate the Claravox, Moog produced a rendition of “Clair de Lune” on theremin and piano, a duet in tribute to Clara Rockmore and her pianist sister.

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Daily Crunch: Facebook Dating comes to Europe

  • Facebook’s dating feature expands after a regulatory delay, we review the new Amazon Echo and President Donald Trump has an on-the-nose Twitter password.
  • Facebook Dating (which launched in the U.S. last year) allows users to create a separate dating profile, identify secret chats and go on video dates.
  • Amazon Echo review: Well-rounded sound — This year’s redesign centers on another audio upgrade.
  • Facebook adds hosting, shopping features and pricing tiers to WhatsApp Business — Facebook is launching a way to shop for and pay for goods and services in WhatsApp chats, and it said it will finally start to charge companies using WhatsApp for Business.
  • Freelancer banking startup Lili raises $15M — It’s only been a few months since Lili announced its $10 million seed round, and it’s already raised more funding.

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