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Articles related to "tech"

Behold, the Facebook phishing scam that could dupe even vigilant users

  • Phishers are deploying what appears to be a clever new trick to snag people’s Facebook passwords by presenting convincing replicas of single sign-on login Windows on malicious sites, researchers said this week.
  • Single sign-on, or SSO, is a feature that allows people to use their accounts on other sites—typically Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter—to log in to third-party websites.
  • Websites that don’t want to bother creating and securing password-based authentication systems need only access an easy-to-use programming interface.
  • EnlargeOne of the ingredients that made the login window look so real is that it almost perfectly reproduced what users would see if they were encountering a genuine Facebook SSO, such as the one to the right of this text.
  • Genuine SSOs from Facebook and Google can be dragged outside of the Window of the third-party site without any part of the login prompt disappearing.

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1.3 Million User Crypto Brokerage Hacked, 450,000 Users Affected in Massive Worldwide Breach

  • Coinmama, one of the largest crypto brokerages in the global market with 1.3 million active users, suffered a security breach on February 15.
  • The official statement of the exchange disclosed that 450,000 email addresses and passwords were leaked in a massive global hacking attack involving 24 websites and some 747 million records.
  • Our Security Team is investigating, and based on the information at hand, we believe the intrusion is limited to about 450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords of users who registered until August 5th, 2017.
  • No cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple were stolen from user wallets and the security team at Coinmama is currently investigating the alleged attack.
  • In the short-term, the company said that it will strengthen the security measures of the platform to prevent unauthorized access of user information and funds.

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US Regulators File Charges Against Apple Insider Trading Lawyer, for Insider Trading

  • The job of a top lawyer at Apple Inc. was to ensure that no employees violate the company’s insider-trading policies.
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Gene Daniel Levoff, who served as Apple’s senior director of corporate until September 2018 and was also a part of the company’s disclosure committee.
  • According to the filing, Levoff exploited his well-placed position to manage his Apple shares trading privately.
  • The SEC mentioned that Levoff had broken Apple’s insider-trading policies on at least three accounts.
  • If found guilty, Levoff could end up paying a sum equal to the profits and losses he made from his alleged insider trading activities, the SEC stated.
  • Atop that, Levoff is also looking at a potential ban from serving as a director in public traded companies.

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Data Center Networks are Getting Faster and Smarter

  • DCK spent a part of August looking at some of the trends in data center network technology, examining in addition to speed the way some networking innovation by operators of hyperscale cloud platforms like Facebook has been seeping into the enterprise data center market.
  • In another report, Branscombe highlighted the growing amount of attention enterprise operators now pay to automating network management and being able to apply the DevOps principles to their work, so they can better support the teams of developers that write software that runs on top of their infrastructure.
  • Looking to take network automation even further, incumbent vendors and a handful of startups are actively working on technologies that support the concept of Intent-Based Networking, or IBN – the idea that networks could tune themselves based on policies set by the administrators, removing the need for all the manual network management processes used today.

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Hong Kong’s Cloud Data Center Boom

  • While new data center construction will satisfy the needs of hyperscalers and other colocation customers in the next several years, a shortage of land in Hong Kong could hinder data center growth four or five years from now, according to Structure, a Toronto research and consulting firm.
  • Unlike Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore, Hong Kong is the only international hub in the Asia Pacific region where hyperscale cloud companies lease 100 percent of their data center capacity instead of building their own data centers, Tan said.
  • In recent years, they’ve begun to lease land to data center operators, so they can build colocation facilities, Tan said.
  • Retail colocation revenue currently makes up 51 percent of the market, while the rest is generated by wholesale data center providers, who predominantly lease to hyperscale platforms.

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Far Cry New Dawn review: More of the same, only pinker

  • Far Cry New Dawn looks like it should be a big shakeup to the series, but once you peel back the outer layer of neon-pink paint, it’s the same old Far Cry underneath.
  • New Dawn quickly gets back to the series’ roots by having the villains, twins Mickey and Lou, make their grand entrance in hammy glory, smashing a guy’s face into jelly to prove a point.
  • It’s the missions you spend with them, listening to their chatter (or not, in the Judge’s case) and buddy-copping your way through enemy outposts that make the game worth playing.
  • It’s kind of telling that New Dawn is at its best when it gets away from its Far Cry 5 roots.
  • Far Cry New Dawn doesn’t play around enough with the assets it’s building from.

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Jeff Bezos says the National Enquirer’s owner threatened to release his “d*ck pick,” so he described it himself

  • Here is the slightly longer version: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has penned a now-immortal Medium post — “No thank you, Mr. Pecker” — describing what he calls an “extortionate proposal” by executives from American Media Inc., the publisher that owns the National Enquirer.
  • That is: Bezos says that AMI executives didn’t like the suggestion — floated in the Bezos-owned Washington Post, among other media outlets — that the Enquirer had run the story because of a longstanding relationship it had with Donald Trump, who has made a point of attacking Bezos, the Post, and Amazon.
  • On Tuesday — the same day Howard reportedly emailed Bezos, describing the photos — the Washington Post published a twisty story listing competing possible motives behind the Enquirer’s exposé.

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The Tech Whiz Behind Vine and HQ Trivia Made Millions in His 20s. He Was Dead by 34.

  • At Right Media, he worked 12-hour days, went home and worked some more, said Edward Kozek, who was VP of engineering and Mr. Kroll’s mentor.
  • He began working on a video app called Vine with Mr. Yusupov—and despite their clashes decided to bring on Mr. Kroll as founding chief technology officer because of his technical skill.
  • Kroll owned only a small portion of the company’s shares, but made more than $5 million thanks to cash bonuses and restricted stock, a person familiar with the deal terms said.
  • The Twitter inquiry turned up a handful of grievances from men and women about Mr. Kroll’s habit of lashing out at employees and his moodiness, the former executive said.
  • With Lightspeed on board, Mr. Kroll used the seed funding to create Intermedia Labs with Mr. Yusupov, who had also left Twitter and was batting around the idea of a live game-show app hosted by astronauts.

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Senior Backend Engineer

  • RevenueCat is an API that makes selling subscriptions in your mobile app easy.
  • This number will increase 10 times this year and we need your help scaling our API.
  • Then, you’ll come into our quiet little office, not in SOMA, make yourself a tea, sit down, and take a look at what needs to be done: anything from helping a customer with an integration issue, to researching obscure query planner behavior in Postgres, to figuring out what our next bottleneck will be and fixing it.
  • You’ll work closely with product, marketing, and customers to achieve our mission of helping developers make more money.
  • You’ve scaled a relational database-backed system to 100s of thousands of requests per minute or more.
  • Bonus points if it was Python, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL, but any experience with relational databases at scale will be relevant.

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What would happen if Facebook were turned off?

  • They tended not to redistribute their liberated minutes to other websites and social networks, but chose instead to watch more television and spend time with friends and family.
  • Several weeks after the deactivation period, those who had been off Facebook spent 23% less time on it than those who had never left, and 5% of the forced leavers had yet to turn their accounts back on.
  • Consider the choice faced by the treatment group when the deactivation period is over: to rejoin the network or remain off while the rest continue to like and share.
  • New netizens naturally gravitated to the social network used by most of their friends and family, which reinforced Facebook’s advantages—in much the same way that a booming city attracts new residents because of the opportunities created by the large pool of people already there.
  • Such ruts are hard to spot in real time, and there may well be net value in a Facebook-like network.

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