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Articles related to "term"

Drawing a Picture Has a “Massive” Benefit for Memory versus Writing It Down

  • At least that’s the message from Myra Fernandes and colleagues at the University of Waterloo, Canada – writing in Current Directions in Psychological Science, they argue that their research programme shows that drawing has a “surprisingly powerful influence” on memory, and as a mnemonic technique, it could be particularly useful for older adults – and even people with dementia.
  • “As with single words, we reasoned that drawing facilitates retention, at least in part, because it requires elaboration on the meaning of the term and translating the definition to a new form (a picture),” the researchers write.
  • Encouraged by these results, the team then asked 13 people diagnosed with dementia and living in a long-term care facility to either draw or write 60 words that were read aloud by an experimenter.

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U.K. Warns Supermarkets to Boost Stockpiles in Warehouses Before Brexit

  • Theresa May’s government has told supermarkets to keep as much stock as possible in warehouses around the country in case the U.K. crashes out of the European Union without a Brexit deal, a senior official said.
  • The request is being made because in the worst-case scenario, a no-deal Brexit would cut the capacity of the country’s main EU trading route from the French port of Calais to Dover in southeast England to just 13% of the current level due to additional border checks, according to the person.
  • The government is also writing to businesses telling them to expect “up to six months” of port delays in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in particular at shorter crossings including the Dover-Calais route, according to another official.
  • Supermarkets have been told of the likely problems at Dover and asked to stockpile what they can, the person said, though some products are perishable and can’t be stored for long periods.

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Reviewing the SEAL: A new form of bootstrapper funding

  • The following is my review of the first version of the Shared Earnings Agreement (or SEAL), a new structure for startup financing authored by Earnest Capital.
  • Earnest Capital, a source of “early-stage funding for bootstrappers, makers, and indiehackers,” has released the first version of their term sheet, affectionately coined the SEAL.
  • One final note: Earnest Capital has authored the SEAL structure, but they have also open-sourced it, such that other investors can adopt it if they wish, for their own investments.
  • Nevertheless, throughout the rest of this section I will intentionally make several such apples to oranges comparisons, not to suggest that something like a personal credit card could or should be substituted for a SEAL, but rather to provide you with a familiar reference point with regards to the dollar costs of various forms of borrowed capital.

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The market is tanking this week: Here's what you need to know

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now down almost 4 percent this week and has lost more than 1,200 points in two days.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose nearly 300 points on Monday after President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a 90-day cease-fire in the trade war.
  • The Dow dropped about 800 points on Tuesday in the biggest daily decline since Oct. 10th, the last big market rout.
  • Major stock and bond markets were closed for the day and traders said that pause may have added to the tension seen early in trading on Thursday as investors anxiously dumped more of their positions.
  • Additionally, the detention is the latest blow to the "trade truce" – which was struck the day Meng was arrested.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 500 points on Thursday.

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Cramer: 'Non-economically sensitive' US stocks and international names should rise after initial sell-off

  • U.S. stocks typically not impacted by economic data and international stocks should rise Thursday after selling off for a bit, according to CNBC's Jim Cramer.
  • But the "Mad Money" host added those stocks won't have a huge rally because of uncertainty surrounding Friday's November jobs report from the Labor Department.
  • Stock futures Thursday were indicating a sharply lower open amid anxiety about a possible economic slowdown and continued murkiness around trade relations with China.
  • Cramer on Wednesday said that Friday's job number "better be perfect" or Wall Street's sell off will continue.
  • Today is a day where you should see the non-economically sensitive domestic and international stocks go higher after an initial sell-off.
  • Wall Street became concerned Tuesday about a possible inversion of the yield curve, which is when shorter term rates exceed longer term rates.

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Countries with populist nationalist leaders generate 30% of the world's carbon emissions, and it's terrible news for the future of the planet

  • As climate policymakers meet at this week's UN climate conference in Poland (a country itself governed by a populist nationalist party) people who care about achieving the Paris Agreement goal should push for and develop new strategies for advancing policies to reduce emissions within countries headed by these leaders.
  • Secondly, they promote policies which are popular among their selected people, or base of support, in the short term but may not be in the long-term economic, social or environmental interests of the country.
  • From my perspective as a scholar focused on global energy and climate policies, it's clear that the political structure of populist nationalism makes introducing policies to reduce, or mitigate, emissions in democracies difficult.
  • As these short anecdotes suggest, the mechanism by which populist nationalists hold and retain political power makes it difficult to introduce climate mitigation policies.

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