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Articles related to "the-next-web"

Why is it so rare to have a woman leading a game?

  • In the late 2000s, for example, developers Treyarch conceived a game called Black Lotus, an action game set in Hong Kong with a female lead based on actress Lucy Liu. In a report on Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander writes that Black Lotus was presented to publisher Activision, who told Treyarch to “lose the chick.” One of Alexander’s sources said the company had no successful game with a female lead with which to compare such a concept: “What they do have room for is, ‘we are making an open-world game with a gangster main character who can steal cars and shoot people, but it will be in Hong Kong instead of Liberty City.

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This GPT-3-powered tool generates new ideas for your terrible blog

  • Even the greatest writers sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas.
  • Luckily for them, a new AI Blog Idea Generator could sprinkle some inspiration onto their empty pages.
  • Just enter some keywords into the search bar and the system will analyze Google‘s top-performing content on the subject.
  • It then runs the data through OpenAI‘s vaunted GPT-3 text generator to produce a new idea.
  • The tool is targeted at content marketers on the hunt for blog posts that will rank highly on Google search.
  • It can admittedly go off the rails occasionally (as it’s an automated system), but the fact that you can generate more ideas in a click means that you’re bound to get a clever idea eventually!
  • That’ll probably put the tool out of reach for many journalists (*sniff*), but content marketers might be more willing to dig into their pockets.

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A comprehensive list of reasons why pair programming sucks

  • Little did I know, I was about to meet my nemesis: pair programming.
  • Not because I think it’s not effective, just because, in my case, it took all the fun out of programming.
  • After a few days of Bootcamp, I had my first traumatizing pair programming experience.
  • Goodbye, the good old days when I’d program for 18 hours straight from the comfort of my bed.
  • Goodbye, the peaceful moments with myself when I’d spend days, sometimes weeks before thinking of talking to another human being.
  • One day, while I was at an emotional all-time low, I confessed to one of the instructors and told him that, literally, I hate pair programming.
  • I know there are other people like me out there, who suffered at the hand of this technique and never dared to speak up because, in some cases, it can close doors to potential jobs.

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Here are 10 best practices for Node developers

  • Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer using Node, following the best practices of Node.js programming is a must when developing applications aimed for production.
  • On top of the general best coding practices you should be following as a programmer, these will help you get the maximum use out of Node’s unique features.
  • While still in the developing stage, you’ll have to stop and restart your application to apply even a simple change made to the code base if you’re not using additional tools.
  • But as a Node best practice, don’t use var in your code any longer.
  • Using a code coverage tool, however, is one of the best practices you should definitely follow as a Node developer.
  • In this post, we discussed 10 best coding practices you should follow as a Node developer.

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Watch a VW ID.3 get smashed up in the name of safety

  • When electric cars started to become popular many people were concerned about the safety of driving whilst sat atop high-voltage batteries.
  • It’s also worth noting that while EVs might contain lots of potentially dangerous electronics, there are safety systems in place to prevent these circuits from causing a danger to people.
  • All high voltage lines are sheathed in bright orange cable housing too.
  • Check out this video from car safety testers Euro NCAP as they smash a Volkswagen ID.3 into all manner of objects to put it to the test.
  • It’s a pretty good example of how a well-designed car, by today’s standards, performs in standard crash testing.
  • Electric vehicles present designers and safety engineers with new opportunities as well.
  • That is why Polestar combines electric driving with cutting-edge design and thrilling performance.

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New MIT algorithm automatically deciphers lost languages

  • A new AI system can automatically decipher a lost language that’s no longer understood — without knowing its relationship to other languages.
  • Researchers at MIT CSAIL developed the algorithm in response to the rapid disappearance of human languages.
  • The algorithm works by harnessing key principles from historical linguistics, such as the predictable ways in which languages use sound substitutions.
  • The researchers give the example of a word with a “p” in a parent language possibly changing to a “b” in its descendent, but probably not to a “k” due to the difference in pronunciation.
  • This allows the model to segment words from an ancient language and map them to a related language.
  • The algorithm can also identify different language families.
  • She now wants to expand the work to identifying the semantic meaning of words — even if we don’t know how to read them.

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Sustainable car-sharing brand Lynk & Co. launches in Europe — and we investigated

  • It’s times like these I wish I owned a car, but only for the half hour I actually need it.
  • In fact, when CEO Alain Visser showed me around the new Amsterdam location, we hardly talked about the vehicle that sat caged in the middle of the space — we actually spent most of our time in the toilets, but we’ll get to that.
  • In this sense, it’s Lynk & Co’s mission to make and sell fewer cars than traditional car brands, instead, it wants to find ways of getting the vehicles out there, and used as much as possible.
  • Given that Lynk & Co’s vehicles and app won’t arrive until spring next year though, there’s plenty of time for people to get up to speed on how it all works.

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How corporations and SMBs can turn competition into collaboration

  • Lorey said that from his perspective, collaboration often leads to an acquisition which is a way to bring the agility and innovation of a start-up into the larger company.
  • The events hosted by or at start-up communities like Google for Startups, Silicon Allee, and Digital Hub Initiative can be fruitful for finding a collaborative partner.
  • From his perspective, there is a multiplier effect when corporations see their competitors working with start-ups on innovation projects and bringing them to market quickly.
  • It is clear that many see innovative collaborations as the way for old-school industries and corporations to understand and make use of the technological advances of the future.
  • So it seems collaborations are necessary for the innovation required for company survival, and with those corporations serving as one of the pillars of a digital ecosystem, the importance of partnering cannot be understated.

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Samsung moves to autoblock spam calls, but only on its top-end phones

  • Apple rolled out automatic spam call detection and blocking functionality on iPhones with iOS 13.
  • Now, a ton of Samsung users are set to get the same feature on their devices starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series.
  • Now it’s extending the service to automatically blocking those calls on devices that are running One UI 2.5 software.
  • There are other popular apps such as Truecaller that help you to identify spam calls and block them.
  • However, you’d need to install that app and tweak the settings of your phone (for both iOS and Android) to enable call blocking.
  • In addition to this announcement, Samsung has also extended its partnership with Hiya for spam detection solutions until 2025.
  • There’s a massive spam call issue in India, and that’s why probably TrueCaller has more than 185 million active users in the country.

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What exactly is an algorithm and how does it work?

  • In the most general sense, an algorithm is a series of instructions telling a computer how to transform a set of facts about the world into useful information.
  • The facts are data, and the useful information is knowledge for people, instructions for machines or input for yet another algorithm.
  • There are many common examples of algorithms, from sorting sets of numbers to finding routes through maps to displaying information on a screen.
  • A special category of algorithms, machine learning algorithms, try to “learn” based on a set of past decision-making examples.
  • For our getting-dressed example, a machine learning algorithm would be the equivalent of your remembering past decisions about what to wear, knowing how comfortable you feel wearing each item, and maybe which selfies got the most likes, and using that information to make better choices.

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