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Articles related to "time"

The most shocking part of the 'meltdown' photo Trump tweeted isn't who's in it — it's who isn't

  • While the photo was interpreted as either Pelosi going off on Trump or standing up to the president, the most shocking part of the photo isn't the "meltdown" — rather, it's who isn't in the picture.
  • It recalls other government hearings where women aren't present, including a 2017 meeting in which congressional leaders discussed a healthcare bill including maternity services — and there wasn't a single woman in the room.
  • Tensions were high at the meeting; it was the first time Trump was in a room with Democratic leaders since the announcement of an impeachment inquiry.
  • The president also seemed particularly upset by the House voting in favor of a bipartisan resolution condemning his decision to pull US troops from Syria.
  • Pelosi noted that Trump seemed to be having a "meltdown," saying that he was "shaken" by the result of the vote.

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Timing Technology

  • Launching too early means failure, but being conservative & launching later is just as bad because regardless of forecasting, a good idea will draw overly-optimistic researchers or entrepreneurs to it like moths to a flame: all get immolated but the one with the dumb luck to kiss the flame at the perfect instant, who then wins everything, at which point everyone can see that the optimal time is past.
  • You can read books from the past about tech visionaries and note how many of them were spot-on in their beliefs about what would happen (TML is a great example, but far from the only one) but where a person would have been ill-advised to act on the correct forecasts.

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How to Deploy a Vue Application on Cloud Run

  • In this article, we will take a look at how we can deploy a vue application on cloud run as well as how we can access environment variables at run time.
  • Since this tutorial is geared towards deploying a vue application on cloud run (CR) we are not going all out on features, we will keep it simple.
  • To use environment variables in your vue application you should have a .env file in the root directory of your project and a variable VUE_APP_IMG_URL which contains the URL to your image.
  • To deploy our vue app to cloud run, we will need a dockerise our application and we will know how to in the next section.
  • In this tutorial, we have been able to deploy a vue application which receives environment variables at run-time.

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THEN AND NOW: 14 hip-hop icons

  • In addition to his three studio albums, including the six-time platinum "2001," Dr. Dre has produced albums for rappers like 2Pac, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.
  • It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, won album of the year at the Grammys, and has since gone eight-times platinum in the US.
  • The following year, she earned a Grammy nomination for her guest verse on Ludacris' song "My Chick Bad" and blew fans away on Kanye West's posse cut "Monster," delivering a scene-stealing verse that "single-handedly justifies her deafening buzz," AV Club's Nathan Rabin wrote at the time.
  • But as soon as he dropped "Good Kid, M.A.A.D City" in 2012 — which was nominated for album of the year at the 2013 Grammy Awards, has been certified triple platinum, and holds the Billboard 200 record for longest-charting hip-hop album — he became a cultural icon.

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Qantas is about to test the world's longest nonstop flight, taking passengers from New York to Australia in 20 hours

  • The Australian airline Qantas is preparing to run its first nonstop test flight from New York City to Sydney, Australia, a route that no airline has been able to do without stopping.
  • Qantas would need permission from Australia's aviation regulator in order to fly the route, as cabin crew will need to be on-duty for more than 20 hours — even with extra crew on board to facilitate rest periods — and the airline will need a new deal with pilots.
  • Flying from New York to Sydney currently takes nearly 24 hours in the best-case, including one stop, although flight times can also reach 40 hours with a longer layover.
  • The airline has operated ultra-long-haul flights fore more than 10 years, even before relaunching the New York flight, and has found that passengers simply prefer to save time.

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Gemini Man is a throwback film, but it may be the future of blockbusters, too

  • Around halfway through the new Ang Lee science fiction / action thriller Gemini Man, super-assassin Henry Brogan (Will Smith) learns some details about Junior, his equally skilled super-assassin clone (also Smith, in digitally de-aged form).
  • While Wild Wild West lacked the snazzy Men in Black sheen, the high frame rate in Gemini Man is like an overabundance of polish: the movie gleams with an uncanny, sometimes discomfiting vividness that recalls a live broadcast blown up to impossible sizes.
  • (As much as some of us may love, say, Scoot McNairy, it would not be particularly thrilling to see him realistically portray a 22-year-old.) Gemini Man has an old-school respect for Smith’s star power but a futuristic sense of how it might be modulated with cutting-edge technology.

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Welcome Thread - v45

  • I'm a FE Developer living in Montevideo, I also love art and music.
  • DEV helps to fulfill that: a young community, a tech focused group, and nobody knows me so I can post my small tech-related thoughts freely.
  • Hiya nice people here, sweet greetings from Algeria, I'm a system engineer trying to code, mainly Angular apps with some GCP services, and here to share with you my experiments and tricks :D Also music, birds breeding, fishing, and sports ...
  • Full-stack developer based in Dallas, trying to learn the Angular ropes and .NET idiosyncrasies (needed spell check for that one).
  • I got into coding a year back - starting off with HTML & CSS, I'm nowhere near a "Developer" but I certainly like learning & I've been having a bunch of fun with my open-source contributions!

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How to set the time on an Apple Watch manually, and even make it different from the time on your iPhone

  • Ordinarily, setting the time on your Apple Watch is something you never need to worry about.
  • Your Watch automatically takes the time from your iPhone, and thus never needs to be adjusted — it's based on your current time zone, never runs fast or slow, and automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.
  • Even so, it's possible to set the time on your Apple Watch manually if you need to.
  • There are two ways to do so.
  • Second, if you only want to change the time on your Apple Watch, you can adjust it from the Settings app on your watch.
  • Insider receives a commission when you buy through our links.

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Forget trying to motivate your employees — help them do it themselves with these 6 tricks

  • I hear this sentiment of "how to motivate employees" frequently from managers we work with who use Know Your Team, and I often am asked countless questions about it.
  • From research we've gathered across the years, conversations with leaders who we admire on our podcast, and insights from 1,000+ managers from our online community, The Watercooler, here are six things we can do as leaders to create the conditions for employees to motivate themselves.
  • As a result, a key part of effectively creating the conditions for strong employee motivation in your team is to figure out: Well, what motivates them?
  • While you can't always individualize and perfectly match someone's project and goals with what they are most motivated by, you can create positive conditions for motivation by enabling choice in what people can do.

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5 JavaScript functions to add to your utilities library

  • We all have our own utilities - dealing with date/time, validating common forms, etc, or maybe you use a third-party utility library like lodash or underscore.
  • Either way, below is a collection of useful JavaScript functions that you can use to create or expand your utilities library!
  • Enjoy and leave your own utility functions below in the comments.
  • It allows us to have jQuery-like functionality for adding and removing classes to multiple objects that have been selected on the DOM using querySelectorAll().
  • Also works on async functions as long as you use async/await.
  • If you prefer creating DOM elements dynamically, this may be useful to you.
  • It's a way to create div elements by passing in attributes as an object.
  • Utilities are an excellent way to reuse miscellaneous functions like the above.
  • What are some utility functions that you use all the time?

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