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Articles related to "time"

Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with this '60 Minutes' interview?

  • Like, even if Stahl was attempting a "vicious...'takeout' interview" of Trump -- she, of course, was not -- why would the President of the United States be spending this much time exposing that?
  • If you like Trump and believe the media is a) biased against him and b) hypocritical about mask-wearing, you could believe his claims about the Stahl interview.
  • (I checked these polls for how many voters said "adversarial interview with '60 Minutes' reporter" was the number one issue facing the country.
  • As always, the default answer is because he wants to -- and there is no one around him able to tell him that whether he was fairly treated by Stahl has roughly zero impact on voters at this point in the election.

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What comes after Zoom fatigue

  • So you might say that we’ve struggled with Zoom fatigue for quite some time, when you consider that abysmal picture quality, stuttering audio, and the general awkwardness of talking to screens have always been features of the video chat experience.
  • While I do remember trying FaceTime when it launched, until the pandemic, I never actually wanted to video chat rather than talk on the phone or over text, especially in my personal life.
  • Most of the major tech companies have now built their own video chat platforms, with the most prominent ones, like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, aimed at business customers.
  • During the pandemic, we’ve all started relying on video chat technology for health care, religion, entertainment, and simply keeping up with friends.
  • That explains my initial surprise when the folks from Microsoft Teams started telling me how their workplace software had taken on new roles, like social networking, in many users’ lives.

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Pytest-austin: performance regression testing with no instrumentation

  • Once installed, the plugin will try to attach Austin to the pytest process in order to sample it every time you run pytest.
  • The plugin looks for the total_time marker on collected test items, which takes a mandatory argument time and three optional ones: function, module and line.
  • If you simply want to check that the duration of a test item doesn't take longer than time, you can mark it with @pytest.mark.total_time(time).
  • In this case, a negative number, such as -16.0 ms, indicates that the total time spent on test_lines:19 ( was 16.0 ms less than the total allowed time specified with the total_time marker, which in this example is 20.5 ms.
  • If your tests spawn other Python processes, you can ask pytest-austin to profile them too with the --minime option.

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iPhone 12 review: Upgrade for the camera, not 5G

  • After spending some time testing two of the four new devices, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, most people should consider the impressive array of camera features when deciding whether to upgrade or not.
  • This year's standout feature is an improved Night mode, first introduced in the iPhone 11, which boosts low-light selfies or photos taken in the evening, showing better contrast and more details, without needing a flash.
  • Like many consumers, I typically hold on to my phone for two years or more before even thinking about an upgrade, so the iPhone XR is a good point of comparison for people who are likely to be thinking about a new device.
  • The iPhone 12 lineup is a solid choice for people with pre-Night mode phones from a few years ago who are looking for a better camera.

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Biden and Trump prepare for a final showdown with lessons from the first debate

  • Trump allies tell CNN they are pleading with him to use this final opportunity on the debate stage to talk up the things that voters could give him credit for.
  • Also, if Trump brings up Hunter Biden's business dealings in China, advisers are hoping that Biden pivots to a New York Times report this week that revealed the President has a Chinese bank account and may even pay taxes to the government there.
  • When Biden impulsively told the President, "shut up man" when he was trying to speak and Trump wouldn't stop interrupting, his allies say that was one thing.
  • Aides say they believe Biden's direct to camera approach worked well for him during the first debate, and are hoping he can do more of that, saying it helped him to not just tune out Trump, but more importantly to connect with voters.

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The world's best hotel bars (and what to drink there)

  • Budapest-based and New York-raised travel writer Alia Akkam's new book, "Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World's Most Iconic Hotels," celebrates hotel bars and their signature drinks.
  • In Toronto's West Queen West neighborhood, this property is an incubator of local, national and international art, with a proper performance venue in place, and that creativity extends to the lounge and mural-covered rooftop Sky Yard, where an artistic crew convene over drinks.
  • Opened in 2017, featuring a private art gallery and panoramic rooftop pool, it is a commanding presence, with "pillow" windows that soften the well-preserved concrete exterior.
  • Alia Akkam's "Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World's Most Iconic Hotels" is published by Hardie Grant, with hardcover copies retailing at $19.99 and Kindle at $8.11.

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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of America

  • New York (CNN Business) - JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is urging all Americans this election to respect the democratic process, especially the peaceful transfer of power.
  • Wall Street is on high alert for signs of post-election chaos because President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed the race is "rigged," baselessly cast doubt on mail-in ballots and at times refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.
  • And yet there are real concerns among investors about a messy election that harms faith in democracy.
  • A contested election is the most commonly cited concern among portfolio managers recently surveyed by RBC Capital Markets, surpassing even worries about the economy and pandemic.
  • The bank is giving employees up to four hours of paid time off to vote on Election Day if local polling hours don't allow them to vote before or after work.

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Google Maps launches a new developer solution for on-demand ride and delivery companies

  • The Google Maps Platform, the developer side of Google Maps, is launching a new service for on-demand rides and delivery companies today that ties together some of the platform’s existing capabilities with new features for finding nearby drivers and sharing trip and order progress information with customers.
  • The other new feature of this platform is to enable developers to quickly build an experience that helps users find nearby drivers.
  • Unsurprisingly, the platform also features support for in-app navigation, and that’s tied in closely with the rest of the feature set.
  • All of this is pretty much what any user would expect from a modern ride-sharing or delivery app, so for the most part, that’s table stakes.
  • The technology behind it is not, though, and a lot of delivery companies have set up large tech operations to build out exactly these features.

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RepTrak partners with Onclusive to combine reputation and PR data

  • RepTrak and Onclusive are announcing a partnership that Onclusive CEO Dan Beltramo said will combine corporate reputation tracking and PR analytics for the first time.
  • RepTrak, founded in 2004, helps businesses measure their reputations (and their competitors’ reputations) through a database of more than 1 million company ratings collected every year.
  • Those two areas might not sound dramatically different, but Beltramo said that for PR professionals, they represent two separate goals — and that RepTrak’s reputation data helps to fill in some of the areas that Onclusive was missing.
  • Conversely, he said that for a chief communications officer who’d previously paid more attention to high-level reputation, Onclusive’s provides more real-time data and tactical tools.
  • First, the companies are working to present Onclusive’s media analytics in the RenTrak system.

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New Alexa Skills Training Course: How to Build a Multimodal Skill

  • Enhance Your Voice Experience with New Modalities When you build a multimodal Alexa skill, you combine voice, touch, text, images, animation, audio, and video in a single experience.
  • Course Components The course will introduce the important concepts of multimodal skill design: Why Build Multimodal Alexa Skills Build Your First Visuals with the APL Authoring Tool Modify Your Backend to Add LaunchRequest Visuals Create More Visuals with Less Add Animation and Video Control Wrapping Up & Resources  Each part includes step-by-step instructions so you can easily apply the course material to your skill.
  • More Training Opportunities to Enhance Your Skills Once you have completed the Cake Time series, continue to learn with these additional training materials: Alexa Design Guide: Learn the principles of situational voice design so that you can create voice-first skills that are natural and customer-centric.

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