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Articles related to "title"

Deezer’s AI can classify songs by mood and intensity

  • The team, citing psychological studies suggesting that lyrics “should be jointly considered” when analyzing musical mood, designed a neural network they separately fed (1) audio signals and (2) word2vec embeddings trained on 1.6 million lyrics.
  • To teach it to gauge songs’ emotional resonance, they tapped the Million Song Dataset (MSD) — a database of tracks associated with tags from LastFM, some of which relate to moods — and 14,000 English words with embeddings ranging in valence (from negative to positive) and arousal (from calm to energetic), which they used to select the aforementioned tags for training.
  • They suggest that subsequent research could use a database with labels to indicate the degree of ambiguity in the mood of tracks, or leverage an unsupervised model trained on high volumes of unlabeled data.

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Magic Leap One's first big game is Angry Birds, here's what it's like to play it

  • Rovio and Resolution Games announced publicly today that they will be releasing Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot this fall for the Magic Leap One. It’s an actual game, not just a little tech demo.
  • The Resolution Games team said that they had previously been experimenting with Microsoft’s headset but it was Magic Leap’s positionally tracked controller that really opened up the headset to develop something like a full gaming title.
  • It’s kind of bizarre that Magic Leap didn’t actually ship the headset with more content like this because the short demos that came onboard the One Creator’s Edition really didn’t sell it too well.
  • Fortunately, the device is definitely a developer’s edition and it seems that even by the company’s developer conference next month, more content seems to be on the way from partners like Resolution Games and Rovio who have been building this title since January as an early partner of Magic Leap.

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