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Articles related to "took"

Church shooting in Dagestan leaves four dead

  • The incident took place at a church in Kizlyar in the restive Russian republic of Dagestan.
  • Police responded, traded fire with the shooter and killed him, the authorities said.
  • Two officers were injured in the gunfight, they said.
  • ISIS later claimed responsibility for Sunday's shooting through the ISIS-affiliated Amaq media wing and in a statement that circulated on social media, but provided no evidence to support the claim.
  • The shooting occurred during Maslenitsa, a festival celebrated in Russia that is full of dancing, lots of pancakes and carnival-like festivities.
  • It was not immediately known who was behind the attack.
  • Dagestan and its neighbor Chechnya have been wracked by separatist and Islamic violence in recent years.

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Twitter users are being called out for posting fake claims of racially motivated assaults at 'Black Panther' showings

  • A handful of Twitter users have been called out for posting fake claims of racially motivated assaults at showings of Marvel's "Black Panther," Buzzfeed reported Friday.
  • Many of the false claims have used unrelated photos of physically abused women to suggest that assaults took place at screenings of the film on Thursday.
  • Others on Twitter have called out the fake claims of assault, citing the original photos of the abused women used in the fabricated posts.
  • Twitter has already taken down a number of posts previously reported by Buzzfeed.

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Facebook complies with Russia's request to take down an Instagram post linked to Putin's rival

  • Facebook-owned Instagram has taken down posts related to bribery allegations made by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny against the country's deputy prime minister.
  • Navalny, who is Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest rival, posted a video on YouTube earlier this month, that showed metals oligarch Oleg Deripaska allegedly meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko on the billionaire's yacht in Norway.
  • In the video, Navalny used Instagram posts from a woman called Nastya Rybka, who he claimed to be an escort.
  • The female involved in the video took some of the Instagram posts down at the request of communications watchdog Roskomnadzor, but the Facebook-owned service also complied with the order to remove two more posts.
  • Google, which owns YouTube, has not responded to a request for comment when contacted by CNBC.

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FCC threatens arrest, hardware seizure for those using popular bitcoin miner

  • After determining a popular piece of bitcoin mining hardware was interfering with local internet connections, the Federal Communications Commission today took action.
  • T-Mobile first complained to the FCC about interference to its LTE network in Brooklyn, stating radio emissions coming from a local residence were wreaking havoc on its broadband network.
  • After an investigation, the culprit was determined to be a local bitcoin mining operation.
  • The miners relied on a piece of hardware known as Antminer s5, which “[generated] spurious emissions on frequencies assigned to T-Mobile’s broadband network [which caused] harmful interference,” according to FCC representatives.
  • The agency’s enforcement bureau said continued use of Antminer s4 — or, presumably others that interfered with the same 700 MHz frequency — would be subject to fines, criminal prosecution or seizure of the equipment.
  • It’s unclear whether more recent hardware causes the same interference.

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30 photos that show how Team USA's Winter Olympics uniforms have changed over time

  • Figure skater Beatrix Loughran and the US men's national ice hockey team took home Team USA's first two Olympic silver medals.
  • At the 1948 Winter Games in St. Moritz, Switzerland, 18-year-old American Richard "Dick" Button took home the gold medal in men's figure skating.
  • Fraser also took home the US' first Olympic gold medal in skiing for her run in the women's slalom race.
  • Team USA ended up with four gold, six silver, and one bronze medal at the closing of the 1952 Winter Games.
  • That year, Team USA won the Olympic gold in ice hockey, Canada won the silver, and the Soviet Union won the bronze.
  • Team USA took home one gold, two silver, and four bronze medals at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Fleming took home a gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, while wearing a bright yellow-green costume.

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