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Articles related to "took"

'They're running away': Conor McGregor doubles down on demands for a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Conor McGregor still wants another shot at Khabib Nurmagomedov after his blockbuster defeat in October 2018.
  • Speaking with Tony Robbins, McGregor doubled down on his call for a rematch with Khabib, claiming that it was up to Khabib's camp to agree to the fight.
  • McGregor's call for a rematch came with a mention of the post-fight brawl that took place the first time he met Khabib in the octagon, which resulted in suspensions being levied on both fighters.
  • Although McGregor lost the fight against Khabib, he attempted to claim a victory in the post-fight brawl, bragging about taking shots at his opponent's brothers.
  • Neither fighter has fought since their bout, with McGregor claiming retirement and Khabib suspended until November.
  • Chances are that other contenders would want their shot at Khabib's title and feel entitled to the opportunity before McGregor got a rematch.

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The DOJ agreed to turn over Mueller counterintelligence documents to Congress that could answer many lingering Trump-Russia questions

  • The Justice Department agreed at the last minute to begin turning over classified documents on the Russia investigation to the House Intelligence Committee, the panel's chairman announced Wednesday morning.
  • The DOJ's decision to begin complying with Schiff's subpoena comes after weeks of back and forth between Congress and Attorney General William Barr over the special counsel Robert Mueller's final report.
  • Barr is already on thin ice with House Democrats — earlier this month, the judiciary committee voted to hold him in contempt after he failed to meet a deadline to turn over to the panel Mueller's unredacted report, its underlying evidence, and any grand jury material contained in the document.
  • Contrary to criminal investigations, counterintelligence probes don't focus exclusively on whether criminal conduct took place, though the investigations can certainly yield criminal charges.

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Danone asked its 100k employees to help run a multinational company

  • It’s deeply involved in a global discussion about the future of food that comprises climate change and genetically modified crops, to name just two hotly-debated topics.
  • In recognition of Danone’s need to reflect this new reality, Faber decided to hand a share to every one of the company’s 100,000 employees employed as of July 2018 (link in French.) He also asked them how he should be running the company.
  • In fact, over 80,000 staff took the survey, with 33,000 saying they wanted to be more involved in future discussions, and 2,000 volunteering to lead results analysis and feedback sessions (Danone said it was too early in the process to provide details about how employee engagement had actually been incorporated into its decisions.) Twenty-six of those have been chosen as regional representatives, who will meet with the board each year.

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Emilia Clarke says she watched videos of Hitler to prepare for her victory speech on the 'Game of Thrones' finale

  • While discussing her approach to filming Daenerys' victory speech on the steps of the Red Keep during the series finale that aired Sunday, Clarke shared some interesting details about her preparation.
  • In one of the finale's most gripping scenes, Daenerys Targaryen, standing on the steps of the Red Keep, gives an impassioned speech to the Unsullied and Dothraki forces after they successfully took King's Landing.
  • When asked how she prepared for Dany's final speech, Clarke was candid about her nerves, and the unorthodox approach she took to emulating a powerful leader.
  • Standing on the steps of the ruined Red Keep, denouncing the status quo of Westeros with her forces beneath her, Clarke does an excellent job of portraying Daenerys as one of the very people she fought to unseat: a ruthless, power-hungry dictator.

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Aaron Rodgers blasted the 'Game of Thrones' finale just a week after appearing as an extra in the epic series

  • The Green Bay Packers quarterback was a known fan of the show heading into the final season and even appeared in the penultimate episode of the show as an extra during the destruction of King's Landing — though there was much confusion over where he appeared in the episode.
  • Speaking with reporters on Tuesday afternoon, Rodgers ranted against the final episode of the series, pointing out a few major plot points with which he disagreed.
  • Rodgers said that he believed Dany should have ended up on the throne, before again taking issue with Bran Stark's handling of the final season.
  • Specifically, due to the nature of his powers, it could be argued that he was responsible for the majority of the conflicts that took place during the final three episodes of the season.

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Lady Gabriella Windsor's official wedding photos look like a fairy tale, and include a family portrait with her cousin, Queen Elizabeth II

  • On Tuesday, Lady Gabriella Windsor and her new husband Thomas Kingston released three official photos from their May 18 nuptials.
  • The 38-year-old freelance journalist, who is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent — the queen's first cousin, wed her financier boyfriend, 40, at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.
  • The photos were taken in and around Frogmore House, on the grounds of the Windsor Estate, by Hugo Burnand, the same photographer hired to take the Prince William and Kate Middleton's official wedding photos in 2011, according to The Standard.
  • Frogmore House is where Lady Gabriella's cousin, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle had their wedding reception almost exactly a year ago.
  • Queen Elizabeth II, who is Lady Gabriella's first cousin once removed, took the place of honor, seated to the left of the bride.

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I don't know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code

  • Clark Scott, a book which describes the bits of a simple 8-bit computer from the NAND gates, through to the registers, RAM, bits of the CPU, ALU and I/O, I got a hankering to implement it in code.
  • For me though I can’t get comfortable with book descriptions, I have to see things in action and learn from my inevitable mistakes, which led me to chart a course on the rough seas of writing a circuit in code and getting a bit weepy about it.
  • The only thing that’s different about my computer is I upgraded it to 16-bit to have more memory to play with, as storing even just the glyphs for the ASCII table would have dwarfed most of the 8-bit machine described in the book, with not much room left for useful code.

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The Ledger: AT&T Blamed for Cryptocurrency Hacks, 'Game of Thrones' Meets Crypto, Barry Silbert Talks Bitcoin

  • It was an exciting discussion for me, because one of the panelists, Michael Terpin, had been the victim of a SIM-swapping, or phone-number porting attack, in which thieves took control of his phone and email accounts and used their access to pillage some $24 million of Terpin’s cryptocurrency.
  • But in Terpin’s case, investigators in California managed to track down at least one of the thieves, who has since pleaded guilty to stealing the crypto—and last week, days before our panel, a court awarded Terpin nearly $76 million in damages.
  • (AT&T ranks No. 9 on this year’s Fortune 500 list, which we just released last week.) Terpin, who runs a blockchain-focused PR firm, alleges that the attackers took control of his phone by convincing an AT&T store employee to switch his phone number to a new device despite not knowing his pin code.

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Video shows New Jersey man being choked and punched in the face by police

  • The officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is under investigation, Dover Mayor James P.
  • The incident took place around 2 a.m. Sunday morning in Dover, about 30 miles northwest of Newark, when Cyprian Luke and his friends were on their way to get a tattoo, according to CNN affiliate WABC-TV.
  • CNN has reached out to Luke and the Dover Police Department, but has not heard back.
  • His younger brother, Christopher, told WABC police didn't tell Luke they had a warrant for his arrest.
  • Luke's mother, Mary, said she was devastated and emotional after viewing the video.
  • Dodd said the investigation of the incident has been turned over to the New Jersey Attorney General's Office who is working in conjunction with the Morris County Prosecutor's Office.

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The president gripes about Fox's news anchors, showing his disregard for journalism

  • Last month he complained about Fox News' town hall with Bernie Sanders.
  • And on Sunday he said Fox wasted its airtime on a town hall with Pete Buttigieg.
  • Trump has been especially consumed by Fox's town halls with Democratic contenders for president.
  • Later he followed up and said, without providing evidence, that there were "many Trump Fans & Signs" outside the studio, and he took credit for the economic conditions in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Sanders' the town hall took place.
  • Wallace had been on Fox a little while earlier to promote the upcoming town hall.
  • The Democratic National Committee said earlier this year that Fox would not be included in the mix of networks that will host party-sanctioned primary debates in the coming months.
  • But in his pair of critical tweets on Sunday, he claimed that Fox "forgot the people who got them there" -- meaning Republican party devotees.

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