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Articles related to "took"

'Rediscovered' toad was known to Colombian locals for decades

  • A critically endangered harlequin toad, known as the starry night toad, has been documented by biologists for the first time since 1991 in the mountains of Colombia.
  • Getting access to the area to see if the toad was still present took years of work building trust and friendship between the researchers and the Sogrome community, says Jefferson Villalba, co-founder of FundaciĆ³n Atelopus, a Colombian conservation group.
  • The fact that there is still a stable group of starry night toads gives researchers hope that they can continue to survive despite threats from the fungus and climate change, says Lina Valencia at Global Wildlife Conservation, a US-based environmental group that funded the expedition.
  • For both VillafaƱa and Villalba, the next step is to find means of joining the knowledge of the Arhuaco with Western scientific methods in ways that will help improve the conservation of the toads and the ecosystem.

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Attack on Niger military base leaves 71 soldiers dead

  • The attack happened on Tuesday when several hundred heavily armed militants ambushed the soldiers at a military outpost in Inates, located in the west of the country near the border with Mali, according to Katambe.
  • The attack came just days ahead of a summit in France between President Emmanuel Macron and leaders of five West African leaders to discuss the deteriorating security in the region.
  • The US and France have deployed soldiers to Niger to assist local troops with intelligence gathering and operations as it battles Boko Haram and al Qaeda militants in the region.
  • Niger also shares a border with Mali, where an al Qaeda affiliate and other Islamist groups thrive in the vast desert.
  • The region has been beset by violence from suspected Islamist militant groups over in recent months.
  • At least 53 soldiers died in a terrorist attack on a military camp in the country's north-east in November.

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4 reasons why you should never refuse to take someone's business card that I learned the hard way

  • At the end of the tour, the director took out a few of her business cards.
  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't understand how impolite it was to decline someone's business card until my partner brought it to my attention later that day.
  • I thought I was being polite by saving her a business card.
  • He explained that by declining her business card, I was telling her that I had no plans to contact her in the future.
  • No matter how positive and beneficial your meeting was, by declining their card, you are telling them your time with them was a one-time thing.
  • Perhaps they don't know proper business-card etiquette.
  • After the sobering conversation about my lack of business etiquette, I added the director's contact information from my partner's card into my phone.
  • I emailed her immediately, thanking her for taking time out of her busy Sunday.

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