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Articles related to "took"

Police arrest 36-year-old nurse in rape case of cognitively impaired woman at Phoenix care facility

  • A male nurse has been arrested in connection to the rape of a cognitively impaired woman at a Phoenix, Arizona care facility.
  • The unnamed 29-year-old victim's surprise pregnancy and birth late last month at the Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility sparked a sexual assault investigation, and police took DNA swabs from all male staff in order to determine the baby's paternity.
  • At a Wednesday morning press conference, officials identified the suspect as 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland, a licensed nurse who took care of the victim at the facility.
  • According to Police Chief Jeri Williams, Sutherland is a licensed practicing nurse who has worked at the facility since 2011.
  • It was originally reported that the woman, a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe, was in a vegetative state, but her family refuted that in a statement on Tuesday, saying she has some awareness of her surroundings and control over her body.

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UPS CEO downplays Amazon threat and says online shopping 'is a lot more than just Amazon'

  • Abney made the remark in response to a question about competition from Amazon in an interview on FOX Business Network's "Mornings with Maria." The interview took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
  • This strategy has led to much speculation over Amazon's ambitions to directly challenge UPS and other shipping carriers.
  • Amazon still works with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to transport packages to customers, however.
  • The company also uses thousands of contractors employed through its Flex delivery program and third-party courier companies it calls delivery service partners, or DSPs. Amazon recently made a push to expand its network of DSPs and has added more than 100 new DSPs across the country within the last six months.
  • Amazon also for the first time directly hired and managed thousands of full-time drivers during the holiday season.
  • Amazon's growing shipping network has led to speculation that it's trying to compete directly with UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

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Here's what it's like to visit Whittier, Alaska — the 'town under one roof'

  • How small is Whittier?
  • About 217 people live there, and it's accessible only by boat or a one-way, one-lane tunnel.
  • But the strangest thing about this town is that nearly all of its residents live in the same building, Begich Towers, a Cold War-era army barracks built in 1974.
  • A police station, grocery store, clinic, church, convenience store, and school are all housed within the structure.
  • Begich Towers also has a bed and breakfast, and guests are welcome to come and observe how life goes on in the near one-structure town.
  • Reddit user HyruleanHero1988 was curious to check out Whittier, so he visited the town during his last vacation.
  • His girlfriend took plenty of photos and she shared them with us along with their observations of the peculiar town.
  • Photos by Hunter Shoots Photography.

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Jayme Closs' suspected kidnapper reportedly hosted a Christmas party in the house where police say he was holding the 13-year-old girl

  • More than two months after police say Jake Patterson killed Jayme Closs' parents and took the 13-year-old girl hostage, he reportedly hosted Christmas party at his family's house where authorities say he was keeping the teen captive.
  • This is according to two law enforcement sources who spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a report published Tuesday.
  • According to the report, Jayme was forced to hide under a twin bed while Patterson's family was over.
  • The law enforcement sources, who asked to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that the party consisted of Patterson's father, sister, and their respective dates.
  • There was no indication that the family members knew Jayme was being held in the home, the sources said.
  • Jayme made a daring escape from the home on January 10, after Patterson had left for the day.

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‘Right to be forgotten’ used to remove medical negligence link

  • At issue were links to a website that contains an unofficial blacklist of suspended doctors.
  • The judge took issue with the way Google’s search results still returned a link to the outdated information on this unofficial blacklist site, which suggested that she shouldn’t be treating people in her capacity as a doctor.
  • Google and the Dutch data privacy watchdog, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, initially rejected the request on the grounds that the surgeon’s continued probation meant that the search results were still relevant, but this decision was overturned last July by the district court.The ruling has only come to light now due to a dispute about whether the ruling should be made public.
  • The EU’s “right to be forgotten” was first established in May 2014 and since then has resulted in the removal of just over one million URLs from Google’s search results.

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This 23 year-old knocked on the door of a BlackRock fund manager in London's wealthiest neighbourhood and found himself launched into a career in finance

  • For Reggie Nelson, an analyst at Legal and General Investment Management, it was hard work and persistence which led to a career in the City of London.
  • Following the death of his father aged 17, Reggie — a promising soccer player from an east London social housing estate — decided to travel across the city to one of its richest neighbourhoods, Kensington, to canvas ideas for making money.
  • Despite numerous rejections from the occupants of the huge, million dollar homes that line the streets of Kensington, Reggie met Quintin Price, then an influential fund manager at BlackRock.
  • He subsequently took on roles at peer-to-peer lender Funding Circle before taking a role as an analyst at Legal and General, one of the UK's largest asset managers.
  • Now 23, Reggie says that Quintin is something of a father figure to him and is in constant contact with the former Blackrock manager who he says never helped him financially.

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Tony Mendez, The CIA Spy Who Inspired 'Argo,' Dies At 79

  • Tony Mendez, the CIA agent whose rescue of six Americans from Iran was turned into the movie “Argo,” has died aged 79.
  • In 1980 he orchestrated a daring rescue of six American diplomats out of Iran with the help of the Canadian ambassador.
  • After protesters took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran in November 1979, the six took refuge in the Canadian embassy for nearly three months.
  • Mendez helped them pose as a Canadian film crew scouting locations in Iran for a nonexistent sci-fi movie called “Argo.” With his help, the group was able to evade Iranian security services and board a flight to Zurich from Tehran.
  • The 52 American hostages in the U.S. Embassy weren’t released until January 1981.

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Edelman Trust survey find workers trust their employer over other institutions

  • DAVOS, Switzerland | With trust in governments taking a hit since the global financial crisis, people around the world view their employer as the most trusted institution in their lives, according to a survey published on Monday.
  • In a survey of trust in institutions that public relations firm Edelman releases each year on the eve of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, the firm found 75 per cent of respondents trusted their employer.
  • Waning trust in public institutions in recent years has accompanied a rise in populist and nationalist politics, from the election of President Donald Trump to Britain's vote to leave the European Union.
  • The survey also found the largest-ever difference in trust in public institutions between wealthier people with college educations and poorer ones without degrees.

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