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Articles related to "took"

Pulling down statues? It’s a tradition that dates back to U.S. independence

  • King George III plunges from his plinth in this romanticized version of the July 9, 1776 event in New York City, watched by Native Americans.
  • But in the days following the new nation’s declaration of independence, Americans went on a frenzy of destruction that makes today’s attacks on Confederate and other symbols of white supremacy pale by comparison.
  • The most dramatic act took place in New York City on July 9, 1776.
  • Two years later, fervent New Yorkers, with the help of Washington’s soldiers, quickly pulled it from its plinth and broke it into pieces.
  • As 18th-century New Yorkers would learn, however, it proved relatively easy to tear down a symbol of oppression, but it took years of struggle to make that era’s entrenched authority reflect the will of the people.

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It’s not just your feed. Political content has taken over Instagram.

  • For most people, Instagram has long been the social media platform where they escape from the real world — and politics — to share a curated highlight reel of their lives.
  • But to many organizers, activists, and artists, Instagram’s focus on racial justice feels like a pronounced change in the usual mood on the platform.
  • While activists acknowledge that Instagram’s increased engagement with racial justice issues will likely pass, right now they’re focused on leveraging the momentum and taking advantage of the unique ways Instagram can help their movement.
  • Leading civil rights groups working on racial justice and policing issues, such as the NAACP and Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, are seizing on the Instagram shift.
  • Popular posts on Instagram recently, like the “pyramid of white supremacy,” break down complex topics: intersectionality, the surveillance state, structural versus individual racism, and the nuances of privilege among white and non-Black people of color.

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Coronavirus Cases Pass 10 Million Globally

  • Coronavirus cases world-wide passed 10 million, and deaths approached half a million, as cases continued to surge in the U.S. and some states took steps to reverse their reopenings.
  • The U.S. recorded more than 42,000 cases Saturday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, lower than the record 45,255 recorded Friday, but the second straight daily total over 40,000.
  • Florida,...

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At least 2 dead, 4 injured in shooting at California Walmart distribution center, officials say

  • The shooting took place around 3 p.m. PT Saturday, Red Bluff City Manager Rick Crabtree told CNN by phone.
  • A car had rammed into the distribution center, which started a fire, Crabtree said.
  • An unidentified man was shot on scene and taken to the hospital, he said.
  • It's not clear whether law enforcement shot the suspect.
  • Hendrickson said that St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff, part of Dignity Health, received a total of six patients from the Walmart Distribution Center.
  • Dispatchers received multiple calls from the distribution center reporting an active shooter and multiple shots fired, Tehama County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Yvette Borden told CNN by phone Saturday night.
  • Borden says the scene is still very active and law enforcement is working to clear the building.
  • Law enforcement officers already completed an initial sweep of the building looking for the shooter and possible victims, Borden said.

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A biracial woman says she was set on fire in Wisconsin. Authorities are now investigating the incident as a hate crime

  • The assault took place early Wednesday morning when the woman was driving and stopped at a red light and "heard someone yell out a racial epithet," according to a police incident report.
  • The woman is not named in the report, but a family spokesperson identified her as Althea Bernstein, a college student and a volunteer EMT.
  • Later on Wednesday, Bernstein called 911 to report the incident, according to Michael Johnson, the family spokesperson and president and CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.
  • Bernstein has burn marks on her face and neck pain from the incident, Johnson said.
  • Police are working on obtaining permission to access Bernstein's hospital records, according to Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain.
  • Investigators are also looking at surveillance images to see if the incident was captured on camera.

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