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Articles related to "town"

ByteDance starts testing its TikTok-styled music streaming app in India

  • TikTok owner ByteDance has just started testing its music streaming app, Resso, in India and Indonesia.
  • A report from Bloomberg suggests the app was initially launched six months ago and has garnered over 27,000 users.
  • You’ll also see a video or a GIF playing in the background –just like TikTok videos – with lyrics displayed on the screen.
  • While some songs have official videos available, you can also select some user-generated videos.
  • After you tap the share button, you can choose particular lines of lyrics of the song, a background image, and a font to build a story-like image.
  • At the moment, the app has no integration with TikTok. But after the success of songs such as Old Town Road by Lil’ Nas X which made it big on the platform, ByteDance bank on content virality to get more people to try Resso.

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Sydney's emerging mid-town to get $250m hotel

  • Sydney developers Allen Linz and Warren Duncan will start construction late next year on a $250 million hotel joint-venture at 375  Pitt Street, timing the development to tap the slew of infrastructure and other commercial projects boosting the city's emerging mid-town precinct.
  • Mr Linz's Rebel Property and Mr Duncan's Everest Property are now seeking final approval and a builder, and expect to start construction by November on the Crone-designed four-star hotel with more than 300 rooms in a 35-level tower that will rise out of a recycled brick mixed-use podium.
  • The partners are funding development of the hotel on a podium containing facilities such as gyms, restaurants and co-working space that will tap the growing demand of business travellers in the area sandwiched between Town Hall and Central Station.
  • The mixed-use businesses in the podium will be visible from the hotel lobby and the street level.

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Small-town America fights for its life

  • In fact, it’s a bit misleading to say Imogene has St. Patrick’s and Emerald Isle.
  • People come to Imogene from the farm fields of Fremont and Page Counties.
  • Walk around Mount Calvary, or study an old newspaper, and you’ll see the same names there from 100 years ago — including Cheneys and Owenses — that you’ll find at St. Patrick's or at Emerald Isle today.
  • A block from Emerald Isle is a screened-in shed of sorts that in May served as the stage for “Floodstock.” Local performers put on musical acts for free, while the organizers collected $25,000 in donations for the victims of the horrendous floods of March 2019.
  • The discussion at Emerald Isle on Saturday was about a few land sales just outside Imogene and one winning bid by “an investor from St. Louis.” It’s not a new neighbor moving in.

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Discover why this stunning region is Spain’s best-kept secret

  • I’m in the mountains of Asturias, one of Nat Geo’s Best Trips for 2020, and I’ve been served a dish of sea urchin and ham that unites the coast and peaks of this northern Spanish province in a single bite.
  • Returning to the region for the first time in years, I’d driven north from Madrid a few days before.
  • I was heading for the Asturian capital of Oviedo, a compact city of roughly 220,000 residents separated from the slightly larger Gijón by rapidly encroaching suburbs.
  • Tourism has helped raise the standard of living in Asturias, giving restaurants like those run by Nacho and Esther Manzano a way to thrive.
  • José Andrés—the Asturian-born, Washington, D.C.-based chef who has become a global sensation—wants to open a restaurant not far from where he lived as a child.

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A tale of two Alberta towns: One in the throes of a boom, the other mired in the energy downturn

  • He continues to have faith that “everyone will come to their senses and realize that natural gas is a resource that everybody needs,” but, at the same time, is keenly aware of the political and social forces that might eventually relegate Grande Prairie to a post-gas town, devoid of its biggest economic driver.
  • Medicine Hat, the only town in the province that has owned and operated all its natural gas wells for almost a century, can be seen as a microcosm of the larger Alberta economy: it thrived on a single, largely consistent source of revenue for decades, until the prolonged depression in oil and gas prices started five years ago, leaving it unable to afford to operate most of its wells.

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