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Articles related to "track"

One of my favorite tech gadgets prevents me from ever losing my phone, wallet, or keys — and it only costs $35

  • So over the course of the last year, I've been using a couple of Tile devices to keep track of my things.
  • But for those who have never used one, Tile works like a tiny tracking device.
  • I also have a newer $35 Tile Style, a fancier-looking and more powerful Tile that lives in a pocket inside my work bag.
  • Tile Style has a longer range, it's waterproof, and it's twice as loud as Tile's older devices.
  • While my Tile Mates work just fine, the Tile Style is my personal favorite.
  • There's one other major Tile perk: because Tile pairs with your phone, the lost-and-found system goes both ways.
  • My Tiles are currently keeping track of four of the most important items I own: my phone, keys, work bag (which includes my wallet), and my luggage when I travel.

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Protecting Against HSTS Abuse

  • Well, the HSTS standard describes that web browsers should remember when redirected to a secure location, and to automatically make that conversion on behalf of the user if they attempt an insecure connection in the future.
  • Because using HSTS in this way does not benefit legitimate use cases, but does facilitate tracking, we revised our network stack to only permit HSTS state to be set for the loaded hostname (e.g., “”), or the Top Level Domain + 1 (TLD+1) (e.g., “”).
  • We modified WebKit so that when an insecure third-party subresource load from a domain for which we block cookies (such as an invisible tracking pixel) had been upgraded to an authenticated connection because of dynamic HSTS, we ignore the HSTS upgrade request and just use the original URL.

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NASCAR race renamed 'Roseanne 300' to promote the return of Roseanne Barr's iconic show

  • The Xfinity series is the second tier of stock car racing.
  • NASCAR promotes the series as their "minor league" for up and coming drivers, but it does often feature NASCAR's top drivers who are either looking to help sponsors or to just get extra laps in preparation for the next day's main NASCAR race on the same track.
  • According to the announcement, "Roseanne 300" branding will appear throughout the track, including the pace car, infield grass logo, and in victory lane.
  • Michael Fishman, who plays DJ in the series, is expected to serve as grand marshal and give the traditional command for drivers to start their engines.

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Fitbit just introduced a $100 fitness tracker for kids — here's how it works

  • Fitbit Fitbit just launched a new $100 fitness tracker with the goal of getting kids to be more active.
  • Called the Fitbit Ace, the new band is designed specifically for children.
  • Fitbit says it designed the band to help fight childhood obesity.
  • It can automatically track kids' activity, remind them to get up and move, and set activity goals for them to meet.
  • Kids will be able to compete against their friends or their family members with daily or weekend activity challenges.
  • Parents will be able to check kids' activity and approve kids' friend requests in the app, as well as set limits on what their kids can see.
  • The band will be available to buy on Fitbit's website and at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Kohl's sometime after April 2018.
  • Get the latest Fitbit stock price here.

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Fitbit just unveiled its $200 answer to the Apple Watch — here's what it can do

  • The $200 Fitbit Versa, announced on Tuesday, is Fitbit's second true smartwatch and the first geared toward a more mainstream audience — and smaller wrists.
  • Fitbit Versa looks a lot like an Apple Watch — although it's a bit smaller — and is less fitness-focused than the watch Fitbit debuted last year, called Fitbit Ionic.
  • The new Fitbit Versa still has plenty of fitness tracking capabilities built in, including on-watch workouts, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and personalized fitness tips.
  • Eventually, Fitbit says it might be able to track health issues like sleep apnea.
  • Anyone who uses the Fitbit app, the Fitbit Versa, and last year's Fitbit Ionic watch can use Fitbit's new female-focused health-tracking tools.
  • You'll be able to buy the watch on Fitbit's website and at stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Verizon, and Walmart.

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Fitbit takes a second swing at smartwatches with the $199 Versa

  • At a press event in New York City, Fitbit executives were covertly wearing the new smartwatches ahead of their keynote, and it was difficult to tell the devices apart from the Apple Watches attendees had been wearing until you start looking for a digital crown.
  • The features aren’t particularly exciting, especially if you’ve been following Fitbit’s products for awhile, but they’re what you’d expect from a smartwatch trying to take a bite of the wearables market that continues to aggressively grow year over year.
  • The question is whether the lower-priced Versa will help Fitbit regain some of its steam in the smartwatch market, having just ceded the title of number one US wearable maker to Apple and coming off a disappointing holiday earnings report.

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‘The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’

  • In recent years, the MTA’s preferred narrative for New York City’s subway problems has gone like this: Budget cuts by prior governors and mayors over the past two decades have led to deferred maintenance, which in turn caused the condition of key components such as signals, tracks, and cars to erode over time.
  • (Restarting the train after it is tripped can take anywhere from one to ten minutes, and the incident gets noted in the operator’s performance file, according to MTA sources.) Under the new program, generally referred to as signal modifications, the brakes would be tripped based not only on whether the track ahead was vacant, but also on the train’s speed.

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'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to 7 years in prison

  • Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in prison.
  • On Friday, a federal judge in Brooklyn heard from Shkreli, his lawyer, and the prosecution before determining a sentence based on his securities fraud conviction.
  • The judge, Kiyo Matsumoto, said her decision did not have to do with Shkreli's reputation, track record with drug pricing or politics.
  • Shkreli faced as much as 20 years in prison.
  • Shkreli is best known for a 2015 price-gouging scandal involving a decades-old drug his company acquired.
  • Shkreli's sentence, however, isn't related to that price hike but stemmed from events earlier in his career while he managed a hedge fund.
  • In August 2017, he was convicted of securities fraud during his time running a hedge fund.

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Senior Full Stack Developer (Elixir / React) - Contract Simply Jobs on AngelList

  • Contract Simply ( is looking for a senior full-stack developer in Austin or willing to relocate.
  • We help banks expedite their construction loan payments.
  • This process is currently managed with excel, PDFs, and emails.
  • We have a web-based platform that makes this process much easier, faster, and less error-prone.
  • We value mastery, transparency, and, most of all, getting things done.
  • Despite being a startup, we do value work/life balance.
  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Tracking construction draw payments in Excel spreadsheets does not ensure compliance, leaves out lien releases and does not track actual payments.
  • Our cloud-based solution allows all parties to collaborate on their phone, iPad, or computer freeing the process of loan administration errors and accelerating draw releases.
  • Contract Simply ensures compliant documents, streamlines audits and tracks lien releases directly to progress payments truly reducing risk in construction lending.

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MoviePass CEO says the app tracks your location before and after movies

  • It’s no secret that MoviePass is planning on making hay out of the data collected through its service.
  • It sure isn’t in the company’s privacy policy, which in relation to location tracking discloses only a “single request” when selecting a theater, which will “only be used as a means to develop, improve, and personalize the service.” Which part of development requires them to track you before and after you see the movie?
  • The startup’s plan is to “build a night at the movies,” perhaps complete with setting up parking or ordering you a car, giving you a deal on dinner before or after, connecting you with like-minded moviegoers, etc.
  • Hopefully MoviePass can explain exactly what data it collects and what it does with it, so everyone can make an informed choice.

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