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Articles related to "tracking"

Vive Focus 6DoF controllers hands-on: an impressive start

  • HTC has opened dev kit applications for 6DOF motion controllers like the ones that come with the upcoming Oculus Quest headset (or the ones already out with the Vive and Rift) and HTC had a pair of those controllers available today for demos.
  • The ideal use case is just standing around, pointing, and talking, so I had to invent some movements to test the controllers and their tracking.
  • I never tried the Oculus Quest dev kit (Santa Cruz) but I’d imagine those controllers improved as well over development, as is usually the case.
  • I wasn’t playing a game in real-time with the Focus 6DoF controllers but when I tried to replicate that movement they didn’t lose tracking.
  • The latency and slight movement delay was still noticeable though, much more than with the latest Oculus Quest demo I tried at OC5.

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All U.S. National Parks Are Free to Enter on Sunday

  • On Sunday, access to all 490 National Parks in the United States is free in honor of Veteran’s Day. This year, the federal holiday marks 100 years since the end of World War I was officially declared on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
  • Several national park locations have strong ties to the holiday thanks to their American military history, from the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor to the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana.
  • Multiple parks have served as training grounds for troops over the years, so locations have both birthed and commemorated the ends of American military careers.
  • National Park passports, designed specifically for domestic travel and first introduced in 1986, can make marking off these historic sites more satisfying.

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We should all worry about corporate control of data

  • More and more often, we’re seeing corporations begin to exploit this process, seizing as much control as possible over the data of everyday people.
  • We should be seriously worried about corporate control of data, especially if we’re concerned about our individual privacy and human rights.
  • Even when companies aren’t explicitly exploiting our data or tracking our every move, they still callously handle our personal information in concerning ways.
  • More concerned citizens need to be ensuring that their everyday shopping habits aren’t contributing to a culture of data laziness, wherein we give corporations access to any and all information they want in exchange for hasty or cheap access to their services.
  • Corporate control of data isn’t good for anyone, and will continue to be exploited by nefarious business behemoths intent of extracting profits from your personal information.

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