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Articles related to "transparent"

'Ditch high definition and new tech to fight climate change'

  • HD video streaming on a phone generates about eight times more in emissions than standard definition (SD), it says.
  • The report says digital technology’s estimated contribution to global emissions ranges from 1.4% to 5.9% of the global total.
  • Another simple way to save energy is for people streaming music to turn off any accompanying video if they’re just listening, not watching, the authors say.
  • They estimate such small moves could save up to 5% of the emissions from a streaming service – a reduction comparable to what’s achieved by running YouTube’s servers on renewable energy.
  • Another co-author of the report, Prof Corinne Le Querre from the University of East Anglia, told BBC News: “To be honest, digital tech is a small fraction of your emissions compared with, say flying even once a year – but every bit of CO2 saving is significant.

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