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Articles related to "tribal"

2,000 years ago in Denmark, a fierce battle left dozens dead

  • In lakes and peat bogs all over northern Europe, archaeologists have found sites where people deposited the broken weapons and shields of their defeated enemies in the water.
  • And Alken Enge stands out from later sites, which consisted mostly of broken weapons and shields tossed into lakes and peat bogs, with very few human bones.
  • But Alken Enge offers some of the first evidence that the brutal military conflicts the Romans wrote about really did happen, with large numbers of people involved and lots of casualties.
  • The 2,095 human bones excavated at Alken Enge represented at least 82 people; left femurs were the most common single bone at the site, and archaeologists found 82 of them.
  • It’s not clear whether the battlefield was adjacent to the lake or whether the people who deposited the disarticulated remains of their enemies at Alken Enge carried them there from somewhere else.

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