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Articles related to "trump"

Why Jews should vote for Joe Biden

  • I have devoted my life to fighting anti-Semitism, defending Israel's security and seeking restitution for Holocaust survivors.
  • In remarks he delivered during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's Policy Conference earlier this year, Biden said, "Israelis wake up every morning facing an existential threat from their neighbors -- a rain of rockets from Gaza ...
  • When I successfully negotiated billions of dollars in European compensation and restitution payments to Holocaust survivors on behalf of the American government, I had no greater supporter than Joe Biden, first in his capacity as the top Democrat responsible for European issues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and later as our nation's vice president.
  • Drawing on his deep and abiding decency, humanity and empathy, Biden will work every day to heal and unite our divided country, and to appeal to the best of America.

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Election Day is also a referendum on Trump's era of 'fake news'

  • In the 2000s Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" were "fake news." In 2014 BuzzFeed's Craig Silverman started using the term to describe malicious made-up stories that preyed on peoples' fears.
  • I say that I share in the responsibility because, in the weeks leading up to Election Day, I used my platform on CNN to call attention to this "fake news" plague.
  • And it's "a great little case study in how our information environment works." Trump redefined the term and stripped away the original context; world leaders with authoritarian tendencies used it as a cudgel; and "so our ability to actually have a focused conversation about, you know, actual fake news" was impaired.
  • CNN has a regularly-updated guide to "false and misleading content online." This week the Washington Post and The New York Times both reported on lie-filled text messages that are making the rounds.

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Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren find a common enemy: Google

  • News organizations now scrutinize Google and other big companies with newfound zeal, and Congress has hauled in tech executives for public hearings.
  • Just as crucially, the fact that Google is likely to spend years fighting the federal government in court could slow down the company, forcing it to pass on moves it wants to make, or simply by distracting it from its core business.
  • Not only is Barr routinely accused of turning the DOJ into Trump’s personal law service, but Trump — and Barr — have made it clear that punishing technology companies is a political act, meant to win points with Trump’s base.
  • But while an antitrust suit could take years to play out, it could actually affect the way Google does business — both in the future and in the present — as it spends time and attention fighting the government in federal court.

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NFL legend endorses Trump for president

  • The endorsement comes a little more than a week since Favre asked Trump during a town hall how professional sports leagues should promote an anti-racism position without alienating fans.
  • Favre mostly avoided making political statements throughout his playing career and since retiring in 2010.
  • But in July, he was photographed golfing with President Trump.
  • The two "discussed the importance of sports as a critical unifying and uplifting part of the safe reopening of America," White House deputy press secretary Brian Morgenstern said, according to CNN affiliate WTMJ.
  • While NFL team owners have donated millions to Trump's campaign in the past, Favre is one of the few former or current NFL players to endorse the President.
  • In 2017 and 2018, he criticized Colin Kaepernick and other players who knelt during the National Anthem to protest police violence against Black Americans and said they should be fired.

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Health officials rated celebrities on Trump loyalty while planning ad campaign

  • Democratic House lawmakers have had no luck getting the Department of Health and Human Services to hand over information on its $250 million advertising campaign to “defeat despair and inspire hope” amid the devastating coronavirus pandemic.
  • Caputo is a Trump loyalist, protégé of Roger Stone, and former Moscow-based political adviser who was installed at the HHS by the White House in April.
  • A central feature of the campaign was to have celebrities interview government officials, who would discuss the pandemic and the administration’s response.
  • The documents note that, when approached about participating in the campaign, Marc Anthony sought an amendment in the contract to ensure that none of his interview would be used in advertisements for Trump’s re-election campaign.
  • It’s unclear how the campaign organizers responded to the request, but the documents do clearly indicate that Anthony ultimately refused to participate.

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Republicans are narrowing the early voting gap in these states

  • In the last week, voters under 30 have slightly increased their share of Florida's early voting electorate, from 8% to 10%.
  • Other age groups have also seen small increases, further diminishing the dominance of Florida's senior voters 65 or older, who made up 45% of early voters a week ago, but now make up only 39%.
  • Hispanic voters' share of the pre-Election Day vote has increased from 14% four years ago to 16% now, and Black voters' share has ticked slightly up from 12% then to 13% now.
  • By race, Iowa's current pre-Election Day electorate is similar to this point in 2016, with White voters comprising the vast majority of early voters at 94%.
  • About two-thirds of Nevada's pre-election ballots come from White voters, which is a small decrease from 70% four years ago.

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Why Democrats are favored to take back the Senate

  • Take a look at the five Republican-held seats that are most likely to flip at this point to the Democrats: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina.
  • As of this writing, Democratic Senate candidates hold polling advantages of 5 points in Arizona, 9 points in Colorado, 1 point in Iowa, 5 points in Maine and 3 points in North Carolina.
  • The races in Iowa and North Carolina remain particularly close at this point, and Democrats will probably need to win at least one of those to take the Senate.
  • Those advantages tend to be fairly close to the lead Democratic Senate candidates have in those same states: 3 points in Arizona, 13 points in Colorado, 1 point in Iowa, 15 points in Maine and 2 points in North Carolina.
  • Biden now holds an average 2-point edge over Trump in the Peach State, where there are two competitive Senate races.

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Biden attacks Trump's Covid-19 response in South Korean op-ed and promises 'principled diplomacy' with North Korea

  • Washington (CNN) - Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in an op-ed for a Korean media outlet Friday and promised to engage in "principled diplomacy" in pursuing the denuclearization of North Korea.
  • The former vice president sought to contrast himself with Trump's approach to diplomacy in the Korean Peninsula in his attempts to get North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to agree to total denuclearization up-front.
  • The Trump administration also previously sought to get South Korea to pay roughly 400% more to cover the cost of keeping US troops on the peninsula.
  • Trump met with Kim three times over his presidency, first in Singapore, then Vietnam and finally at the Demilitarized Zone dividing North and South Korea — becoming the first sitting US leader to set foot in the hermit kingdom.

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Lil Wayne met with Trump and praised the President's plan for Black Americans

  • Trump's "platinum plan" is geared toward Black voters and includes a number of broad initiatives like building neighborhoods with the "highest policing standards," expanding school choice and improving economic opportunity for Black Americans.
  • When the President unveiled the plan in late September, though, he did not specify what those economic initiatives for Black Americans would entail.
  • Both Lil Wayne and the President have made widely criticized remarks regarding racial justice.
  • Trump, earlier this year, called Black Lives Matter "a symbol of hate" and accused the movement of provoking killings of police officers.
  • In 2016, Carter was criticized for an interview with "Nightline" when he said he didn't feel "connected" to the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Lil Wayne has mostly avoided commenting on racial justice issues since, though in May, he hosted Dr. Anthony Fauci on his Apple Music radio show to discuss the pandemic's impact on Black Americans.

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Silicon Valley is spending way more for Joe Biden than it did for Hillary Clinton

  • Silicon Valley is spending far more money to oust Donald Trump in 2020 than it did in 2016, a testament to the new political muscle that the tech industry has flexed over the last four years.
  • The Democratic Party has gotten far tougher on tech companies and its leaders over this four-year period — even debating a potential breakup of these giants — and despite being the beneficiary of its money, Biden himself has said that he’ll keep on scrutinizing Silicon Valley.
  • But the new money reflects how Silicon Valley is increasingly turning its financial power into political power that could persist after Election Day. Gifts to the GOP from the Bay Area, where Republicans are few and far between, rose more dramatically, albeit from a far smaller base: After giving $800,000 to Republicans in 2016, Bay Area residents gave $22 million to boost Trump in 2020, a haul that came from figures like Oracle CEO Safra Catz.

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