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Articles related to "trump"

The Supreme Court has an immigration disaster on its hands

  • He stunned many by casting a decisive vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act in 2012, and in the most recent term, Roberts sided with four liberal justices to block the Trump administration's effort to add a citizenship question to the census in the absence of a legitimate explanation of reasons from the White House.
  • Kevin, Germany: As part of Epstein's nonprosecution agreement in Florida, federal prosecutors agreed not to charge certain co-conspirators.
  • Scott, Texas: Regarding the Southern District's investigation of Epstein and his associates, what happens if prosecutors find evidence of other unrelated crimes?
  • Or, if the unrelated conduct did violate federal law but happened in a different district, the Southern District can refer the case to the appropriate US attorney's office.

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Trump cements stance on wide-ranging background checks in call with NRA boss

  • Washington (CNN) - A sustained effort from National Rifle Association officials, Republican lawmakers and conservative allies helped cement President Donald Trump's decision to abandon his previous calls for tougher background checks in the wake of recent mass shootings, sources tell CNN.
  • NRA officials, Republican lawmakers and conservative allies together strategized ways to change the President's mind over strengthening background checks.
  • Trump, however, has maintained his support for passing so-called "red flag" laws -- which allow those who have seen warning signs to seek a court order to intervene and temporarily prevent someone who is in crisis from having access to a firearm -- and a source familiar with the ongoing gun control discussions has told CNN the view is such action is more doable in the short term.

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US drone shot down over Yemen

  • Washington (CNN) - A US MQ-9 drone was shot down over Yemen on Tuesday by a surface-to-air missile, a US official tells CNN.
  • The US believes the missile was provided to Houthi rebels by Iran, said the official, who added that it was not immediately clear if the drone was being operated by the US military or the intelligence community.
  • The official said the Trump administration will publicly call out Iran for the incident, which was first reported by Reuters.
  • Houthi rebels claimed its air defenses shot down the drone south of Yemen's capital, Sanaa.
  • The downing of a US drone by Iran in June nearly led to a US military strike, with President Donald Trump calling off the attack minutes before it was to take place due to what he said would have been a high death toll.

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Trump appeared to misunderstand the definition of a recession while arguing that the US having one is a price worth paying

  • Speaking to reporters at the White House during a visit by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Trump was asked about fears that the US economy could be driven towards a recession, in part by his trade war with China.
  • That means a minimum of six months contraction before a country is considered to be in a recession.
  • Trump's seemingly misguided comments about a possible recession came alongside growing fears that the US economy is headed for a substantial downturn.
  • Inversions of the yield curve are generally seen as a sign of a recession or economic slowdown in the near future.
  • Trump himself is reportedly worried about a looming recession, with The New York Times reporting on Monday that he is considering scrapping some of his signature tariffs on China as a means of insulating the economy.

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Public's view on the economy dips for the first time in Trump's presidency

  • The 65% of Americans who now say economic conditions are good represent a 5-point drop from the May CNN/SSRS poll.
  • The President's approval rating for handling race relations has dropped 7 percentage points since April.
  • Trump's approval rating for handling gun policy remains low in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.
  • Around a third of Americans (36%) approve of how Trump is handling gun policy, the same as his rating in March of last year, after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.
  • Three in five Americans favor stricter gun control laws (60%), down since polling conducted shortly after the 2018 mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School (70%), but up compared with polling after the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas (52%) and the 2016 mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando (55%).
  • Almost nine in 10 Democrats favor stricter gun control laws (85%), along with 58% of independents, but just 39% of Republicans agree.

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Trump said it doesn't matter if the US has a recession because the trade war is more important

  • US President Donald Trump on Tuesday described the prospect of the US falling into recession as "irrelevant," and defended his decision to wage a trade war with China.
  • Speaking during the visit of the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to the White House Tuesday, Trump was asked about concerns that his trade war with China is negatively impacting the US economy.
  • In remarks to GOP donors at an event in Washington DC Tuesday, Mulvaney said that if the US were to face a recession it would be "moderate and short," Politico reported.
  • On Tuesday, Trump said that he does not believe a recession is on its way — but that pay roll tax cuts were among measures being considered should the US economic situation worsen.
  • An inverted yield curve has in the past indicated that a recession or economic downturn is on its way.

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Economy scares and ISIS resurgence cloud Trump's 2020 pitch

  • Washington (CNN) - A sudden cascade of events is challenging President Donald Trump's boasts of an unprecedented American winning streak that is a critical component of his reelection salesmanship.
  • Rising fears of a recession, layoffs in steel country and new evidence of the toll on US households of his tariff war are contradicting the President's preferred political narrative.
  • Abroad, an ISIS resurgence, China's refusal to bend to Trump's will and North Korea's missile launches are clouding the President's claim that he stamped American authority back on the globe.
  • The gathering clouds raise questions about Trump himself and whether he will change course to improve his political prospects -- for instance, on trade wars that may be damaging the global economy.
  • The revelation raised the possibility that after claiming former President Barack Obama was the "founder" of ISIS because he had withdrawn prematurely from Iraq, Trump may be repeating his predecessor's history.

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Here's what it could cost for America to buy Greenland

  • Any price tag on Greenland would depend on how desperately the United States wants it and why, and Trump's motivations are unclear.
  • In 1946, the United States offered Denmark $100 million in gold to buy Greenland, according to documents in the US National Archives.
  • It bought what are now called the US Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917 for $25 million in gold, equivalent to about $500 million today.
  • Morgan said such a deal would involve treaties, legislative processes in Denmark, Greenland and the United States, and likely also the European Union, and he was skeptical it could be done.
  • The Wall Street Journal, which first reported Trump's Greenland interest, also said that people outside the White House described purchasing Greenland as a legacy builder for Trump in the way Alaska was for President Dwight Eisenhower, who signed the declaration making it a state.

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Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister refuses to sell Greenland

  • Trump has on multiple occasions brought up buying Greenland from the Danish government and the White House counsel's office has looked into the possibility, two sources told CNN last week.
  • On Sunday, Trump confirmed his interest in buying the country, telling reporters that Greenland is hurting Denmark.
  • When Trump confirmed his interest in the Greenland purchase on Sunday, he had suggested his trip to Denmark was not related.
  • Trump and first lady Melania Trump had accepted an invitation to visit Her Majesty Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, and he had been expected to participate in a series of bilateral meetings and meet with business leaders, according to the White House.
  • It's unclear whether the postponement will affect his scheduled visit to Warsaw, Poland -- part of the same trip -- where he is to attend commemorative ceremonies and visit memorial sites for the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.

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'Look forward to rescheduling': Trump scraps entire trip to Denmark after its prime minister rejected his idea of buying Greenland

  • President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he scrapped plans for a bilateral meeting with Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen during his upcoming trip in Europe, after she rebuffed his idea of possibly purchasing the autonomous island of Greenland.
  • Trump suggested in a tweet that the decision was based on the prime minister's direct thoughts about the potential purchase.
  • A White House official later told Insider that Trump's entire visit to Denmark would be canceled.
  • The president previously said the idea was not on his list of priorities, and that it was not the sole basis for his visit to Denmark.
  • Trump was expected to visit to Denmark on September 2, for his broader tour around Europe.
  • He was invited by Queen Margrethe II, whose government previously confirmed it was "operating under the assumption" of the visit and preparing for it.

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