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Articles related to "unexpected"

Show HN: Odin – The Observable and Distributed Workflow System

  • Odin is a programmable, observable and distributed job orchestration system which allows for the scheduling, management and unattended background execution of user created tasks on Linux based systems.
  • Job schedulers by definition are supposed to eliminate toil, a kind of work tied to running a service which is manual, repetitive and most importantly, automatable.
  • While Odin cares about what is to be executed and when it will be executed, Odin is equally concerned with the expected behaviour of your job, which is described entirely by the user’s code.
  • This observability is achieved through a web facing user interface which displays job logs and metrics.
  • Odin can infer the internal state of jobs by leveraging these libraries, which in turn can be used to speed up the debugging process associated with jobs which yield unexpected behaviour.
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  • Copyright © 2020 James McDermott This project is MIT licensed.

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