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Articles related to "unit"

Calculus Is Deeply Irrational

  • Using the completeness property we can prove the Intermediate Value Theorem: If a continuous function is positive somewhere and negative somewhere, then it’s got to be zero somewhere.
  • Likewise, the completeness property lets us prove the Extreme Value Theorem: A continuous function on a (closed, bounded) interval must achieve its maximum value somewhere.
  • There are other theorems in theoretical calculus that work for the real number system but fail for the rational number system: the Mean Value Theorem, the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem, the Heine-Borel Theorem, etc.
  • So the truth of the Constant Value Theorem depends on (and in fact is equivalent to) a subtle property of the real numbers that we don’t teach in most calculus classes but which makes calculus work.

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'Red flag' laws can play a role in preventing mass shootings, study says

  • Extreme risk protection order laws, colloquially known as "red flag" or ERPO laws, allow the temporary removal of guns from people deemed at high risk of harming themselves or others.
  • It's impossible to know whether the threatened shootings would have happened, but the orders "allowed for immediate intervention to reduce firearm access, in most instances because of timely reports from threatened parties and members of the public," the researchers wrote.
  • Sgt. Eric Pisconski, who oversees the Seattle Police Department's crisis response unit, says the unit has done 55 petitions for extreme risk protection orders since 2016.
  • There have been some challenges with using extreme risk protection orders as tools to predict and minimize gun violence in communities, including determining when to deem someone a true "threat" to themselves or others and how to petition orders without "criminalizing mental health," Pisconski said.

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Trump's latest conspiracy theory target? Fox News

  • The poll showed Trump's approval rating in the low 40s and had him losing by six or more points to Democratic 2020 rivals Sens.
  • And Fox's political unit conducts a serious, nonpartisan poll because, well, duh, it's a major media company.
  • Simply put: Trump wants Fox to be state-sponsored TV of the sort they have in authoritarian regimes like Russia and North Korea.
  • None of what Trump sees as proof of a nefarious conspiracy is proof of anything other than that there remain some elements committed to independent journalism within Fox. That he sees conspiracy where this is none should not be surprising given his long history of embracing debunked conspiracy theories -- from the idea that former President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States to the idea that 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election.

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A Manhattan landlord is facing nearly $145,000 in fines for splitting up a condo horizontally to build 9 illegal micro-units that resemble a scene in 'Being John Malkovich'

  • The situation investigators from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) stumbled upon at 165 Henry Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side resembled a scene from the 1996 indie film "Being John Malkovich," Manhattan Councilman Ben Kallos said, according to The Daily Mail.
  • Two Manhattan landlords appeared to have constructed and rented out illegal sub-units in two properties in the same building until Wednesday, when DOB personnel responded to a 311 call about the situation, a spokesperson for the Department of Buildings told INSIDER.
  • Investigators discovered that Ni had divided the existing 634-square-foot unit horizontally to construct nine single-occupancy rooms attached with an illegal staircase, according to the Daily Mail.
  • Lin faces 10 violations and fines up to $139,750 for nine similarly structured units that posed immediate risks to tenants.

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Baidu Fully Acquires AI Start-up Kitt.AI

  • Jing Kun, general manager of Baidu's Duer business unit, announced during Baidu's AI developer conference that the company fully acquired AI start-up Kitt.AI.
  • With this acquisition, Baidu plans to integrate Kitt.AI's voice ability and natural language processing ability into Baidu platform and fully open the backend to Baidu's cooperating partners for free.
  • Kitt.AI focuses on voice wakeup and natural voice interactive technologies.
  • Specializing in AI research, Kitt.AI's technologies are used in intelligent chat robots.
  • It once developed a "voice hot word detection" function, which helps technical developers realize free-of-charge voice activation function on any devices.
  • Kitt.AI previously was part of the artificial intelligence institute incubator of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.
  • The company also gained early investments from Amazon and Madrona.

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And Now, the Big Coal Plants Begin to Close

  • The giant coal plant on Arizona’s high desert emitted almost 135 million metric tons of carbon dioxide between 2010 and 2017, according to an E&E News review of federal figures.
  • The units retired in 2015 emitted a combined 261 million tons in the six years prior to their retirement, according to an E&E News review of EPA emissions data.
  • Units scheduled for retirement generally produce less in the years running up to their closure, meaning the plants that closed in 2015 once emitted more than they did near the end of their lives.
  • Another caveat: Coal plant closures don’t guarantee power-sector emissions reductions on their own.
  • In 2018, power-sector emissions increased for the first time in many years because electricity demand rose, prompting natural gas generation to spike (Climatewire, Jan. 14).

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