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Articles related to "user"

Google Maps adds Apple CarPlay and iOS 12 support, with Waze to follow

  • The app has continued to be popular with iOS users despite Apple’s introduction of a competing and evolving mapping application six years ago.
  • It also enables users to get Google-optimized directions and locate points of interest not found on Apple’s maps, including locations synchronized from Google account data, such as home, work, and contact addresses.
  • In a feature that might tempt some Apple Maps users, Google Maps continues to include support for downloading free maps of a given area, enabling you to have map access even when you’re not online.
  • CarPlay support is the only marquee new feature in version 5.0 of Google Maps, and arrives after a post-WWDC beta testing period that hopefully eliminated any navigation-related bugs.
  • Google’s Waze app, which integrates user-submitted traffic reports into maps, is currently in beta for CarPlay and expected to be released in the near future.

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Zero-Day Bug Allows Hackers to Access CCTV Surveillance Cameras

  • Firmware used in up to 800,000 CCTV cameras open to attack thanks to buffer overflow zero-day bug.
  • According to a Tenable Research Advisory issued Monday, the bugs are rated critical and tied to firmware possibly used in one of 100 different cameras that run the affected software.
  • NUUO, the Taipei, Taiwan-base company that makes the firmware, is expected to issue a patch for the bug Tuesday.
  • The vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-1149, CVE-2018-1150), dubbed Peekaboo by Tenable, are tied to the software’s NUUO NVRMini2 webserver software.
  • Next, the attacker can trigger a buffer-overflow attack that allows them to access the camera’s web server Common Gateway Interface (CGI), which acts as the gateway between a remote user and the web server.
  • The CGI then doesn’t validate user’s input properly, allowing them to access the web server portion of the camera.

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React router beginners guide

  • In single page apps, there is only single html page.we are reusing the same html page to render the different components based on the navigation.
  • React router gives us three components [Route,Link,BrowserRouter] which help us to implement the routing.
  • Url parameters help us to render the same component based on its dynamic url like in our Users component assume that they are different users with id 1,2,3.
  • Now open your browser and manually type this url localhost:3000/users/1 you will see an object in your console which is passed by the react router.
  • In our routing app, we have three routes which are [home,/users,/contact] Let’s style them using NavLink.
  • We need to add a new prop called activeClassName to the NavLink component so that it applies that class whenever the route it is active.
  • To navigate programmatically we need to take the help of history object which is passed by the react router.

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Facebook wanted banks to fork over customer data passing through Messenger

  • But a new report from The Wall Street Journal today indicates that Facebook also saw its Messenger platform as a siphon for the sensitive financial data of its users, information it would not otherwise have access to unless a customer interacted with, say, a banking institution over chat.
  • The report says Facebook was interested in helping banks create bots for its Messenger platform, as part of a big push in 2016 to turn the chat app into an automated hub of digital life that could help you solve problems and avoid cumbersome customer service calls.
  • But some of these bots, like the one American Express developed for Messenger last year, deliberately avoided sending transaction information over the platform after Facebook made clear it wanted to use customer spending habits as part of its ad targeting business.

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I'm an ER doctor who runs my own company, and my best health advice and business advice is the same

  • The vast majority display no symptoms and are unaware of their condition — until they are suddenly hit by a heart attack or stroke.
  • The principle is simple: The qualitative sense of "feeling good" is no substitute for obtaining quantitative information on your underlying health and working with a doctor to determine if you're at risk for a major health issue.
  • It's a problem for both patients and their health care providers: people simply do not recall their medical histories and their current medications — nor do they have an efficient way to access the information.
  • We conduct qualitative interviews that later help us delve into quantitative information on the values we create for our users to drive business actions.
  • After qualitative interviews we wanted to experiment with embedding direct signup ability for our users right from the website.

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Monolist: Your Google Inbox Replacement | Blog

  • At Monolist, we're working hard to preserve the spirit of Inbox's organizational features and clean user experience, while adding rich integrations with context specific actions.
  • While Inbox helped with grouping email notifications from your various apps and services, Monolist aggregates your Jira issues, event invites, wiki page mentions, and much more in real-time.
  • Unlike email, Monolist action items stay in sync with their source.
  • Like Inbox, Monolist allows you to label and categorize your action items no matter where they're from.
  • To start, the emails you star in Gmail and any threads that you haven’t responded to will become action items in Monolist, but we have plans for much more.
  • Monolist is a new task management app that integrates with all of your SaaS tools, aggregating all of your action items so that you can focus on being productive.

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BlueStacks 4 introduces faster emulator to play high-end mobile games on a PC

  • BlueStacks 4 is eight times better in performance over the current flagship iOS and Android devices.
  • And that should make the company’s 300 million users happy.
  • He said that BlueStacks 4 kills all gaming-focused phones and tablets in terms of performance and experience.
  • Fast, big screen, accurate controls, multitasking, and uninterrupted gameplay are features that gamers will like, he said.
  • Sharma said that Palo Alto, California-based BlueStacks is a small portion of the overall mobile gaming user base.
  • But, it is a significant and fast growing portion of paying users.
  • This is no surprise since PC gamers are used to paying for games, Sharma said.
  • Above: BlueStacks argues it has the best mobile gaming performance — on a PC.
  • BlueStacks has raised $27 million to date from investors including Ignition Partners, Radar Partners, Andreessen-Horowitz, Samsung, Redpoint, Qualcomm, Intel, Presidio Ventures, Citrix, AMD, and Helion Ventures.

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How a new class of “digital martyrs” are manipulating social networks

  • boyd (who styles her name in lowercase) looks at claims of anti-conservative bias; the risks of de-platforming toxic users; the balance between speech and security; and the crisis of trust in the information ecosystem.
  • They use fake accounts on social media to talk with journalists, to ask journalists if there is any truth to the idea that witnesses are really crisis actors.
  • The social media giant on Monday announced a pilot program open to any campaign for state or federal office that would offer additional security protections for their Facebook pages and accounts.
  • Third-party interactions create user risk on the social network, since Facebook vets but doesn’t develop the outside apps and can’t ensure their integrity as thoroughly as it can its own platform.

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What issuers can do to win market share in a period of unprecedented regulation and competition

  • But as the market evolves, legacy prepaid issuers, like Green Dot, are under threat.
  • The market is becoming more competitive as tech companies like Apple, Square, and Venmo develop their own prepaid offerings, likely as part of a push to drive customers to engage with their core peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer or digital wallet apps.
  • These players' robust digital offerings and ability to offer prepaid services for lower, or no fees are undercutting legacy businesses.
  • As a result, the US prepaid card market is becoming an increasingly complicated space for issuers to navigate, so prepaid issuers need to rethink their strategies to best attract consumers.
  • Business Insider Intelligence has put together a detailed report that explores the evolving prepaid card industry, identifies how issuers can maintain profitability in a market that's being challenged by new players and impending government regulations, and evaluates various paths to success.

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Firefox Reality browser arrives for HTC Viveport, Oculus Go, and Daydream

  • Mozilla announced back in April that it was developing Firefox Reality, a next-generation web browser specifically for standalone VR and AR devices, and now it’s actually here.
  • Mozilla says that it’s “working with creators around the world” to offer VR games, videos, environments, and experiences in the feed.
  • VR creators interested in getting featured in the Firefox Reality home screen feed can contact Mozilla here.
  • Under the hood, Firefox Reality uses the Quantum mobile browser engine, which already includes performance optimizations for standalone mobile device processors, as well as Mozilla’s standard security and privacy features.
  • Mozilla says they’re coming within months, along with support for 360-degree videos, separate user accounts, and other features; it expects to do regular updates to the browser, and maintain its typical level of engagement with the community.

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