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Articles related to "users"

Twitter acquires Lightwell to improve conversations

  • The folks behind Lightwell, the app creation engine launched by interactive storytelling startup Hullabalu in 2017, today revealed that they’ve been acqui-hired by Twitter for an undisclosed amount.
  • Within its invite-only prototype mobile app, Twittr, it’s implemented new visuals intended to make replies more distinguishable from strung-together tweets, along with visual timelines connecting replies to other users within larger threads.
  • More recently, in July, Twitter rolled out a feature in Canada that allows users to hide replies to their tweets, requiring those who wish to see and engage with them to tap on a grey icon.
  • Users won’t need to login or create an account, and they’ll be able to layout, prototype, and export to iOS without a plan.
  • (Apps built with Lightwell won’t be affected.) However, the team notes that it’ll no longer actively support or add new features to Lightwell.

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Apple Card is now available to all US iPhone owners, adds new cash-back rewards

  • Further ReadingApple’s new credit card comes with forced arbitration—here’s how to opt outOther key selling points for Apple's target customers are transparency about transactions and fees, tools to make it easy to pay off the balance, and various privacy and security protections uncommon in many other cards.
  • While commentators in the press commonly speculated that it would be a somewhat exclusive card due to its ties to Goldman Sachs, a bank that does not tend to serve the lower end of the market, users in the early access periods found that the majority of people could apply for the card and be accepted, though credit limits range from a couple hundred dollars to many thousands, depending on the applicant's income and other factors.

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Signing up for all of Apple's subscription services will likely cost you $35 per month

  • The company has seen a notable decline in the number of iPhones sold this year, but the new subscription services could entice millions of existing Apple customers to spend more money with the company for the longterm.
  • Apple Music launched in 2015 and surpassed Spotify as America's most popular music subscription service earlier this year with 28 million paid subscribers.
  • At a reported price point of around $10 per month, Apple TV Plus will likely cost slightly less than its competition, but it won't come with the same massive catalogue of old shows that you can find on Hulu, Netflix, or Prime Video.
  • Earlier this year the company also updated the Apple TV app, allowing users to subscribe to popular paid channels like HBO and Showtime directly through the Apple TV service.
  • Apple's subscription services are specifically designed for customers who have bought into the company's product line, which limits their reach when compared to far-reaching services like Netflix and Spotify.

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Homeis raises $12 million to foster online immigrant communities

  • It’s this dynamic that draws recently installed residents to ethnic enclaves in cities like New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where local communities serve as links to far-flung places of origin.
  • That’s why Ran Harnevo, former president of video for media company Oath, and Hanan Laschover, former CEO of AOL Israel, in 2017 teamed up to launch Homeis, which the pair describe as a “culture network” for foreign-born nationals and expats.
  • Users start by answering two questions at first login: the country they’re originally from and the city they live in.
  • Separately, Homeis users can also create events or groups to connect with others over shared hobbies and interests, and they’re able to filter feeds and recommendations so those that interest them bubble to the top.

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Will Reddit un-quarantine its biggest pro-Trump community? CEO Steve Huffman isn’t holding his breath.

  • Anyway, co-founder of Reddit, which I think is a very well-known site and service and communication service.
  • So I came back in 2015 and we’re immediately wrestling with these issues of, well, we don’t want to remove things.
  • No. I think there’s something really important about the commonality of the human experience that we don’t get to see in our day-to-day lives that might even come through in a community like Knitting.
  • I mean, it was within my first week, we were talking about a community whose name I don’t even like to say, but a nasty, racist community, and we’re trying to find the argument for removing them.
  • So things like that, but we know, “Hey, this is wrong.” So, during that discussion, that’s actually where we created the quarantine feature.

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Guidemaster: 2019’s best VR is a battle between Oculus Quest, everyone else

  • I'll start with a TL;DR: Everything that I love about the Valve Index ($999 for full system, $499 for headset only) feels like the future of VR.
  • The company's spokespeople made very clear that it wants the VR hardware universe to deliver three major "tentpoles" of quality, then the company highlighted Valve Index's emphasis on only one of those tentpoles: "high performance." The result is a system that feels like VR made by engineers for engineers.
  • First was a shift from OLED panels to a new "fast-switching" LCD panel process, which includes a much more dense "subpixel resolution"—meaning, Index's screens don't have noticeable, tiny gaps between pixels (better known to VR veterans as the "screen door effect").
  • Playing a "VR MMO" like Orbus means contending with a lot of text, and Valve Index makes that stuff easier to parse than other headsets in its weight class.Further ReadingValve Index reveal: The best of VR’s first generation—but is it worth $999?

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Instagram got us hooked on likes. What happens when they're gone?

  • When someone you follow has liked someone else's photo, it will say "[name of Instagram account] and others" under the post where likes would typically appear.
  • Other users said the test falls flat because people can still see how many likes their own post gets.
  • Erin Good, a 23-year-old American who works as an environmental consultant in Auckland, New Zealand, said in the past she's been guilty of posting a photo she thinks will get more likes instead of a photo she personally likes better.
  • Like other users, Good said she's conscious about what time she posts a photo to help maximize likes and how many people see it and suspects that won't change even if likes are hidden permanently.
  • Instagram said tackling bullying is a priority this year and has added new features such as a tool that tells users when their comment could be considered offensive before it's posted.

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Sunsetting Mercurial Support in Bitbucket

  • But Git adoption has grown over the years to become the default system, uniquely suited to help teams of all sizes work faster as they become more distributed.As we surpass 10 million registered users on the platform, we’re at a point in our growth where we are conducting a deeper evaluation of the market and how we can best support our users going forward.
  • Mercurial features and repositories will be officially removed from Bitbucket and its API on June 1, 2020.Read on to learn more about this decision, the important timelines, and get migration resources and support.
  • In this time, Bitbucket has steadily grown from being just a version control management tool to being a place to manage the entire software development lifecycle.
  • Building quality features requires intense focus, and supporting two version control systems means splitting focus – doubling shipping time and technical overhead.

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Deploying technology that makes sense: End-user computing

  • EUC is a set of technologies used to securely deliver and manage desktops, applications, and data.
  • End-user computing solutions seek to simplify your task by delivering and managing virtual desktops and applications for end-users.
  • There are three essential benefits associated with these deployments: centralized management, BYOD support, and a secure end-user environment.
  • EUC solutions allow you to access company data without storing anything on local devices.
  • Considering small education budgets and IT teams, end-user computing solutions give schools flexibility with students being able to use their own devices.
  • More specifically, whether the virtual desktops are deployed from an on-prem data center, or from an external (public or managed/hosted private) cloud.
  • If you’re planning to deploy virtual desktops from the data center, leveraging an installed broker, then I recommend VDI.
  • As stated earlier, when you think about deploying technology that makes sense, you want the right solutions for your organization.

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Kink in porn site exposes the personal data of over 1M users

  • This time, the victim is adult website Luscious, which lets users upload pornographic images and animations behind anonymous usernames.
  • Security researchers from vpnMentor were able to exploit a kink in the adult-themed site to glean the personal data – including email addresses and countries of residence – of over 1 million users.
  • Among other details, the researchers were also able to view the users’ gender and activity on the platform, their uploads, comments, likes, and blog posts.
  • What’s particularly icky about the breach is that some email addresses contained users’ full names.
  • The researchers note they first discovered the breach on August 15 and reported it to the site the next day.
  • While it remains unclear if hackers took advantage of this security flaw in the wild, the researchers obtained the data of 1.195 million users.

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