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Articles related to "venturebeats"

GamesBeat Decides 88: Jeff is a godking now

  • This week, GamesBeat PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb has begun calling himself the “godking” because his people in Frostpunk have started worshiping him.
  • This has left GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti, his GamesBeat Decides podcast co-host, frightened and alone.
  • You’ll have to listen to see if he decides to submit to Lord Jeffrey’s rule.
  • On this episode, Mike and Jeff also talk about She-Ra, Danger Zone 2, and Dead Cells on Switch.
  • In the news, the crew discusses how typos can destroy a game, Epic’s bold move to give more money to asset creators, and Capcom’s stock price.
  • You can hear all that and more by clicking play below or downloading here.
  • Join us, won’t you?
  • Please don’t try to get us fired!

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Coast Autonomous’ self-driving shuttles are boring, and that’s by design

  • Between 47th and 48th street in the heart of Times Square, Coast Autonomous, a startup based in Pasadena, California, today showed off the fruit of its six-year research project: a slow-moving, self-driving shuttle designed to ferry folks between destinations at speeds of around 25 miles per hour.
  • (In the future, the console’s screen will display route information.) He didn’t drive it, though — lidar sensors, wireless transceivers, GPS, cameras, and an AI software platform developed in-house helped the shuttle traverse the geofenced area, and to recognize road signs and traffic lights, communicate with v2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) sensors, and come to a stop when it detected pedestrians or objects in their way.
  • It’s run over 60 self-driving demonstrations in seven countries, moving over 120,000 passengers.

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Amazon responds after third-party sellers put bootleg games on its store

  • Over the weekend, some thrifty gamers spotted a deal on Amazon.
  • He found that no one at the company was able to provide a satisfactory answer for him — even though this has also happened to games Surviving Mars, Observer, and Lords of Xulmia.
  • For its part, Frostpunk developer 11 Bit Studios said it was able to get the deal shut down quickly by reaching out to Amazon.
  • But it is also now dealing with supporting sales of a game that is not legitimate, does not connect to Steam or any other service to receive updates, and did not provide any revenue for 11 Bit. I’ve reached out to 11 Bit for more, and I’ll follow up this report with any new information from the company about what Amazon did to rectify the situation.

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Slack acquires Missions to help teams streamline workplace processes

  • Missions will help teams using Slack carry out more commonly occurring tasks to do things like walk new employees through the onboarding process or accept or reject a job candidate with the push of a button.
  • In May, in one of the largest expansions of integrations for Slack since the 2015 creation of its platform for companies to use third-party bots or create their own, Slack introduced actions, bringing the company closer to popular enterprise SaaS software like Jira and HubSpot.
  • Actions allow a simple right-click on a message to do things like create a Zendesk ticket or Asana task, allowing Slack users to carry out actions that connect with SaaS backend systems to complete common tasks without the need to leave Slack.
  • Missions technology will be part of the Slack Platform and help shape experiences with actions as well as the recently introduced Block Kit for bringing tasks into chat flow and Workspace Apps, now in developer preview.

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Spotify, Snapchat, and more are down following Google Cloud incident

  • Multiple online services are experiencing outages and slow responses today due to a problem with Google’s Cloud platform.
  • The company has confirmed that it is having issues with many of the tools that websites and services like Discord, Spotify, and Snapchat rely on to function.
  • In a note on its status page, Google said it is working to fix the networking incident.
  • At 12:53 p.m. Pacific Time, Google updated its status site to confirm that it has begun to fix the problems.
  • We’ll update once the problem is fixed for everyone.

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Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails leaves dock with skeleton crews July 31

  • Rare has four teams that are all working on new content updates for the online multiplayer pirate simulator Sea of Thieves, and after releasing The Hungering Deep in May, the development studio is following that up with the Cursed Sails on July 31.
  • This is the second major content update for Sea of Thieves, and it introduces enemy ships crewed by computer-controlled skeletons and more.
  • Cursed Sails adds skeleton crews to the world of Sea of Thieves, but it also comes with a time-limited narrative campaign that will introduce this threat to players starting at the end of the month.
  • In addition to the skeleton crews, Rare is also adding the new brigantine ships as an option for players.
  • With The Hungering Deep, Rare added a new underwater threat and ways for crews on different ships to communicate and work together.

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Intel Amber Lake CPU leak hints at speeds for Apple’s 2018 12″ MacBook

  • Apple’s smallest laptop, the 12-inch MacBook, depends heavily on improved Intel ultra-low-power processors to eke out performance gains.
  • A new leak from Dell (via MacRumors/NextLab501) suggests that Intel’s upcoming Amber Lake Y-series processors will power a modest 2018 MacBook refresh, mostly improving single-core Turbo Boost performance across the lineup.
  • While MacRumors suggests that the Amber Lake chips will include Intel’s UHD Graphics 620, which would deliver roughly 20 to 35 percent superior performance over prior models, earlier details on the Y-series chips suggest that they will use Intel UHD Graphics 615 — a more similar GPU to what’s in 2017’s MacBooks.
  • The new machines also included third-generation Butterfly keyboards, which would likely come to the MacBook, and an Apple-developed T2 security coprocessor, which might or might not make the cut in this year’s laptop.

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Overwatch’s new adorable hamster hero Wrecking Ball goes live July 24

  • Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Overwatch‘s newest hero, Wrecking Ball, will be playable on July 24.
  • The team-based shooter has reached over 40 million players.
  • Adding new content, especially heroes, keeps those players engaged.
  • It also helps teams evolve new strategies, which is important for keeping its esports scene exciting.
  • He is a Tank character, meaning that he can absorb a lot of damage.
  • This is Overwatch’s seventh tank.
  • Wrecking Ball is an “off tank.” This means that he’s best when helping to relieve pressure from the main tank.
  • Unlike Reinhardt or Orissa, Wrecking Ball can not block allies from damage.
  • He can himself absorb a lot of punishment, and his mobility and attack abilities give him better offensive tools than those main tanks.
  • Wrecking Ball has been playable on the game’s test servers since June 28.

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Fortnite studio Epic wants to improve its hit with Amazon Web Services

  • Epic Games already hosts its megahit Fortnite on Amazon’s server platform, but the developer revealed today that it is planning to partner with Amazon Web Services to use all of its tools going forward.
  • Epic’s game servers and website are already on AWS, but the Fortnite company plans to fully embrace new services like Amazon’s machine learning tools and its analytics programs.
  • Dyl describes the relationship with Epic as going all-in.
  • The company’s reasoning for that is AWS provides a great experience for players, but all of the extra services help Epic make its games even better.
  • AWS is one of the biggest server platforms in the world.
  • And Amazon has done a lot to add features to serve developers with games as huge as Fortnite.
  • For now, however, as long as Amazon keeps Fortnite up and running, most players will be happy.

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Congress questions YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter on what it takes to ban an account

  • One moderator reportedly told the reporter not to take down a far-right activist’s page who had violated Facebook’s policies, because “they have a lot of followers, so they’re generating a lot of revenue for Facebook.” Facebook later published a blog post, attributed to Bickert, pushing back on the idea that the company believed turning a blind eye to bad content was necessary to generate more revenue.
  • Much of the hearing fell along partisan lines, as many Republicans used their time to ask the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter representatives questions about why content favorable to conservatives seemed to be censured, or why pages or accounts encouraging violence against conservatives were not.

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