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Articles related to "versa"

Mux is hiring engineers and PMs to build video APIs at scale

  • The first product we launched was analytics and performance monitoring - think “NewRelic for Video” - used by major video streaming companies like PBS, Vimeo, CBS Interactive, and the New York Times to monitor and improve billions of streams.
  • In early 2018, we launched Mux Video, a simple API to video hosting, encoding and streaming - think "Stripe for Video" - which uses our performance data, machine learning, and just-in-time encoding for unmatched video quality and efficiency.
  • POST a video in; GET a video out that plays anywhere and is deeply optimized for the target device and user.
  • We think building with video should be fun, not complicated.
  • Our founders previously started (and sold) Zencoder, an early leader in cloud video technology.
  • Loading the amazing job opportunities.
  • Always look for opportunities to delight our users.
  • Look for ROI on time and money.

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