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Articles related to "video"

Amazon's Fire TV Cube can now handle two-way video calls

  • Amazon is bringing several Alexa-powered features to the second-generation Fire TV Cube, including two-way video calls.
  • Since the device doesn't have a camera, you'll need to connect a webcam that has UVC support and a resolution of at least 720p.
  • You'll then be able to place and receive hands-free video calls with other Alexa-powered devices with a screen, such as an Echo Show or a phone or tablet with the Alexa app.
  • You'll be able to use commands like "Alexa, video on" or ask the voice assistant to end the call.
  • Two-way audio calls are available on all Fire TV Cube models today.
  • You'll have the option to display a video feed from a connected Ring device on your TV by asking Alexa to do so.
  • Additionally, you'll be able to ask Alexa general queries, such as weather information, without interrupting whatever you're watching.

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Could AI be the future of bike race coverage?

  • And given De Bock is an elite cyclocross racer, it’s little surprise the research group has spent considerable effort focusing on the world of cycling.
  • Image recognition of athlete numbers (think race numbers in cycling) has been tried before with a success rate of more than 94%, but it’s not a foolproof strategy — the technology only really works in shots where riders are side-on to the camera (where frame numbers are visible), or riding away from the camera (where jersey numbers are visible).
  • To identify riders from the side and rear, the software uses a text recognition module to detect a rider’s race number.
  • The team detection module can determine which teams are on screen at a given moment which, in theory, should make it possible to auto-generate a video edit from a given race feed featuring only riders from that team.

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Join The Best Team in Video Tech | Mux

  • Our mission is to democratize video by solving the hard problems developers face when building video: video encoding and streaming (Mux Video), video monitoring (Mux Data), and more.
  • We’re committed to building a healthy team that welcomes a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.
  • We want people who care about our mission, are ready to grow, believe in our values (from Be Human to Turn Customers Into Fans), and want to make the people around them better.
  • You’ll be joining a tight-knit team with experience at places like Google, YouTube, Twitch, Zencoder, Fastly, and more.
  • You’ll get to work with amazing companies: hundreds of startups, plus Reddit, Vimeo, Robinhood, CBSi, Discovery, PBS, and TED.
  • Customers large and small love working with us and love our team.
  • We’re growing quickly and are building something big together.

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Google’s AI experiment syncs every ‘Bad Guy’ song cover in an endless video

  • Google’s team has developed a tool that syncs all the covers of the song on YouTube and plays them bits their portion sequentially.
  • When you visit the site and hit the Autoplay button, the song will automatically start playing and video clips on the screen will change every few seconds.
  • To create this tool, the team used YouTube‘s ContentID system to identify ‘Bad Guy’ covers that resemble the original tune and weed out videos where the song is just playing in the background.
  • Then it trained a recurrent neural network — often used in speech recognition — to recognize beats of the song and line up the cover to create a seamless transition between videos.
  • It’s a pretty cool experiment, and I wish Google would make a tool to discover awesome covers of songs that I like based on the AI’s learnings from it.

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Should You Become a Data Scientist in 2021?

  • Along with computer and information research sciences, Data Scientists can also fall into other job categories like software engineering and statistics, which are also seeing growth.
  • For example, one might expect that a company will target marketing towards certain counties in a state for more of an in-person theater experience, or the opposite can be said for targeting the other counties to watch new movies at home.
  • There are other aspects of Data Science that can benefit from working in-person, but those can also now be performed at home with live video software applications.
  • It will be interesting to hear about how you feel about working from home as a Data Scientist, as well as if you think Data Science will stay as popular as it is now.

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Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can now watch music videos

  • If you want to watch the occasional video while listening to tunes on Amazon Music Unlimited, now you can.
  • As highlighted by Android Police, the service has started streaming music videos — though you’ll need to be a paying subscriber to access them.
  • You’ll see them highlighted in both your search results and on artist profile pages.
  • And much like with YouTube Music, there’s a toggle on the main interface you can tap to switch between audio and video playback.
  • The addition follows Amazon bringing over its popular X-Ray feature to Music Unlimited last month.
  • It’s not surprising to see the company adds music videos to the mix.
  • They’ve been a feature of Apple Music, YouTube Music and Tidal for a while now, and they’re the one area where Spotify, in its consistent focus on podcasts, hasn’t done a lot of work to make its platform stand apart.

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Nikola stock plunge continues as insider lockup period ends

  • Today is the first day those insiders can sell their shares, and Nikola's stock price is down 15 percent.
  • That's on top of yesterday's 26 percent decline after Nikola announced it was canceling its Badger pickup truck.
  • Nikola's stock is now down about 80 percent from its post-IPO high in June and down 65 percent since September's announcement of the deal with GM.
  • The failure to close that deal, announced yesterday, forced Nikola to abandon the Badger.
  • According to CNBC, the majority of the shares unlocked on Tuesday belong to founder and former executive chairman Trevor Milton, who owned more than 90 million Nikola shares.
  • As I write this around 3pm EST on Tuesday, more than 60 million shares have changed hands.
  • That compares with an average of around 20 million shares traded on a typical day in November—though it's less than the 93 million shares that changed hands on Monday.

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Amazon Music Unlimited now lets you stream music videos

  • Unlike some competitors like YouTube Music, Amazon’s videos are only available to paying subscribers, according to Android Police — not listeners on the ad-sponsored free tier.
  • As with YouTube Music, there’s a toggle on the now playing screen to switch between the music video and just the audio of whatever you’re currently listening to.
  • The debut of music videos comes after Amazon brought its X-Ray feature to the service for US and UK customers in November as a way to display behind-the-scenes trivia and “fun facts” about currently playing tracks.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited costs $8 monthly for Prime members and the standard $10 / month for non-Prime subscribers.
  • That’s for standard streaming quality, and Amazon also offers an “HD” tier with lossless and hi-res streaming, which remains a unique offering compared to larger competitors Spotify and Apple Music.

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WaveOne aims to make video AI-native and turn streaming upside down

  • Developers create a standard algorithm for compressing and decompressing video, a codec, which can easily be distributed and run on common computing platforms.
  • But consider this: many new phones ship with a chip designed for running machine learning models, which like codecs can be accelerated, but unlike them the hardware is not bespoke for the model.
  • Understanding the image (or being told) also lets the codec see what kind of content it is; a video call should prioritize faces if possible, of course, but a game streamer may want to prioritize small details, while animation requires yet another approach to minimize artifacts in its large single-color regions.
  • Meanwhile the models actually developed for encoding and decoding video will run just like any other accelerated software on edge or cloud devices: deploy it on AWS or Azure, run it locally with ARM or Intel compute modules, and so on.

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China’s lunar-sampling robot has landed on the Moon

  • China’s Chang’e-5 probe touched down on the surface of the Moon Tuesday just before 10:30am ET, and it’s scheduled to spend the next few days collecting rocks and dust before heading back to Earth.
  • Both the United States and the Soviet Union collected Moon material throughout the Space Race in the 1960s and ’70s, and US scientists are still studying these samples today.
  • Chang’e-5 took off for the Moon on November 23rd, and it’s scheduled to rejoin its return module by Thursday, according to post-landing reports.
  • China has taken a keen interest in the Moon over the past decade, and while this is its first sample-return mission, it’s actually the nation’s third lunar landing since 2013.
  • Last year, China’s Chang’e-4 became the first robot to land on the far side of the Moon, and also the first to grow plants in a lunar environment.

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