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Articles related to "virtual"

Fortnite reveals exclusive Star Wars trailer in game, but some users can't log in

  • New York (CNN) - Fortnite briefly invited gamers into the world of Star Wars on Saturday.
  • For those who were able to log in and tune in, including some YouTubers, the video game brought elements of Star Wars into its fantasy world of pickaxes and survival of the fittest shooting.
  • Then, JJ Abrams presented an exclusive clip from the upcoming film, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." In the clip, Rey performs a mind-trick on Stormtroopers.
  • Finally, players were able to fight each other using lightsabers, before the event ended.
  • Everyone who attended the in-game event also received a free virtual cosmetic, and the store is selling Star Wars outfits.
  • And within Fortnite, events starring characters like the Marvel villain Thanos have made for splashy crossovers.
  • In the increasingly digital world, traditional media has found innovative ways to market.
  • An unknown number of people logged onto the game during the event.

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How Enterprises Could One Day Use Their Data Centers to Be Their Own 5G Providers

  • The debates over both of these questions could determine whether an enterprise data center could attain the equipment to become its own phone company, complete with radio access networks (RAN), transmitters, and virtual base stations.
  • Secondly, she continued, telcos lack a common stack of services at the platform level, partly because pluralities of these services are provided by single VNFs. China Mobile is largely responsible for catalyzing 5G in the first place, conducting the initial research into denser installations of smaller, lower-cost transmitters that got AT&T; and others involved while 4G was still supposed to be in its prime.
  • In a first-generation VM-based environment (like in most data centers) vDPA would provide fast-path access between processes in the user space and the physical NIC by pairing the virtual function (VF) for the data plane directly with the NIC.

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The Oscars of the video game industry just celebrated the year's best games — These were the winners of The Game Awards 2019

  • The video game industry's biggest annual award show celebrated more than 100 different nominees spread across dozens of categories during a jam-packed ceremony that included musical performances and world premiere trailers.
  • The nominees for The Game Awards 2019 were led by titles like "Death Stranding," "Fortnite," "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice," "Apex Legends," and "Super Smash Bros.
  • Ultimate," all of which received three or more nominations.
  • The Game Awards also includes special categories for unique genres, independent releases, virtual reality, and esports.
  • Fans were able to vote for the winners in every category on the event's website, though The Game Awards judges make the final decisions.
  • The Game Awards advisory board includes executives from more than a dozen major gaming companies, including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Valve, and Tencent.

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The Drive-Thru: McDonald's black franchisees struggle, Chipotle stages a comeback, and we revisit In-N-Out

  • If someone forwarded you this email or it is your first time reading for some other reason, you can subscribe here!
  • This week, I can finally share the details of an investigation I've been working on for more than a month.
  • In November, I talked to the chain's CEO, CFO, and CTO about how the company pulled out of its downward spiral over the last year.
  • The most interesting thing about the turnaround, to me, was CEO Brian Niccol's focus on Chipotle's second make line, which the company renamed the digital make line earlier this year.
  • Read the full profile on Niccol — who used to be Taco Bell's CEO!
  • Read Shoshy's full story on Coke's plans on sparkling water here.
  • This week, Walmart pulled a controversial sweater that appeared to show Santa Claus doing cocaine.
  • First time reading The Drive-Thru?

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A Crash Course in Persistent Kubernetes Storage

  • Containers worked really well as a platform for hosting front end Web applications, for example, but they were not suitable for hosting things like database applications or anything else that required persistent storage.
  • Kubernetes exposes persistent storage to hosted applications through the use of persistent volumes (which are sometimes referred to as PVs).
  • Like a virtual machine volume, a persistent volume is created to be a specific size.
  • Another way that Kubernetes persistent volumes are similar to virtual machine volumes is how they are provisioned.
  • At this point in the process, the persistent volume does not have a relationship with any other Kubernetes objects, such as applications or pods.
  • A persistent volume claim (which is sometimes abbreviated as PVC) can be made either manually or dynamically, and makes a persistent storage volume available for use by a pod.

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Boneworks review: An absolute VR mess—yet somehow momentous

  • Everything you see can be touched, pushed, lifted, and manipulated by your hands and body according to their real-life size and weight.
  • And you must press against firm virtual objects, which will thus "push" your apparent grounding point in VR while you remain still in real life.
  • But this means you're doing things like looking down and jumping between platforms—a first-person traversal system that sucks enough in traditional games, let alone VR ones that yank your virtual perspective wildly.
  • Both of these can result in some bizarre glitching, especially since the game renders your virtual arms and legs at all times, which can get caught in the game's risers, ladders, and other geometry for no good reason.
  • The game forces you to walk, climb, and jump at a real-life pace through large zones and puzzles, and a single fall can drag your progress down enormously.

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Google Cloud gets a new family of cheaper general-purpose compute instances

  • Google Cloud today announced the launch of its new E2 family of compute instances.
  • The E2 family runs on standard Intel and AMD chips, but as Google notes, they also use a custom CPU scheduler “that dynamically maps virtual CPU and memory to physical CPU and memory to maximize utilization.” In addition, the new system is also smarter about where it places VMs, with the added flexibility to move them to other hosts as necessary.
  • “This performance is the result of years of investment in the Compute Engine virtualization stack and dynamic resource management capabilities.” It’ll be interesting to see some benchmarks that pit the E2 family against similar offerings from AWS and Azure.
  • For very small workloads, Google Cloud is also launching a set of E2-based instances that are similar to the existing f1-micro and g1-small machine types.

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