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Articles related to "walk"

I walked 5 miles in these sustainable sneakers from Soludos right out of the box and didn’t get any blisters or shin splits

  • The soles of the Ashore Sneaker are made with recycled rubber, which provides good cushioning and probably alleviated the shin splits I'm prone to.
  • In an Instagram post in early June, Soludos wrote, "Since May 15 you have sponsored the removal of 98,800 pieces of plastic from our shorelines!" That's pretty impressive since the sneakers launched around a month ago.
  • And although I found them to be very comfortable to wear all day, they don't have arch support or anything other than a soft rubber sole so people with flat feet or too-high arches might not find these sneakers as comfortable as I did.
  • Regardless, I've never worn shoes made from recycled plastic, and was impressed with the fit and feel of the Ashore Sneaker.
  • The knit upper makes for a comfortable and breathable shoe — which is exactly what I wanted — and I've worn them almost every day to work since I've gotten them.

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Getting Started with the Cake Walk Course: Adding Memory to the Cake Walk Skill to Remember the Customer’s Birthday

  • We could use session attributes, which are passed back and forth between our skill and the Alexa service via the request and the response.
  • Now that we’re able to read and write the birthday to our storage service, our customers will be thankful that we don’t have to ask for it every time they start the skill.
  • Our handler’s canHandle function needs to read the birthday from our storage service and return true if it exists.
  • Let’s take a look at how we would define an interceptor to read our birthday from our storage service once per session.
  • When you design your own skills and you determine that there’s some data that your skill needs to be able to recall, use persistent attributes to save it.

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Prince Harry picks up Diana's mantle on landmine removal

  • London (CNN) - Prince Harry has urged governments around the world to finally clear Angola of landmines, continuing the work of his mother, Princess Diana, who famously walked through minefields in the war-torn country months before her death.
  • In a speech on Monday, Harry referenced that famous walk and urged that demining efforts remain on the international agenda.
  • Harry previously visited Angola in 2013, following in his mother's footsteps to see the after-effects of the nation's decades-long civil war, which officially ended in 2002.
  • But Harry said that there is "still a huge amount to do," adding that reductions in funding for demining efforts in the region were "pretty shocking." Chatham House estimates that funding for the work has slumped by 90% over the past decade.

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