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Articles related to "warning"

IFTTT warns against migrating Nest devices to Google accounts

  • Google says it’s moving Nest devices over to a unified Google ecosystem for the sake of simplicity.
  • But simple can be complicated, as is certainly the case here.
  • In May, after user pushback, the company announced that it would maintain Works with Nest connections for some third-party integration.
  • IFTTT’s popular applets for the company’s camera, smoke detector and thermostat are among those exceptions.
  • That certainly bodes well for those user who took the time to ingrate IFTTT functionality.
  • However, users who opt to migrate a Nest account to a Google one will apparently break their connections in the process.
  • The organize issued a dual warning late last night, following a migration blog post encouraging users to migrate.
  • For its part, Google says it’s looking to bring similar automation functionality to Nest that presently requires third-party integration from services like IFTTTT.

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Kaspersky in the Middle – what could possibly go wrong?

  • So when I decided to look into Kaspersky Internet Security in December last year, I found it breaking up HTTPS connections so that it would get between the server and your browser in order to “protect” you.
  • So the goal is to make the user click “I understand the risks and wish to continue” on the certificate warning page.
  • See, if you reroute traffic to a malicious server and navigate to the site then, neither Firefox nor Chrome will give you the option to override the certificate warning.
  • But I noticed recently that Kaspersky Internet Security doesn’t support OCSP stapling, so if this application is active it will happily allow you to connect to a likely malicious server.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security isn’t merely listening in on connections to HTTPS sites, it is also actively modifying those.

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Boris Johnson urged to release secret official Brexit memo warning ministers about riots, soaring food prices and a deep recession

  • The former head of the civil service has urged Boris Johnson to release a confidential memo warning ministers about the severe consequences of a no-deal Brexit, which he says includes warnings about "rioting in the streets" if the UK leaves with no deal.
  • Extracts leaked in April — just three months before Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as prime minister — revealed Sedwill's warnings of civil unrest, food prices rising by 10% and a financial crash, if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.
  • The UK is currently scheduled to leave the EU on October 31, and Boris Johnson has pledged to deliver Brexit with or without a deal, despite warnings from business leaders that trade disruption would cause severe problems for many firms.

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Check out the gory, cringy images the FDA wants to put on cigarettes

  • The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday revealed 13 repulsive warnings it proposes adding to cigarette advertisements and packaging.
  • The FDA said the new warnings fulfill a mandate set by a 2009 law called The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (TCA).
  • The act required the agency to come up with fresh warnings for cigarette packages and ads to address the lingering public health issue.
  • To this day, cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the US, the agency notes.
  • Enlarge / An example of what the warnings would look like on a packet of cigarettes.FDAThe agency tried to fulfill the TCA’s mandate back in 2011, rolling out nine warnings and similarly graphic images.

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