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Articles related to "washington"

An American woman who was deemed too Western to raise her 4-year-old daughter in Saudi Arabia has one day left to appeal the kingdom's decision

  • An American mother who lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter after a Saudi Arabian court deemed her too Western to raise a child is racing to appeal the kingdom's decision.
  • In July, Washington state native Bethany Vierra lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter, Zaina, in a legal battle against the family of her ex-husband, Ghassan al-Haidari, in Saudi Arabia.
  • Vierra's parents, in Wenatchee, Washington, told CNN on Saturday that their daughter is racing against the clock to file an appeal on Sunday before the window closes.
  • She divorced al-Haidari in 2017, and launched a custody battle over their daughter thereafter.
  • Vierra has had custody of Zaina during the appeal process, but Myron Vierra said there is a warrant out for their daughter's arrest after she missed a child visitation with her ex-husband.
  • Her parents also said Vierra has been banned from leaving Saudi Arabia for 10 years.

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