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Articles related to "watch"

How to add and remove apps on your Apple Watch

  • Like the iPhone, Apple Watches come pre-loaded with set apps, including Activity (the app that tracks your progress toward daily, weekly, and monthly move, stand, and exercise goals), Breathe (a mindfulness app), Calendar (peek at events scheduled for the day and week ahead), and Messages (read and respond to texts without having to take out your phone).
  • But in the remaining space you have available, you'll likely want to add apps that don't come with the Apple Watch automatically.
  • Beyond the default apps, you can add additional apps manually or have compatible iPhone apps automatically installed by turning on Automatic App Install on your iPhone's Watch app.
  • To add new apps outside of what's already installed on your iPhone, head to the App Store tab in your iPhone's Watch app.

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Study shows Apple Watch might not live up to the hype

  • This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence Digital Health Briefing subscribers.
  • The results are in from Stanford University's Apple Heart Study, which was funded by Apple to determine the Apple Watch's accuracy in detecting irregular heart rhythms — and they reveal a mixed bag that could pull the reins in on Apple's health play, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • About 6 million US citizens suffer from AFib, a type of irregular heartbeat that can cause strokes; and in an attempt to curry favor with doctors, win over the support of older consumers, and more firmly establish its place in US healthcare, Apple set out to prove the role of its Watch in AFib detection.
  • Here's what it means: The study's findings call into question the Apple Watch's accuracy and effectiveness as a medical tool.

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Deloitte: U.S. consumers piece together their personalized entertainment experiences

  • High-quality, original content continues to be a dominant factor in streaming video growth, with 57 percent of current U.S. streaming consumers (and 71 percent of millennials, ages 22-35) subscribing to streaming video services to access original content.
  • Consumers are not only binge-watching in high numbers, they are also streaming movies, with 70 percent of millennials reporting they stream movies weekly, and 40 percent doing so daily.
  • While consumers are exercising their increased power to choose their own programming, nearly half (47 percent) are frustrated by the growing number of subscriptions and services required to watch what they want.
  • The gaming console is being used more often as an entertainment hub to stream TV/movie content (46 percent), watch online content (42 percent), browse the internet (34 percent), stream music (25 percent), and stream  esports (11 sports).

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