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Articles related to "web"

The Browser Monopoly

  • Rather, the tech monopoly that I wonder about is arguably one of the more mundane parts of the modern internet experience: your web browser, and its most likely source – Google.
  • But what Google was really doing was laying the groundwork for the ability to deliver all sorts of new online ad formats (like video) and complicated Javascript behind them that would help track and target users more effectively.
  • The wide adoption of browser-based tools are what make the difference between using a PC or a Mac largely a personal choice today at most companies, and what makes the whole SaaS industry run.
  • It is a very good browser with excellent features (I particularly like its Facebook Container feature, which came standard.) Nevertheless, Mozilla, the maker of Firefox and Silicon Valley non-profit institution, can simply never hope to meaningfully compete with the distribution advantages of a Google or Apple.

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#techtalksNarendra Shetty: Contributing to OSS Is a Great Way to Work on the Quality Codebase

  • Narendra Shetty is a passionate senior web developer who currently works at Twillio on building Twilio Flex, a programmable contact center.
  • In this interview, Narendra relates his inspiring story of moving out from India to the Netherlands and then the UK, the hardships he faced while transitioning, the importance of stepping out from your comfort zone, and a fear of public speaking, which he successfully overcame.
  • My time at Twilio so far has been great, again it’s out of my comfort zone, and I’m loving every bit of it.
  • It all started with React Amsterdam meetup, which gave me a platform to speak at, and ever since then, I’ve spoken about a couple of topics ranging from Web Performance, Animations & Transitions in React Native, AB Testing and now -- Programmable components.

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‘Unconscionable’: Why an online directory of rehab facilities doubled as a recipe book for drugs like GHB, crack, and meth

  • One tactic is to form a partnership with an online directory or information center — often called lead generators — that have high web traffic from people searching for information about drugs or rehab, according to David Curtis, an expert in addiction treatment marketing and founder of Blue Pig Media.
  • Another explanation is that people who are searching for drug recipes themselves will, in fact, become leads for treatment facilities, according to Jeffrey Lynne, a lawyer in Boca Raton, who advises rehab clinics.
  • But more likely, Curtis said, is that these pages were doorways that drove traffic to Addiction Resource — whether or not from people seeking treatment — and boosted the website's online visibility as a result.
  • Each time, the number routed me to the admission line for two different clinics that were listed on Addiction Resource as "treatment partners:" Legacy Healing Center and Delphi Behavioral Health Group.

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Kazakhstan surveillance attempts faces roadblock from Google and Mozilla

  • Google and Mozilla stepped up their efforts to block Kazakhstan’s government from intercepting web traffic within the country.
  • The move comes after reports from July suggested the government had instructed internet service providers to require people in the country to download and install a state-issued certificate on all devices (and in every browser) in order to access the web.
  • While Kazakhstan initially said the plan was to monitor cyber threats, the government did an about-turn earlier this month, stating the initial rollout was simply a test.
  • On the other hand, the side-effect of revoking this certificate is that users — when attempting to visit one of the 37 sites — will now be presented with an error message stating that the certificate should not be trusted.
  • To do so, affected users will have to install a VPN or use Tor browser to access impacted sites.

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Run .NET Core Apps Directly from a GitHub Gist

  • The easiest way to get started is to create a new project from a ServiceStack VS.NET Template.
  • Sharp Apps leverages #Script to develop entire content-rich, data-driven websites without needing to write any C#, compile projects or manually refresh pages - resulting in the easiest and fastest way to develop Web Apps in .NET!
  • The web tool is cross platform and the app global tool is great for Windows as it supports .NET Core Windows Desktop Apps.
  • And if you have a existing .NET Core web app you can launch it and run it in a Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) browser with "app foo.dll" Check out this example on how to make and run a .NET Core app on the Windows Desktop with #Script.

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#discussWhy Working Remotely Is a Double-Edged Sword

  • As time went by, my curiosity grew more and more and I slowly started learning about programming languages so I could finally solve the ever-growing mystery of imaginary animated characters residing in my analog cassettes, somehow being conjured to life by the unbearable screeching noise made by those same cassettes when played in my Walkman.
  • There is an observable tendency in the coding community to strive for management positions; some see it as a wage increase opportunity, while others just realize that coding is not for them, and can’t see themselves engaged in that sort of work in years to come.
  • The experience will always be valued, and every company needs both younger less experienced developers who get less fatigued by working long hours, and older more experienced ones who, like it or not, have some age-induced limits.

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A Beginner’s Introduction to Python Web Frameworks

  • In short, a web framework is a package of generic functionalities that makes creating web apps easier for the developer.
  • By offering ready-made solutions, web app frameworks help developers add complex and dynamic elements that would otherwise be very difficult or time-consuming to develop from scratch.
  • Django’s trademark is that it offers all the tools you need to build a web application within a single package, from low- to high-end.
  • Unlike Django, Pyramid is trivial to customize, allowing you to create features in ways that the authors of the framework themselves hadn’t foreseen.
  • Pyramid is a self-proclaimed “start small, finish big, stay finished framework.” This makes it an appropriate tool for experienced developers who are not afraid of playing the long game and working extra hard in the beginning, without shipping a single feature within the first few days.

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Microsoft Edge preview builds are ready to try

  • You can install the preview builds on all supported versions of Windows or macOS, and explore syncing capabilities with the current version of the Microsoft Edge mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Microsoft may make preview, insider, beta or other pre-release versions of the Software (“Previews”) available to you.
  • We recommend installing Previews on non-production devices that are not business critical because you are more likely to experience crashes, setting and policy changes, loss of data or apps, feature and functionality changes, cause other apps to stop working, be updated, or removed from your device automatically without notice and other potential issues.
  • By accepting this agreement and using the Software you agree that Microsoft may collect, use, and disclose the information as described in the Microsoft Privacy Statement at, and as may be described in the user interface associated with the Software features.

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React vs Angular: A Comparison

  • One of the main difference between Angular and React is that AngularJS is a full-fledged javascript framework which is based on MVC architecture.
  • Another important difference between Angular and React is the behavior of the DOM.
  • As it is a full-fledged MVC framework, Angular supports two-way data binding.
  • The way of rendering data may differ in angular and react, but the components are common in both.
  • React uses javascript for writing logics of the app.
  • Clearly, in the popularity, ReactJS is the winner, but as I said earlier, this does not mean React is better.
  • Both Angular and React are heavily used in modern web development.
  • Angular and React are the most popular and widely used web framework and library, respectively.
  • Either way, whether it’s React or Angular, it is highly recommended to use tools like Bit to share your components and collaborate with your team.

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Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser is now in beta

  • Microsoft today launched the first beta builds of its new, Chromium-based Edge browser for Windows and Mac. The new beta channel, which will see a new update roughly every six weeks, will join the existing dev and canary channels, which will continue to see daily and weekly updates, respectively.
  • With this — and a sufficient amount of telemetry it also received from early adopters — the company now feels that it knows enough about how well Edge works on a wide range of machines and that it is stable enough for enthusiasts, web developers and business users to give it a try before its wider release.
  • Just like Chrome, Firefox and most other browsers, Microsoft will continue to test new features in the Canary and Developer builds before enabling them in the beta builds.
  • Personally, I switched to the new Edge shortly after the first Developer and Canary releases and have been on the daily update channel ever since.

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