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Articles related to "weeks"

Actor Sam Elliott narrates Biden campaign ad aired during World Series

  • Washington (CNN) - Actor Sam Elliott narrated an ad for Joe Biden's presidential campaign that aired on Tuesday during the first game of the World Series.
  • The expensive national ad buy during Major League Baseball's highly watched annual championship series highlights Biden's substantial cash advantage over President Donald Trump less than two weeks from Election Day. The ad buy is estimated at about $4 million, according to Campaign Media Analysis Group data.
  • That money has allowed the campaign to spend on some of the nation's most expensive ad time, including airing a series of ads during a slate of NFL games.
  • Trump's campaign entered October with just $63.1 million in remaining cash reserves, while Biden had nearly three times that amount at more than $177 million.
  • Trump's campaign has been outspent by Biden on television ads in recent weeks, particularly in the three key swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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Long-term unemployed are exhausting state benefits

  • Once they exhaust these payments, they shift to the pandemic emergency unemployment compensation program, which Congress passed in late March to provide those out of work with another 13 weeks of benefits.
  • In most states, they can then join the extended benefit program -- a standing program that provides the jobless with up to 20 weeks of payments depending on the state and its level of unemployment.
  • Until mid-August, the unemployment rate in every state but South Dakota was high enough for the extended benefit program to trigger on at some point in the year.
  • He will then apply for the pandemic unemployment assistance program, which Congress created in March to provide temporary benefits of up to 39 weeks for certain people affected by the coronavirus, as well as those not traditionally eligible, such as freelancers.

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Donald Trump's new message to suburban women? I fixed the dishwasher!

  • That Trump would even put voice to such a ridiculous argument reveals that he is still existing in a "Mad Men" sort of world, in which women are frazzled housewives who are focused solely on making sure the laundry is done, the dishes are washed and there's a warm meal on the table before their husband gets home from his exhausting day of earning the family's keep at work.
  • That warped view of what women -- including housewives -- do and value comes after Trump has spent weeks trying to scare suburban women into voting for him.
  • The message here is pretty simple: If you vote for Biden this fall, you will have gangs roaming your streets, "low income" housing next door to you and a dishwasher that doesn't effectively clean the dishes.

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