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Articles related to "wilkins"

The Structure of DNA

  • The now famous ‘Photograph 51’, together with other unpublished data of Franklin’s that Perutz had shown Watson and Crick, told the pair that DNA did indeed form a helix, and that the structure consisted of two chains running in opposite directions.
  • It was agreed between the two groups that they would publish three papers simultaneously in Nature, with the King’s researchers commenting on the fit of Watson and Crick’s structure to the experimental data, and Franklin and Gosling publishing Photograph 51 for the first time7,8.
  • The Cambridge pair acknowledged in their paper that they knew of “the general nature of the unpublished experimental results and ideas” of the King’s workers, but it wasn’t until The Double Helix, Watson’s explosive account of the discovery, was published in 1968 that it became clear how they obtained access to those results.

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