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Articles related to "wireless"

5G was going to unite the world—instead it’s tearing us apart

  • The 5G dispute centers on Huawei, arguably China’s most important tech company, with a dominant position in networking equipment, a big smartphone business, and increasingly sophisticated chips.
  • The technical specifications for 5G are developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a coalition of standards organizations from the US, Europe, China, Japan, India, and South Korea.
  • Last month, the US government clarified a rule allowing US companies to work with Huawei on technical standards, after previous versions apparently caused US firms to lessen their involvement in standard-shaping.
  • Samm Sacks, a cybersecurity policy and China digital economy fellow at New America, notes that the US is increasingly taking a more offensive approach to competition with China in areas such as artificial intelligence, chip development, and 5G, by proposing more investment in chipmaking technology and promoting open communications standards.

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Celebrate the Fourth with seven fantastic electronics offers to outfit your home

  • TLDR: These seven electronics offers in celebration of the Fourth shave up to $130 off your purchase price.
  • But in addition to making your shots look like a Scorsese production, the Moza Mini-MI also features wireless charging as well as an input port, so your phone can survive the rigorous battery demands of video shooting without breaking a sweat.
  • With superfast USB 3.1 data transfer speeds, your information loads quickly — and this drive is also OS and platform independent, so it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and virtually any other device with a USB port.
  • The EvaSMART 2 combines the power of home air conditioning with the precision and portability of a desktop unit, capable of creating a micro-climate of comfort in any space, all at a fraction of the price of cooling the whole house.

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Qualcomm: Upcoming 5G NR-U Creates Opportunities for New MSPs

  • Businesses that maintain large office facilities, manufacturing spaces, and corporate campuses could soon become their own 5G service providers, if engineers in the network virtualization space have their way.
  • Managed service providers, they said, could be among the first to build and operate wide-area wireless networks, on behalf of the businesses that will host them.
  • That may seem counter-intuitive at first:  Why would a business or enterprise spend good money to hire a telco like AT&T;, Verizon, or T-Mobile to manage a wireless network on a small scale, when it’s already being served by one or more of these same institutions on a large scale?
  • It may be in telcos’ best interests to make 5G “NaaS” (as it may or may not end up being called) available as soon as possible, especially because an ecosystem of smaller wireless providers may emerge, without the mandate of purchasing spectrum licenses from the FCC.

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Sprint 5G is no more, as T-Mobile focuses on its own network

  • A day after formally completing the sale of Boost, Virgin and other Sprint prepaid networks to Dish, T-Mobile is pulling the plug on Sprint 5G.
  • The move is one in a long list of issues that need sorting out in the wake of April’s $26.5 billion merger.
  • T-Mobile already started the process in New York City, a few weeks after the merger and has since completed it in a handful of other cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. As CNET notes, while most existing Sprint 5G customers won’t be able to make the transition with their existing device, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G users are in the clear here.
  • For everyone else, T-Mobile is offering up credits on leases for new 5G handsets.
  • Along with the sale of Boost, 5G was a big selling point for T-Mobile’s Sprint acquisition.

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Best AirPods deals July 2020

  • Surprisingly, they’re no stranger to the occasional price cut — even the more expensive AirPods Pro that offer noise cancellation and better sound than the standard second-generation model is commonly around $20 off its usual price.
  • We’ll run through all three of the current models below, including the second-generation AirPods, the more expensive second-generation AirPods that include a wireless charging case, and finally, the AirPods Pro. You can currently find the best price on Apple’s most affordable AirPods at several retailers, like Best Buy, Amazon, B&H Photo, Target, and Walmart.
  • Apple’s high-end truly wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro, are frequently available for less than their $249 retail price.
  • Compared to the options above, the AirPods Pro have better sound quality, noise cancellation, and coming at some point is Apple’s new spatial audio feature.

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Grab an excellent Razer Viper gaming mouse for a new low of $50

  • Today's Dealmaster is headlined by a new low price on the Razer Viper, one of our favorite wired gaming mice for most players.
  • While there are plenty of cheaper mice out there, even at this deal price, the Viper is a decidedly premium device both in terms of comfort and performance.
  • (Though it'll likely be more comfortable with a claw or fingertip grip than a palm grip, especially if you have large hands.) Its rubberized sides help you keep a better grip on the device, and the design is truly ambidextrous, with two customizable side buttons on its left and right.
  • It's also worth mentioning that Razer sells a Viper Mini mouse for $40—that's not a bad device, but it drops a couple side buttons, lacks the rubberized side grips, is a bit too small for larger hands, and generally doesn't perform as well as the regular Viper.

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Dish now owns Boost Mobile, following sale from T-Mobile

  • Dish now owns Boost Mobile, bringing Dish — after years of speculation — into the consumer wireless market where it can start to compete with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Dish says the new Boost Mobile has more than 9 million subscribers.
  • It’s a start, but it means Boost is incredibly tiny compared to the big carriers, which have 100 million subscribers or more.
  • Over the coming years, Dish plans to build out a 5G network and become a full-on competitor to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Dish has spent years buying up wireless spectrum that could be used for a mobile network, but it hadn’t built that out or launched a consumer service until now.
  • Approval of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger was heavily predicated on the idea that Dish would fill the gap left by Sprint and become a new fourth nationwide carrier.

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Google’s Stadia controller finally works wirelessly with Android devices

  • It has taken more than six months, but Google’s Stadia controller now finally works wirelessly with Android devices.
  • Google originally launched its Stadia service back in November as a subscription to stream games to TVs, Android phones, and the web.
  • Wireless controller support was strangely missing at launch for Android devices, which meant you had to awkwardly connect the Stadia controller using USB.
  • While the delay to wireless Android controller support hasn’t been ideal, Google has been gradually improving Stadia and bringing the features it originally promised during the cloud streaming service’s initial unveiling.
  • 4K streaming via the web launched in March, and Google’s Stadia free service was made available in April.
  • Despite the free version and more games gradually being added to the subscription, Stadia still lacks a sold pool of players and multiplayer games to deliver on Google’s bold ambition.

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Refurbished AirPods with a wireless charging case are almost half off

  • Apple’s second-generation AirPods that include a wireless charging case cost $170 if you buy them new, but Best Buy is offering a very good deal on refurbished models if you want to save another $60.
  • This refurbished set of second-generation AirPods is $110, the best price we’ve seen yet, and they come with all of the original accessories.
  • Best Buy claims that they are tested, though your mileage may vary in terms of whether there are scratches on the charging case.
  • These are covered with a 90-day warranty through Best Buy. While that’s nowhere near as good as the one-year coverage you’ll get with buying a new unit, that’s the trade-off for saving almost $100 on the original price.
  • Compared to the first-generation model, this one has the H1 wireless chip that offers faster switching between connected devices, as well as Hey Siri voice commands.

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Apple might not include a charger with the iPhone 12. Good

  • To me, the scale of the e-waste problem outweighs the potential frustration that Apple is getting one over on consumers by making them buy a charger separately.
  • First, Apple can solve a lot of that potential resentment by simply offering consumers a choice: a free charger with an iPhone or an Apple Store gift card for an equal value.
  • Second, I’d like Apple to finally do the right thing and switch the iPhone to USB-C.
  • Existing iPhone users have chargers and cables sitting around to charge their new phones, but asking them to switch to USB-C and buy chargers is a bridge too far.
  • This year, the angst about charging will be whether or not Apple puts a power adapter in the box.

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