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Articles related to "world"

How carbon nanotubes built this bizarre ultrablack material

  • Imagine shining a flashlight on a black surface and seeing...
  • I was at Surrey NanoSystems, the company that makes the black material I was marveling at.
  • Vantablack is made from carbon nanotubes, which are tiny carbon cylinders with walls as thin as one atom.
  • This makes it confusing to look at, flattening 3D objects as flat, empty black blobs.
  • Carbon nanotubes have real-world applications beyond Vantablack.
  • Nanotubing has been touted as a wonder material since its discovery, thanks to high thermal and electrical conductivity combined with great mechanical strength.
  • In the meantime, producing nanotubes has led to happy accidents like discovering one of the blackest materials on Earth.
  • So while we are waiting for the broader promise of carbon nanotubes to change the world, check out the video above to explore the mind-bending illusions of Vantablack.

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SpaceX's spacefaring Tesla Roadster has made a full trip around the Sun

  • Somewhere in space, a mannequin wearing a SpaceX spacesuit and driving a cherry red original Tesla Roadster that once belonged to Elon Musk is celebrating its first trip around the sun.
  • The absurd ‘Starman’ and Roadster combo was launched last year aboard the first Falcon Heavy test flight from Kennedy Space Center, and has now completed a full orbit of the Sun, baed on tracking info monitored by the site (via
  • The Roadster and its fake driver were selected by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk as the payload for the Falcon Heavy’s first flight in part because there was more than a decent chance that whatever was sent up on that first trip was going to end up little more than ash or fiery debris, but the launch actually went very smoothly – despite warnings to the contrary by Musk himself.

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CZ Claims Binance's Venus Stablecoin Project to Help Facebook's Libra

  • By CCN Markets: Binance has announced today its Venus stablecoin project that many deem as a competitor to Facebook's upcoming Libra crypto.
  • While Facebook seeks to conquer the global financial world with Libra, Binance wants Venus to stay in the regional waters instead, the company said in a blog post.
  • According to CZ, the goal with Venus is to boost crypto adoption, and the exchange's upcoming project can potentially help Libra.
  • Libra is the crypto of the corporate and tech world with the goal of serving the company's stablecoin to millions of people as part of a global payment system Facebook is building.
  • As the two crypto projects serve two different purposes, people can use Venus for local national currency payments and Libra for global transactions side-by-side.

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Ori and the Blind Forest comes to Nintendo Switch

  • Microsoft published Moon Studios’ excellent Metroidvania platformer, but now Ori and the Blind Forest is coming to a Nintendo platform.
  • On September 27, you can get Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch.
  • Nintendo announced this as part of its Indie World showcase.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest debuted in 2015.
  • And it was GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti’s game of the year.
  • Microsoft published the game original, and Xbox Game Studios is also responsible for publishing the Switch version.
  • But Microsoft seems less interested in holding exclusive indie games close to its chest.
  • It previously brought Cuphead to the Switch earlier this year.
  • And no one is going to end their membership to Xbox Game Pass just because they can play a former Xbox exclusive that is two-to-four years old.

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Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin 'Reveal' Is an Epic Fail

  • By CCN Markets: The latest self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto overpromised and underdelivered in Part 1 of his "big reveal" — probably to the surprise of no one in crypto.
  • Moreover, "Nakamoto" says he has become disillusioned with bitcoin because it's being used for criminal activity and has been "hijacked by greed." These sentiments mirror the assertions of Craig Wright — the other self-proclaimed Satoshi.
  • Interestingly, Nakamoto claims his "closest ally and mentor" was deceased computer scientist Hal Finney.
  • As CCN reported, Finney was an early bitcoin contributor who many in the crypto world believe was the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Nakamoto claims that he and Hal Finney started collaborating on a peer-to-peer electronic cash system from 2006 to 2008.
  • Surprisingly, this Satoshi's outlandish yarn makes the other self-proclaimed Nakamoto — Craig Wright — sound super-credible by comparison.

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#MyPalestinianSitty: Feud between Rep. Tlaib and Israel spurs odes to grandmothers

  • The dispute over US Rep. Rashida Tlaib's canceled plans to visit her aging Palestinian grandmother has been rife with ugliness.
  • Tlaib and her congressional colleague, Rep. Ilhan Omar, had planned to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories this month, but the Israeli government banned them over their support for boycotting and divesting from the nation.
  • Tlaib's supporters cited the move as evidence that Israel feared the world knowing the truth about its occupation of the Palestinian territories.
  • The next day, the #MyPalestinianSitty hashtag emerged when Shatha Odeh came to Tlaib's defense, posting old photos of her grandmother.
  • Tlaib and Omar also joined in the postings, with Tlaib sharing photos of both of her grandmothers -- Muftiyah Tlaib, who the lawmaker had hoped to visit in the West Bank, and her other grandmother, "one fierce woman" from Beit Hanina who nobody messed with.

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Install and manage multiple Java versions on Linux using alternatives

  • I decided to do this post after getting some questions on how do I manage multiple java versions in my Development environments if I use something to manage it like Sdkman, which I don't, in this post I will explain why.
  • Java is the most used programming language for developing complex and enterprise software and it has by far the better ecosystem with it's available libraries, IDEs and tooling.
  • My preferred development environment is Linux so I'd rather use Linux alternatives to manage java SDK installations as it's built-in in Linux and allow you to manage not only java but any other binaries you want to manage and make accessible in your command line when using Linux.
  • I will guide you to the process of installing Java 11 and running your first Hello World application using it.

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Seymour Cray: An Appreciation (1997)

  • Seeking a way to cool the machine he built in 1985, at the time the fastest computer in the world, he characteristically chose to immerse it in artificial blood.
  • He soon became chief architect of the 6600 machine, released in 1963 and regarded by many as the world's first true supercomputer, offering 9 Mflops (million floating-point operations per second) of processing power.
  • Asked to write a five-year plan for the company, his response was: "Five year goal: Build the biggest computer in the world.
  • CDC maintained their world lead with the 7600, also designed by Cray, running at 40 Mflops.
  • In 1995, Cray's company ran into financial trouble, and the planned Cray-4 machine was never completed.
  • Although Cray said of himself in an interview with the Smithsonian Institute in May 1995, "I was one of those nerds before the name was popular", he will be fondly remembered as the father of the supercomputer, a man whose genius changed the world.

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“The Nemo effect” is untrue: animal movies promote awareness, not harm

  • Results from scientists at the University of Oxford published in the journal Ambio today, show that the links between consumer-demand for wildlife and blockbuster movies are largely unfounded.
  • The researchers looked at data on online search patterns, from the Google Trends platform, fish purchase data from a major US importer of ornamental fish and visitation data from 20 Aquaria across the US.Their results show that, counter to popular narratives, by focusing on lesser-known species, blockbuster movies can actually bring attention to species that would normally not receive attention, illuminating animal diversity and environmental threats that are of societal concern.
  • Lead researcher, Diogo Veríssimo, from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, said: ‘We think these narratives are so compelling because they are based on a clear causal link that is plausible, relating to events that are high profile - Finding Dory was one of the highest grossing animated movies in history.

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The World's First Solar Road Has Officially Crumbled Into a Total Failure

  • In July, the French daily newspaper Le Monde reported that the 0.6-mile (1 kilometre) solar road was a fiasco.
  • French officials said the road, made of photovoltaic panels, would generate electricity to power streetlights in Tourouvre, a local town.
  • It was all smiles and high hopes in 2016, when the world's first solar panel road, called Wattway, opened.
  • France spent US$5.2 million on 0.6 miles (1 kilometre) of road, and 30,000 square feet (3,000 square metres) of solar panels.
  • The French minister for energy said she wanted to have solar panels on one mile of road every 621 miles in the country within the next five years.
  • The trial road was meant to produce about 150,000 kWh a year, which is enough power to provide light for up to 5,000 people, every day.

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