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Articles related to "world"

Humanity is waging a 'suicidal' war on nature, UN chief warns

  • Two authoritative new reports -- one from the World Meteorological Organization and the other from the United Nations Environment Programme -- "spell out how close we are to climate catastrophe," said Guterres.
  • The UN chief laid out in stark terms the damage already done to the environment and warned that countries risked losing the opportunity afforded by the coronavirus pandemic to reset their priorities on climate change and environmental protections if they do not act now.
  • The World Meteorological Organization's annual climate report, released Wednesday, reveals that this year is on track to be one of the three warmest on record globally, despite the cooling effects of La Niña.
  • In conclusion, Guterres called for solidarity as the world faces a "moment of truth for people and planet alike" and urged leaders to follow the blueprint set out by the Paris Agreement and other climate and development goals.

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My return to ‘No Man’s Sky’ was a reminder of death and the void

  • And despite it being possibly the worst thing to play when you’re skirting the border of a mid-life crisis, it’s swallowed me whole.
  • And yet, I can’t bring myself to put No Man’s Sky down, burning a couple of hours on it every night for the past three weeks.
  • It only takes a couple of hours in the title’s mid-game before the obvious busywork of finding a story point and being made to trek out to find raw materials gets tedious.
  • Or doing my usual routine of finding a new planet, dropping my signal booster and hoping to find a drop pod nearby, Maybe picking up a couple of old relics from inside a cave if I happen to be passing one along the way.
  • Although I’ve devoted almost no time to turning my base into an object of desire, since my focus has been to try and advance through the story instead.

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Secret Compound In Ancient Aztec Medicine Could Be Big Pharma’s Dream

  • Between the treatments they’ve identified and devices they’re in the process of developing, they have the potential to own a significant share of this booming market.
  • But at this point, there are very few treatments in psychiatry that have been proven to help treat PTSD and relieve people of past trauma.
  • This could be incredibly promising news for the millions of people who experience a concussion each year – whether that was due to a fall, accident, military service, or any other head injury.
  • That includes bringing multiple drugs to FDA approval, helping another treatment reach the clinical evaluation stage, and assisting in negotiating the sale of one of these companies.
  • With his experience both bringing treatments to FDA approval and negotiating high-level business deals, this makes the potential of Lobe look even more promising.

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Elon Musk Predicts Tesla Will Have Level 5 Full Self Driving Will Be Ready in 2021

  • Elon Musk is highly confident Tesla will have level 5 full self-driving ready in 2021 and will release it to Tesla customers in 2021.
  • Some jurisdictions will allow full self-driving in 2021.
  • By 2030, about 70%+ of new cars will be electric and all will be full self-driving.
  • It will take about 20 years to replace the entire fleet.

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One Web Satellite Emerges From Bankruptcy and Returns to Full Satellite Production

  • OneWeb, the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) broadband satellite communications company,is emerging from U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is restarting production of satellites.
  • A consortium of UK Government (through the UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and Bharti Global, has invested $1 billion of new equity to offer broadband connectivity services, via a constellation of 650 LEO satellites.
  • A factory near Kennedy Space Center is returning to full production of eight satellites a week.
  • OneWeb Satellites’ factory began operations in March 2019, to build satellites for OneWeb’s planned constellation of up to 650 broadband communications satellites.
  • The company made over 70 satellites in 12 months.
  • SpaceX Starlink has about 955 satellites in orbit and is launching about 180 new satellites every month.
  • SpaceX should have 1440 satellites deployed for its full phase 1 by February or March.

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Computer Science Degree – Is it worthy it? Should You Get it?

  • If you google right now, what are the best majors to study in college, it's a guarantee that Computer Science (CS) will be on almost every list.
  • So I didn't want to make same mistakes I did during high school years...I intentionally made a choice of choosing a major field of study that will be lucrative and pretty much guarantee me success.
  • Armored with that research plus a lot of other information I got from friends who were already studying CS and those who graduated with good jobs, I narrowed into Computer Science.
  • After all college is a big investment both in terms of money and time, so pick both your majors and career carefully.
  • Then once you know whom you want to become...look for resources that will allow you to do that...these might involves a major in college, maybe a minor, books, online courses, tools used in the industry etc.

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Health impacts of climate change have reached 'worrying' levels

  • The impacts of climate change on people’s health around the world, including deaths due to heatwaves and the consequences of food insecurity, are at their “most worrying” since an international initiative began tracking them five years ago.
  • All 16 indicators of the health impacts of a warming world are worsening, the Lancet Countdown report published today shows.
  • The report found that between 2000 and 2018, the number of heat-related deaths each year in people aged over 65 jumped by almost 54 per cent to 296,000 globally.
  • More than half of 196 countries saw an increase in the risk of people exposed to wildfires between 2016-2019, compared with 2001-2004.
  • “At the moment health is not featuring among the NDCs in the way that it needs to,” says Hamilton, who is director of the Lancet Countdown initiative.

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Arecibo Telescope Collapses Today Before It Could Be Dismantled Safely

  • A few weeks ago, Nextbigfuture noted the plan to dismantle the Arecibo Telescope after some wires and small sections of the telescope failed.
  • However, the vast majority of the Arecibo telescope has collapsed.
  • The various towers and cables are now mostly down.
  • Ada Monzon has a photo where the dust is still settling.
  • The entire receiver and support structures collapsed.

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'Fake news' about a Covid-19 vaccine has become a second pandemic, Red Cross chief says

  • Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said in a virtual briefing to the UN Correspondents Association on Monday that governments and institutions needed to implement measures to combat growing mistrust and misinformation.
  • The leader of the world's largest humanitarian aid network said his organization shares "the sense of relief and optimism" that developments in Covid-19 vaccines bring.
  • But governments and institutions "have to build trust in the communities" where misinformation has taken root, he added.
  • There is growing hesitancy about vaccines around the world, particularly the Covid-19 vaccine, said Rocca.
  • Last month, British scientists warned that the United Kingdom may not meet the threshold of vaccine uptake to protect the community because of misinformation, mistrust and public hesitancy to take a coronavirus vaccine.

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An open letter to my friends with fuck you money

  • Why do they get to sit at the secret tables, pull the secret strings, and live in the future while you're stuck in the present running into your employees at brunch as if you were an ordinary middle manager at Geek Squad?
  • (Is South of France still where assholes with private jets go while everything is falling apart?) I don't understand your world nearly as well, but hey, we're all white males.
  • The bus driver pulled over, a couple of people forced the man out, and everyone went about their day, shaken, but with this particular problem out of their lives forever.
  • There will be no houses in San Francisco, no seats to covet, no strings to pull, no private jets, and no South of France.

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