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Articles related to "worth"

The most insidious type of cheating isn't physical — here are 9 signs your partner could be guilty

  • In her 2012 book, "Chatting or Cheating," licensed marriage and family therapist Sheri Meyers outlines some key indicators that your partner might be involved in an emotional affair.
  • Remember: Just because you recognize some of these behaviors in your partner doesn't necessarily mean they've been unfaithful.
  • If your partner really is having an emotional affair, they may try to distance themselves from you.
  • At some point, you may start to gently probe to see what's really happening between your partner and another person.
  • Your partner's sexual behavior toward you might fall into one of two extremes.
  • Meyers has noticed that, when your partner's having an emotional affair, they "may spark conversations asking you something along the lines of ...
  • Again, your partner's behavior might follow one of two extreme patterns, Meyers says.

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MTV VMAs 2018: How Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and More of This Year's Wealthiest Performers Stay Rich

  • Held in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, the show begins at 8 p.m. Eastern, with the awards officially starting at 9 p.m. Topping the list of nominations are Childish Gambino, The Carters (Jay-Z and Beyoncé), Bruno Mars, and Ariana Grande.
  • While her exact net worth isn’t known, estimates, including MTV’s breakdown from sales of branded perfume and track downloads, put her in the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Last year, the performer, along with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus, helped raise over $3 million in a benefit concert for Manchester, England, where a suicide bomber killed 22 people in a concert hall where Grande was scheduled to headline the show.
  • Performing again at this year’s VMAs, 32-year-old superstar Mars earned a reported $100 million between 2017 and 2018, according to Forbes.

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How software is helping the Internet of Things evolve

  • To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly as companies around the world connect thousands of devices every day.
  • But behind those devices, there's a sector worth hundreds of billions of dollars supporting the IoT.
  • Platforms are the glue that holds the IoT together, allowing users to take full advantage of the disruptive potential of connected devices.
  • These platforms allow the IoT to achieve its transformational potential, letting businesses manage devices, analyze data, and automate the workflow.
  • In a new report, Business Insider Intelligence examines the evolving IoT platform ecosystem.
  • We size the market and identify the primary growth drivers that will power the IoT platform space in the next five years.
  • And we profile many of the top IoT platforms, discussing key trends in the platform industry like platform consolidation.

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What the hell is the deal with Tether?

  • (It’s really quite something that we’re talking about some evidence, rather than an actual audit, for the existence of nearly three billion, with a “B,” dollars which are theoretically backing a very widely used asset.) Furthermore they appear to have banking relationships in Puerto Rico, and/or with ING, and the massive growth in total bank deposits in Puerto Rico over the last year or so roughly corresponds with the number of Tethers which have been issued in that time.
  • As long as a cryptocurrency exchange believes that one Tether is worth one dollar, you can just use your Tether to buy bitcoin, or ether, or whatevercoin, and then transfer / convert that to dollars.
  • In the interim, this misconduct-tinged fog will continue to cover their entire enterprise … and their users won’t care, as long as one Tether buys you exactly as much bitcoin as one dollar, on every cryptocurrency exchange which supports them.

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Facebook addiction linked to staking your self-worth on social acceptance

  • A study published in Computers in Human Behavior found that people who believed they needed to be socially accepted in order to have worth as a person were at higher risk of using Facebook in compulsive and maladaptive way.
  • Previous research has examined the relationship between self-esteem and Facebook use.
  • The researchers from Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology sought to expand on the prior work by examining contingencies of self-worth, meaning the contingencies which are viewed as primary sources of self-esteem.
  • For those who view social acceptance as an important contingency, feelings of self-worth depend on the approval of others.
  • The researchers also conducted a 3-week daily diary study with 80 undergraduate psychology students, which found that levels of Facebook addiction tended to increase on days when levels of social acceptance contingencies were higher.
  • In both studies, social acceptance contingencies predicted Facebook addiction over and above global self-esteem levels.

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The Amateur Cloud Society That (Sort Of) Rattled the Scientific Community (2016)

  • They were everywhere, he told me recently, “these voluptuous clouds, like the sofas of the saints.” But outside, when Pretor-Pinney looked up, the real Roman sky was usually devoid of clouds.
  • (“We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned and that life would be immeasurably poorer without them,” it began.) Pretor-Pinney wasn’t offering members of his new Cloud Appreciation Society any perks or activities, but to keep it all from feeling ephemeral or imaginary, as many things on the Internet do, he eventually decided that membership should cost $15 and that members would receive a badge and certificate in the mail.
  • Then, Yahoo placed the Cloud Appreciation Society first on its 2005 list of Britain’s “Weird and Wonderful websites.” People kept clicking on that clickbait, which wasn’t necessarily surprising, but thousands of them also clicked through to Pretor-Pinney’s own website, then paid for memberships.

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This royal family’s wealth could be more than $1 trillion

  • The British royal family has an estimated net worth of $88 billion, according to business consultancy firm Brand Finance.
  • That distinction likely goes to the House of Saud, the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia.
  • Much like their British counterparts, the members of the Saudi royal family are notoriously private about their fortune.
  • One of the most influential members of the royal family is King Salman of Saudi Arabia, who succeeded his late brother Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2015.
  • Reportedly worth $17 billion, the 82-year-old has handed over much of the country's leadership to his son and heir to the throne Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, 32.
  • In an effort to clamp down on corruption last year, the crown prince forced the country's richest people to turn over their fortunes to the state, including many of his own relatives.

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NFL star Rob Gronkowski earned $10.5 million last season — here's how he spends his money

  • Rob Gronkowski, the superstar tight end for the NFL's New England Patriots, earned $10.5 million last season, including a $2.5 million bonus for being named an All-Pro — the fifth time in his career that "Gronk" has achieved the honor.
  • In fact, he says he hasn't touched any of his career NFL earnings, including the six-year $54 million contract he signed in 2012.
  • This week, Gronkowski appeared on the Uninterrupted online video series "Kneading Dough" and said that he still lives by the same code — spending only the money he earns from endorsement deals with brands like Dunkin' Donuts, Nike, and BodyArmor sports drink.
  • On "Kneading Dough," Gronkowski said that one teammate came to him asking if he should buy a used Hummer for $22,000.

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How Cardi B rose to super-fame — and built her net worth to a reported $8 million in just a few years

  • Born Belcalis Almanzar, the Bronx native, self-proclaimed "Trap Selena" went from moonlighting as an adult entertainer to Billboard-topping rapper faster than most finish a college degree.
  • Add several endorsement deals and well, you eclipse a net worth of an estimated $8 million and counting, according to Celebrity Net Worth.
  • VH1 Introduced as a "Regular, degular, schmegular girl from the Bronx" Cardi joined VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: New York" in 2015 during season six and quickly rose to fan-favorite status.
  • Atlantic Records, Cardi's label, released her debut single "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" that day and one month later, "Bodak Yellow" entered the top two of Billboard's Hot 100 list.
  • In September 2017, AOL estimated her wealth was between $4 and 5 million and just seven months later on September 25th, rose to a reported $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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Net worth of just $200,000 and zero retirement savings mean this Alberta couple’s options are limited

  • Using that money to pay down a $15,400 trailer loan which carries a 7.98 per cent interest rate that costs them $208 per month to service would be a good start.
  • If Sally and Mike raise their present $1,575 monthly payments to $3,575 with liberated cash and their monthly surplus, the outstanding balance of $265,494 will be gone in seven more years at their respective ages of 64 and 62.
  • If there is money left after helping pay off student loans or buying new vehicles, for theirs will be quite old by then, it can go into tax-free savings.
  • At 65, they can add CPP of $10,698 for Sally and $11,508 for Mike and two Old Age Security benefits of $7,160 each for total income of $78,790.
  • The total cost for retiring at 60 would thus be about $2,858 per month, about half the income they could expect at age 65.

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