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Articles related to "worth"

These are the states with the highest average tax refunds

  • Texas taxpayers received the largest average income tax refund in 2016, according to IRS data.
  • We estimate that the average tax refund in Oklahoma could cover over four months' worth of housing costs.
  • In total, Louisiana taxpayers received 1.65 million tax refunds, worth $5.07 billion.
  • Using Census Bureau data we estimate that the average tax refund in Louisiana could pay for one-third of a year's worth of housing costs.
  • According to Census Bureau data, the median home costs $677 per month, that means the average tax refund of $2,953 is worth 4.36 months' worth of housing costs.
  • Thanks to high housing costs in the Garden State, the average tax refund of $2,943 will cover less than two months' worth of housing costs.
  • We then ranked the states from highest average income tax refund to lowest.

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You can buy some of Patagonia's best-sellers at a rare discount right now

  • The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like.
  • Patagonia In order to make room for new spring styles, Patagonia is having a huge sale on past-season items that you won't want to miss.
  • Patagonia is known for its well-made, eco-friendly clothes, but the company rarely holds big sales.
  • In fact, Patagonia only offers these types of deals three times a year.
  • Whether you're looking to stock up on fleeces, jackets, and hats for the remainder of winter, or you plan to hold on to them for next season, you'll find many great deals worth shopping.
  • You'll also find plenty of t-shirts and shorts from previous seasons that are perfect for spring.
  • These items will definitely sell out quick, so don't wait until the last day to start shopping.
  • If you want to see more from Insider Picks, we're collecting emails for an upcoming newsletter.

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AI used to track pigs and facial recognize cows |

  • Alibaba has a deal worth tens of millions of dollar with pig farming corporation Dekon Group and pig feed manufacturer Tequ Group to develop and deploy AI-powered pig-tracking systems.
  • They will use machine vision to tracking pigs using overhead cameras that identify numbers tattooed onto their bodies.
  • Cargill is bringing facial recognition technology to dairy farms across the world.
  • Cainthus’ imaging technology can identify individual cows by their features in several seconds to memorize a cow’s unique identity, recording individual pattern and movements.
  • That information is used as part of an artificial intelligence-driven mathematical algorithm that conveys imagery into feed and water intake analysis, behavioral tracking and health alerts that can be sent directly to the farmer.
  • Data gleaned from those images is used to anticipate issues and adjust feeding regimens.
  • What used to be a manual process that took days or weeks now takes place in near real-time.

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AMD sending out free processors to solve firmware flashing Catch-22

  • The processor fits the socket fine, and the chipset is compatible with the new Ryzen 5 2400G, but with a catch: the board needs a firmware update to support this latest processor.
  • Without it, it'll only support the GPU-less Ryzens and the even older AM4 processors built around AMD's previous processor architecture, Excavator.
  • While some motherboards support installing firmware updates without a working CPU, many don't.
  • It's pretty common every time a new processor comes out that works on existing motherboards.
  • The usual response from the chip companies is accurate, if unhelpful—"go out and buy the cheapest processor that's compatible, use it to flash the firmware, and then use the new processor"—and that would work here, too, but it's hardly a user-friendly response.
  • The heatsink isn't compatible with the Ryzen chips, so it's not particularly worth keeping, but apparently AMD has no use for it either.

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Steve Wynn Won't Receive a Severance Package Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

  • Steve Wynn, who resigned from his resorts empire last month amid accusations of sexual misconduct, will not collect the $330 million severance package many assumed he would.
  • While he won’t exit with a golden parachute, Wynn is hardly strapped for cash.
  • His net worth stands at an estimated $3.4 billion and his total compensation for 2016 hit $28.2 million.
  • Over the past five years, he has earned $111.6 million as the head of Wynn Resorts.
  • Wynn has also agreed not to compete against his former company for two years.
  • The lease of his personal residence at the Wynn Las Vegas will terminate on June 1 of this year.
  • He loses his administrative aids on May 31 and will have to find alternative healthcare coverage as of Dec. 31.
  • He also resigned as Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee in late January.

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Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is a new high point for superhero cinema

  • Black Panther functions like the best superhero comics, drawing on the history and context of what’s come before, while filling in backstory as needed.
  • And it’s worth mentioning that if you are a Marvel aficionado, you may have noticed that when their films borrow from different genres, whether that’s political thriller (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), space opera (the Guardians of the Galaxy films) or heist (Ant-Man), they usually end up in the same place, namely a finale filled with CGI explosions and punching that will decide the fate of the world and/or universe.
  • It’s possible that just a few years from now, the excitement around movies like Wonder Woman and Black Panther will seem quaint, as films from Marvel, DC and other studios increasingly reflect the growing diversity of comics characters and creators.

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