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Articles related to "worth"

US Regulators File Charges Against Apple Insider Trading Lawyer, for Insider Trading

  • The job of a top lawyer at Apple Inc. was to ensure that no employees violate the company’s insider-trading policies.
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Gene Daniel Levoff, who served as Apple’s senior director of corporate until September 2018 and was also a part of the company’s disclosure committee.
  • According to the filing, Levoff exploited his well-placed position to manage his Apple shares trading privately.
  • The SEC mentioned that Levoff had broken Apple’s insider-trading policies on at least three accounts.
  • If found guilty, Levoff could end up paying a sum equal to the profits and losses he made from his alleged insider trading activities, the SEC stated.
  • Atop that, Levoff is also looking at a potential ban from serving as a director in public traded companies.

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Graphene supercapacitors use the sun to power advanced wearables

  • Now researchers at the University of Glasgow are using graphene to create next-generation flexible batteries — more accurately, supercapacitors — that are capable of recharging using solar energy, as well as discharging enough energy to power advanced wearable devices.
  • As explained in the journal Advanced Science, the researchers used layers of graphene and polyurethane to create an inexpensive, flexible supercapacitor that passes solar power through the top layer to similar storage surfaces below.
  • It’s worth noting that 2.5 volts isn’t enough energy to power current smartwatches: Apple’s and Samsung’s latest models use 3.7 to 3.8 volt batteries — but they also can’t come even close to recharging 15,000 times without replacement cells.
  • Project lead Professor Ravinder Dahiya said that the supercapacitor “takes us some distance towards our ultimate goal of creating entirely self-sufficient flexible, solar-powered devices which can store the power they generate.” He expects prosthetics, health monitoring wearables, and electric vehicles to use the technology.

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'Lorena' goes beyond tabloid trappings and to the heart of Bobbitt case

  • But "Lorena" uses that time to contextualize events that surrounded the case, from Anita Hill's testimony to the Tailhook convention to the O.J. Simpson trial, all of which touch upon sexual politics and how the media processed sexual-assault and harassment allegations, including the question of marital rape.
  • Nobody covering the story comes off particularly well; still, a few personalities look especially bad with the benefit of hindsight, from Geraldo Rivera seeking to bully his way into interviews to Stern yukking it up -- even making light of the rape allegations -- on his radio show with John, who embraced and sought to profit from his place in tabloid culture, and whose transgressions didn't end after the trials.

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This $30 charging cable is made from the same material as bulletproof vests — and it's lasted way longer than the cheap kinds I used to buy

  • It's called the Belkin Duratek Kevlar Lightning Cable, which sounds like a new model of armored truck, and its basically supposed to act like one, too.
  • An exterior of hard-wearing and double-braided nylon acts like a protective jacket, and aluminum casing protects the circuit board inside the connector.
  • There are cheaper options out there for braided chargers (like this one from AmazonBasics), but I've been trying to avoid prioritizing price over the things (like a sturdy connector piece) that make any price actually worth it.
  • If you're looking to settle down with a resilient phone charger you can count on for more than a few months at a time, it may be worth looking into Belkin's Duratek Kevlar cable.
  • And if you're always skipping out on the finer things because you're stuck on frugal autopilot, it's definitely worth expanding your definition of what a great value looks like.

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Warren Buffett Sells Off $2.1 Billion Oracle Stake, Trims Apple Investment

  • Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway said in a quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday that his company sold off $2.1 billion worth of Oracle stock during the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • But during the fourth quarter, as Apple and other tech stocks tumbled, Berkshire trimmed its stake in Apple to 250 million shares, or about 5.7% of the company, from 253 million at the end of September.
  • Berkshire Hathaway also added new positions in another tech company, enterprise-software veteran Red Hat, as well as Suncor Energy, a Canadian company that produces synthetic crude from oil sands.
  • The company disclosed a stake of 10.8 million shares in Suncor and 4.2 million in Red Hat. Oracle’s stock fell as much as 2.4% to $50.22 a share in after-hours trading, while Apple’s stock was unchanged.

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Italy Is About to Run Out of Olive Oil — and Climate Change May Be to Blame

  • Along with an early cold snap and freak rains, an insect-transmitted bacterium ravaged olive trees in Italy this past year.
  • The Xylella fastidiosa bacterium swept through the southern region of Puglia, whose ancient olive groves produce 65% of national output, usually about 400,000 tons, the Times reports.
  • But while Italy has suffered its worst harvest in decades, Spain can thank climate change for its bumper olive crop, the Olive Oil Times reports.
  • In California in 2018, an early thaw followed by a cold snap cut olive production by 25% to 50%.
  • Though it is worth noting that olive trees are alternate bearing crops that return a bigger than average harvest one year and a smaller than average harvest the next, experts think February thaws followed by March freezes may become the new normal in California.

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