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Articles related to "youtube"

YouTube TV is losing Fox’s regional sports networks and YES Network on February 29th

  • Today, customers of the streaming TV service received an email alerting them that Fox’s regional sports networks (RSNs) and the YES Network will no longer be available as of February 29th.
  • (YouTube TV will continue to offer other sports programming including ESPN networks, MLB Network, NBA TV, sports networks belonging to NBC and CBS, and more.) But some subscribers are inevitably going to be very displeased about losing live access to the games of their favorite local teams.
  • The RSN portfolio, which excludes the YES Network, is the largest collection of RSNs in the marketplace today, with an extensive footprint that includes exclusive local rights to 42 professional teams consisting of 14 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, 16 National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, and 12 National Hockey League (NHL) teams.
  • YES Network is already pointing Yankees fans to competing services like Hulu with Live TV and AT&T TV Now, with which Sinclair has deals in place.

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YouTube is experimenting with letting creators sell ads directly to brands

  • One of the most thrown around terms within the YouTube community is “demonetization.” Now, YouTube is piloting a new program that will let creators sell ad space directly to brands they work with regularly.
  • The pilot program is extremely limited and only works for deals between creators and brands that already have a relationship, Tom Leung, director of product management at YouTube, said in a video from January, spotted by Tubefilter today.
  • This will mean “basically allowing a creator to sell ads directly to a brand,” Leung said.
  • Creators selling ads to brands would follow what partners like NBC have been granted permission to do since 2010: control where the ads come from.
  • Other advertising opportunities, and revenue from those ads, then trickle down to the thousands of creators who belong to YouTube’s Partner Program.
  • Essentially, creators like Dobrik can now sell advertising space directly to a company like SeatGeek.

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YouTube appoints first ‘creator liaison’ as YouTubers demand transparency

  • That person is Matt Koval, a former YouTube creator who started uploading videos in 2008 and then joined the company full time as a lead content strategist in 2012.
  • Koval’s role within YouTube has always revolved around creator content, but in the new position, he will work to address the needs that come up in the community and translate those needs inside YouTube.
  • In the new position, Koval will communicate more directly with creators, “including via social media, blog posts, videos, and IRL at creator events,” according to TubeFilter.
  • YouTube creators finally know how much the company is making off its videos in advertising revenue — a stunning $15 billion in 2019 alone — and many feel like they deserve more.
  • Creators have faced major demonetization problems and recommendation issues, and they constantly feel in the dark about algorithm changes being made that lead to changes in how content is presented.

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First Amendment doesn’t apply on YouTube; judges reject PragerU lawsuit

  • PragerU claimed that Google's "regulation and filtering of video content on YouTube is 'State action' subject to scrutiny under the First Amendment." While Google is obviously not a government agency, PragerU pointed to a previous appeals-court ruling to support its claim that "[t]he regulation of speech by a private party in a designated public forum is 'quintessentially an exclusive and traditional public function' sufficient to establish that a private party is a 'State actor' under the First Amendment." PragerU claims YouTube is a "public forum" because YouTube invites the public to use the site to engage in freedom of expression and because YouTube representatives called the site a "public forum" for free speech in testimony before Congress.

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The top 14 PR pros and publicists for YouTube creators, Instagram influencers, and other digital stars

  • For interviews and events, YouTube star Emma Chamberlain (8.6 million subscribers) is represented by Align Public Relations, which recently worked to place her on the January cover of Cosmopolitan.
  • Perez-Krueger's current client list includes YouTube star Emma Chamberlain, as well as more traditional talent like Matthew McConaughey, Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad, and Jameela Jamil, among others.
  • Huerta earned his undergraduate degree from the USC in 2017 and his first job was as a talent and television publicity assistant at PMK-BNC, where he helped sign beauty creator Manny Mua and YouTuber Joey Graceffa in partnership with his colleague Paul Samaha.
  • She began her career in talent and entertainment at PMK-BNC in New York, where she worked for traditional media clients like Vanessa Hudgens, Carmelo Anthony, and the Kardashians.

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Social media conspiracy theorists are blaming coronavirus on 5G internet

  • Conspiracy theorists are infecting YouTube and Facebook with bogus theories that 5G mobile internet is responsible for the coronavirus.
  • In fact, there’s little evidence to support the claim that 5G adversely affects the health of humans at all.
  • A paper published in 2005 by the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety concluded that the radio frequencies commonly used for 5G transmission posed “no adverse health effects” aside from the heat produced by wireless devices.
  • Facebook has pledged to slow the spread of misinformation by labeling erroneous stories such as this and directing users to more authoritative information.
  • In this case though, it doesn’t appear sound science will stop the proliferation of these types of theories — at least not while the creators responsible for the videos continue to profit from ad revenue and affiliate links to alternative therapies.

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Fraidycat is a fantastic new app for keeping tabs on your favorite internet gems

  • It often involves using RSS readers, Twitter lists, YouTube and Twitch channel notifications, and all-too-frequent email inbox refreshing, among dozens of other methods for staying on top of your favorite internet oddities and sifting through all the junk to find them.
  • I also like a lot of specific Instagram accounts related to the hobby, but there’s no easy way to gather a custom Instagram feed on the web in a way similar to a Twitter list that makes it easy to jump to new posts and check in your favorite accounts.
  • It’s really neat, and I’m already finding it a much more deliberate and less distracting way of surfing the modern web that doesn’t just involve me mindlessly refreshing social feeds and closing and opening various browser tabs like a rat in a maze.

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CRASH COURSE: An influencer explains how YouTube ads work, her advice for making more money, and how much she earns

  • YouTube creators like Barbu earn money through YouTube's Partner Program, which allows them to monetize their channels with video ads placed by Google.
  • Barbu has been making YouTube videos since 2011, and her videos range from lifestyle, to fashion and beauty, to personal finance videos — like how to start a business or how to optimize your YouTube channel.
  • Google places the type of ads based on the audience that is watching the video.
  • Creators can also view new updates in the studio, like recent subscribers.
  • She might place an ad right before she says something, like how much money she makes on YouTube, so that her viewers have to watch the ad to see what she is going to say (2:55).

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