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Articles related to "zuckerberg"

Facebook refuses to fact-check political ads, and it's infuriating employees and lawmakers. Here's why the issue continues to dog the company.

  • Facebook relies on third-party fact-checking for the majority of ads run on its social network.
  • That third-party fact-checker scrutinizes "public, newsworthy Facebook posts, including ads, with articles, photos, or videos." There is one exception to this fact-checking effort: political advertising.
  • This is at the heart of Facebook's latest controversy: The company refuses to fact-check political ads.
  • During his speech at Georgetown University in mid-October, Mark Zuckerberg laid out a full-throated defense of Facebook's reason for not fact-checking political ads.
  • Nearly as soon as Facebook began clarifying and defending its policy of not fact-checking political ads, criticism began.
  • But Facebook isn't the only major social media company facing the difficult question of how to deal with political advertising.
  • If Facebook were to ban political ads, it would run into another issue — one that Twitter is almost certain to face: deciding what is and isn't "political" speech.

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